RAM Benchmark: Single-Channel vs. Dual-Channel - Does It Matter for Gaming?

GamersNexus: "In this benchmark, we'll look at dual-channel vs. single-channel platform performance for Adobe Premiere, gaming, video encoding, transcoding, number crunching, and daily use. The aim is to debunk or confirm a few myths about computer memory. I've seen a lot of forums touting (without supporting data) that dual-channel is somehow completely useless, and to the same tune, we've seen similar counter-arguments that buying anything less than 2 sticks of RAM is foolish. Both have merits."

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lemoncake1473d ago

Interesting read, I always dual channeled without much thought

Agent_hitman1473d ago

This is one of the tech questions I've been asking. I'm in a dilemma, what RAM should I buy the Quad channel DDR3 or the Dual Channel only?.. Correct me if I'm wrong, the Quad channel RAM storage is up to 8?.

kingduqc1473d ago

"Does It Matter for Gaming?"

No. the money you spend on better ram is always better if if was on cpu or gpu.

bumnut1473d ago

Isn't this article 5 years too late? We have had quad channel RAM for a while.