goHastings Cancels $40 Final Fantasy XV Orders

Junkie Monkeys: If you jumped on what appeared to be a great offer for Final Fantasy XV from goHastings, your order has now been canceled.

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Snookies121350d ago

I knew it, that's why I didn't even bother.

Abash1350d ago

I didn't bother because Amazon/Gamestop usually have pre-order bonuses

Lord_Sloth1350d ago

I predict Noctis in a Lightning costume. XXXP

Treezy5041350d ago

I grew suspicious after they pulled the offer down, I figured it was either a limited time only deal or a mistake.

Godmars2901350d ago

And yet they probably made thousands off the interest.

Rockefellow1350d ago

As far as I'm aware, they don't charge until the order ships. How could they have made a cent?

Godmars2901350d ago

Don't know how its done in the UK, but in the US with Gamestop you have to put down $5 which supposedly goes into a holding account and gathers interest.

Could as just become store credit, technically be of lesser value with the difference pocketed by GS.

KillerPwned1350d ago

I'm not surprised that deal just came kinda off to me did not trust it.

kythlyn1350d ago

My order is still active at this point... even says, "FAQ: Status Out of Stock? Lucky you! You got the last one!" Quite a joke if it's getting canceled.

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