Vertiginous Golf takes minigolf into the sky with steampunk trimmings

Vertiginous Golf is kind of like a mishmash of Bioshock Infinite and Putt-Putt.

The surreal 2004 Shockwave game VertiGolf drained many hours of my teenage life. Now the team at Surprise Attack has taken the browser-based floaty island golfer and blown it up into a fully fledged sequel.

With pipes, gates, jets and magic carpets, you might mistake the course in Vertiginous Golf for a gigantic steampunk Rube Goldberg machine. And partly, it is.

This isn’t your normal round of golf. Accompanied by a mechanical hummingbird, you’re handling a gigantic ornate golden golf club. You wield the power to rewind time, hook and fade your ball and leave a brightly colored stream behind its path of trajectory.

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