Vince Zampella Wouldn't Describe The Titanfall Event As 'The Future Of Titanfall On Xbox One'

Respawn's Vince Zampella Wouldn't Describe The Titanfall Event As 'The Future Of Titanfall On Xbox One'.

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TripC501660d ago

Personally I would like to see them announce that the franchise will not be exclusive just so I can watch all the fanboys flip flop their opinions about everything.

FITgamer1660d ago

Not saying it won't happen, but it hasn't happeded yet.

4Sh0w1660d ago

I think everybody assumed the "future" was related to the next game/s as in micro making it exclusive but, I think they just meant future planned events for Titanfall on X1. Im betting its an announcement about future Titanfall contests, which will be interesting, but that's all this is.

hqgamez1660d ago

They just going to say the future will remain an xbox exclusive. That's the future.

GarrusVakarian1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I would like them to announce that the franchise won't be exclusive so everyone can have a chance to play it. I know each systems need exclusives, but this game could be the next big thing in i feel the next games should be on PS3/4 too.

In another tweet -

"For those asking about the 'future of titanfall' announcement, I'm confused as to what that is. We did not sell tf to MS."

I guess that's as clear as it gets.

Allsystemgamer1660d ago

Well if it goes x1 exclusive I won't be getting any sequels. Hopefully ms doesn't leave the PC community high and dry this time around

Tedakin1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Doubtful considering this is an MS event they're streaming from. But it would be fun to watch Sony fans suddenly act like they like Titanfall, even though they've demanded for months it's crap and they don't want it.

Bigpappy1660d ago

I don't expect any new deals, just something that is unique and enhances X1's version at launch or soon after.

mhunterjr1660d ago Show
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donnieboy1660d ago

Its probably a dlc announcement. With new titans and weapons etc....

lolCHILLbro1660d ago

Anyone who hates on this game has no idea what this is like, its unlike anything out there right now!

WeAreLegion1660d ago

I don't understand why anyone would hate it, but it's not for me. It mixes a few mechanics from other shooters and does it well. It's fun. It's not unlike many other games though.

Allsystemgamer1660d ago

It's actually like many other games. It just blends well

MegaRay1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Lol... chill bro, I dont like the game but I hate FPS in general, nothing against it or thebone/pc lol
But atleast it would be my first FPS if I ever feel like playing a FPS game. (Not any time soon)

monkeyDzoro1660d ago

Yeah, why would someone DIFFERENT from you, dislike a game YOU like ?
Everyone should have the same opinion and the same taste as you. Factual...

ginsunuva1660d ago

Not many people hating on it.

Just way too overhyped. IMHO it's fun initially but way too boring afterwards to last.

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1660d ago
djplonker1660d ago

Just another AAA first person shooter it was never a saviour more one last hope!

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