Watch Dogs Has No Gore, No Shooting While Driving, and Slightly Downgraded Visuals. But Still Fun.

Over the past couple of days, people have been freaking out over the downgraded visuals of Watch Dogs. As one of the few people who played the game for 90 minutes, I can vouch that it's true. The visuals aren't as hot as what Ubisoft made them out to be back in E3 2012. The game also has some other weird limitations as well. But those don't necessarily make it a lesser game.


Just to make it clear the game doesn't have gore or blood splatter. When I shot a civilian I didn't see anything come out. However, Aiden did get wounded blood marks.

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RashBandicoot1596d ago

I actually mentioned in the video there are blood spots but no blood splatter. Will edit the title.

Eonjay1596d ago

So there will be blood, but you can't paint the town red.

thorstein1596d ago

So you intentionally wrote a flamebait headline that contains information that A) has not been confirmed (ie "Watch Dogs has Downgraded Visuals") or B) is a complete fabrication (ie "Watch Dogs has No Gore.")

You did this with the intent to garner hits on your site.

You are what is wrong with Gaming Journalism.

Yi-Long1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

No blood/gore = self-censorship = no buy.

I'm no gore-hound by any means, but when I blast someone in the face with a gun (or worse), I do expect there to be blood/gore, and it should be in there! (And not just a tiny little splatter-effect...)

I wasn't that concerned about the recent uproar about the graphics, but I won't tolerate censorship, not even when it's self-censorship.

What the hell is Ubisoft doing? First censoring the European console versions of South Park FOR NO GOOD REASON, and now they toned down the violence for a sandbox action game!? Seriously?

-Gespenst-1596d ago

Yi-Long: I agree that if you're going to have violence in your game, represent that violence in all it's awfulness, but it's a very different story if that extreme violence is made to seem entertaining and thrilling. The only way violence ought to be represented is as awful and disturbing.

Making it entertaining is no better than self-censoring - both distort reality. Not that games should all be realistic, but if you're AIMING for realism (like Watch Dogs sort of is), you have a duty to portray it properly, with as little distortion as possible. Even the IDEA of violence is kind of bad though, and I think ultimately that if it's in any game, however unrealistic that game is, violence should always be portrayed as negative. It's bad for culture if we reserve a space where violence is somehow okay - it's dishonest and hypocritical.

thorstein1596d ago


The author lied about the gore. That simple. He fabricated it and since he hasn't rewritten the headline it is now being reported as fake.

Conzul1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

I was so pumped for this game. I remember seeing it at E3 2012 and going....wooow.

There is NO excuse to delay a game so far and bring it so much lower and still expect me to pay for it. I don't think I'll be buying this...definitely not at launch prices.

ACIV was very good, but you failed, Ubisoft. Unbelievable.

EDIT: The game, for what it is now, would have been fine. The sin is in showing us something so much prettier and then switching it out. I won't support such behavior.

morganfell1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Great video Arabgamer. You not only made direct statements but also provided informative examples to support your remarks. Thank you for your objectivity - you are waiting to play more to make your decision on the title. There was no rush to judgement hit inducing sensationalism and that is a welcome change from most sites.

I read your hands on and I encourage gamers to go peruse one of the best write-ups to come out of the press junket.

I do disagree with the developers for artificial and unnecessary limitations. These people at Ubisoft are hammerheads. Instead of not allowing you to do something they should let the results of your actions induce limitations.

It is like jumping. Some games do not allow it because of the dreaded bunny hop shooting. They should allow jumping but have happen what would occur when you jump and shoot. The 3rd or 4th time a person gets pasted attempting to jump and shoot they will quit. But it still allows jumping in those real moments such as a low obstacle or ditch. It maintains immersion to allow people to do the things they can in the real world.

As regards driving and shooting the 3rd or 4th time some hardhead fails to make a hack while driving they will quit using that tactic. But the game would also allow for those wonderful moments when you pull off the accidental/skillful incident and still escape. Or you pull it off and die gloriously. This reminds me of Infinity Ward and the Tank in the Bog incident. It is just idiocy. "We will force you to enjoy this our way and you will like it!"

I am still getting the game for the PS4 but these companies have to stop this unimaginative design trying to force the player to play the game a certain way. Let circumstances and the situation guide them rather than hard coded programming. It's dumber than every obstacle having a Press X to Jump prompt.

AgentSmithPS41595d ago

Why are adults 'forced' to get the children's version of the game? In this next gen we need to DEMAND that they come up with better age verification systems or whatever it takes so adults can play adult games!

Every time you shoot someone in the game you'll experience the immersion breaking slap to the face reminding you that you're playing a game that politicians and/or greedy companies reduced the realism of for their own agendas.

@Yi-Long I agree, but I will buy the game at a reduced price eventually since they're giving me a reduced game.

@-Gespenst- if you want to be a dictator go make your own country, you have no business telling adults what they should or shouldn't do in a GAME.

morganfell1595d ago


Do you know the difference between a blood swath on clothing and gore? No, of course you do not.

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Mikelarry1596d ago

phew thanks for the confirmation

SolidGear31596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

It says in the ESRB description "blood splatter effects" during Combat.

Beastforlifenoob1596d ago

watch django unchained if you want to see some real blood splatter effects... Or Rambo or any pg-13 or R movie (yes movies have wayyyy more gore than games but it seems nobody cares ban the gamers for their evil ways)

s1xt6en1596d ago

Rashed said and I quote "This is going to be one of the best looking ps4 games for this time span." Like I've been saying in all other posts stop with the neogaf gif and actually listen to those who have played it. Thank you my friend.

RashBandicoot1596d ago

Thanks! I can vouche the game still looks very pretty especially when it rains.

SolidGear31596d ago

I'm definitely buying this.

Tempest3171596d ago

Why does everyone use the e3 2012 vid to complain about? The e3 2013 gameplay trailer looks incredible, and thats what theyve stated ps4 will look like. This whole debate has gotten completely ludicrous.

MisterFantastic1596d ago

Have you ever heard "seeing is believing"? I'm going by the gif and not going by he say she say. People say one thing, BUT video proof says another.

s1xt6en1596d ago

Lol at the comments. Are people even watching the video or just reading the title? Smh.

JunkyardWillie1596d ago

Don't be a gullible fanboy lol

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s1xt6en1596d ago

They need to hurry up and approve this so people can actually see what's going on.

ProjectVulcan1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

It's more that developers create these videos and build expectations then don't match them and think somehow they should just be allowed to get away with it.

That is called a bait and switch. False expectations. Which is never a nice thing and Ubisoft were rather guilty of it with Far Cry 3 as well.

It's the principal. I'm not raging over downgrades, just annoyed that this is happening too often.

Isn't it better anyway that a game maybe starts off looking a bit meh but then gets better and better as the release date gets closer? I think so.

whitefang19881596d ago

Very interesting, good to hear from someone who's actually spent time with it, well done :-)