Indie Games Festival chairman seeks funds to battle cancer

And now for a different kind of crowdfunding. We cover campaigns for indie games a lot here on BitPulse, but sometimes the indie gamers themselves need a bit of extra cash to help them out.

Such is the case with Brandon Boyer. You might know him as the chairman of the Indie Games Festival, and he’s also written for Edge and Gamasutra, as well as contributing to Boing Boing.

Writing on his blog, Boyer summarizes his current situation as ‘accidentally discovering I have cancer’ and, subsequently, being denied coverage for his medical bills.

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SniperControl1591d ago

Good luck to you bro, my mum passed way from cancer a few years back, so i know what you and your family are going through.

Still cant believe in this day and age, you have to pay to cure a life threatening disease, you would have been sorted in the UK.

mixelon1591d ago

in before people who know nothing about the NHS try to debate the UK facts with you.

I know so many people who's lives have been saved or made liveable by the NHS for free (as in taxes).. It's not perfect but it's certainly better than a system demanding payment per treatment.

I'd be in crippling debt under the US system. People aren't responsible for getting (most types of) sick, or being in accidents, etc.

Globox20121591d ago

Likewise, my family would be n horrendous amount of debt if it wasn't for the NHS and countless others who would of probably died without the NHS.

Richard Cypher1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

People in this day and age should know that cancer is not a fatality and can be prevented with a correct way of life that is to say no industrial poisons but natural foods as well as limiting stress factors (and it is well established scientifically).
Furthermore, it is known that actual "cure" for cancer doesn't improve survival chance rate but quite the contrary they tend to increase chance of getting others cancers (they are really agressive and acidic treatments).
Do some research on this and you will find that there is non intrusive way of defeating cancer wich is caused by a massive acidity in the body.

Anyway, i know this site is not about serious subjects by if this message can help someone it seems important to share.

Perjoss1591d ago

Last time I was on his donations page he had not met his goal yet, glad to see its gone past the target now. Hope all goes as well as it possibly can whatever the outcome.

GentlemenRUs1591d ago

And that's why the healthcare in the USA sucks! Thank goodness I live in the UK.

Anyway, GoodLuck to him, Cancer sucks.