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Strider | Review - AWESOMEoutof10

AWESOMEoutof10's Jonathan Moore slices and dices everything in his path, in the most stylish way possible. So he's not a very good ninja, then. "Even with its flaws, Strider stands as a testament to what reboots should strive to achieve: equal parts nostalgia and progress. Thankfully, the city is full of tresses and buildings to climb, and an army of competently trained baddies that an expert ninja can eviscerate beyond satisfaction. Strider is a game full of secrets, unlockables, and Metroid-vania like labyrinths stuffed with throwback treasures. Throw in a challenging time-trial mode and survival arena, and Strider keeps giving days after you’ve finished the roughly six-hour campaign. It’s too bad Double Helix didn’t push Hiryu to his limits, but there’s enough arcade fun and schmaltz here to satisfy die-hard fans and newcomers alike." (PC, PS3, PS4, Strider, Xbox 360, Xbox One) -

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