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Elijah Diamond, GIZORAMA - "Disclaimer: I love South Park. I once said “South Park rarely disappoints” and I stand by that. I saw almost every episode, and out of the seventeen seasons, I would say that only five to ten episodes were complete duds, which is no small feat. With that in mind, when I heard about South Park: The Stick of Truth, I got excited. How could I not? With Trey Parker and Matt Stone writing and Obsidian developing, this seemed like a surefire hit.

And for the most part, Stick of Truth succeeds, acting as a pseudo sequel to the Black Friday trilogy last year, allowing it to stick to RPG and fantasy themes that South Park generally pulls off flawlessly. The humor is top-notch, never leaving much downtime in between jokes. Wherever you go in town, there’s bound to be either a character to talk to, a side-quest to perform, or some little hilarious joke in the background. The jokes often feel like they could have been from the series proper, and the best thing I can say about this game is that it truly feels like a twelve-hour South Park episode."

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Aon1658d ago

Yeah! This game is awesome.

wls10121658d ago

3.5... what sorcery is this? this game is great, I GIVE IT A 5 OUT OF 5

MRMagoo1231658d ago

yup i just finished the whole game on PC with all collectables found except for one chinpokomon which i missed in the *spoiler* alien ship section of the story.

I would say this is the best RPG i have played in the while , but there is not much reply value imo. Kicked FF13 arse as an RPG by a country mile.

HacSawJimThugin1658d ago

They could of left the anal probing scenes on the cutting room floor tho...that killed any chance of me picking this game up.

Pixel_Enemy1658d ago

LOL one homo erotic reference and this dude's sphincter tighten's up. You are missing out on a good game man.

MRMagoo1231658d ago

Could maybe bring him flashbacks of when he lived in a small country town and got abducted one night to be experimented on sexually. who knows lol

I would recommend it to anyone mature enough to play it as a great RPG not to be missed.

iceman061658d ago

And, might I add, probably missing one of the subtle jabs that Matt and Trey are constantly putting in South Park. They WANT you to feel uncomfortable about it...that's kind of the point. Then, you get over it because it's just damn funny!

wls10121658d ago

does it bring back bad memory's for you?

HacSawJimThugin1658d ago

I'm glad all of you enjoy gay porn, I do not, nor do I want that kind of content in a game that I play.

@MrMagoo123 Mature and South park don't even belong in the same sentence. Reread your post before you speak about maturity as you clearly have shown your lack of it.

Lol I love how get get a gang of disagrees because I don't want to watch a kid and some guy get raped repeatedly with dildo shaped probes. Game or not it's disgusting.