The Walking Dead Season Two: A House Divided Review | Geekenstein

"After the end of Season One, I found myself surprised when Telltale announced that they were going to continue the series. I mean, I couldn’t wrap my head around what more could happen after the climactic ending of season one. However, it all began to make sense once Clementine was announced as the new protagonist. Like most of you, All That Remains left me restlessly waiting for the continuation of TellTale’s beautiful exploration into human nature, and at last, the wait is over. A few months after the debut of the new season and its new protagonist, Telltale is finally continuing the story with A House Divided, a great follow-up on the first episode of the season that providing some essential backstory to Clementine’s new group and further deepens the relationships introduced in All That Remains." - Jake Petersen of Geekenstein

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