Can Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Updates Fix The Design Errors?

The PS4 VS Xbox One console battle continues to be waged on the internet, but we think both Sony and Microsoft could have done better. Both companies focused on avoiding having their systems become huge loss leaders, but to the detriment of gamers. Could future Xbone and PlayStation 4 updates fix the hardware design errors?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, in part 1 of this series we discussed how the both PS4 and Xbox One GPU should have been faster based upon a cost comparison to previous generations. In part 2, we analyzed how the Xbox One and PS4 hard drives could have been much faster and yet not have cost very much at all. For part 3, we considered how the Xbone and PlayStation 4 controllers could have been improved.


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Polock1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Right of the bat "Personally, I found the next generation a big step backwards in regards to hard drives since upgrading them yourself requires Linux knowledge and voiding your warranty." the article (to me at least) lost all credibility.

While switching out the HDD on the Xbox One will void your warranty, a future update will allow external support some what fixing the issue.

However, swapping the PS4 HDD for a larger capacity one is as simple as removing the cover and unscrewing one screw, which doesn't void the warranty or require Linux knowledge.

NewMonday1508d ago

the big RAM size in the XB1/PS4 gives lots of room future improvement unlike last gen.

KingKevo1508d ago

I was about to say the same thing. Whoever wrote that article doesn't even know the basics. EVERYONE knows by now that you can switch the harddrive of a PS4 in just a few seconds just like on the PS3.

I stopped reading after this and after taking a look at the 'better controller' article he linked too, which is also quite.. let's call it interesting..

ziggurcat1508d ago

"While switching out the HDD on the Xbox One will void your warranty, a future update will allow external support some what fixing the issue."

except there's been zero information on how much access you'll have on your external HDD. they've only said that there would be "support."

the X360 also "supports" external media, but you have very limited access.

so until there's actual confirmation of the type of access they're going to give people, i wouldn't hold your breath on that functionality too much.

Oh_Yeah1508d ago

Design errors in the ps4? Lol...they couldn't have done any better than what they did at a 400$ price point.

generalthadeape1508d ago

While I do love my PS4 just as much as the next guy, I think there's always room for improvement.

For example, I'd especially like to get all those fine media streaming capabilities that the PS3 has back on the PS4, as well as longer battery life on the DS4 controller, and while we're at it-- where the hell is my YouTube app? Other than those few things, I feel that the PS4 is almost perfect just the way it already is now.

While it may seem like I'm nitpicking, these are the things I'd like to see improved in the near future. The good thing about this list is that nearly all of the things I asked for can probably be fixed in future updates.

Oh_Yeah1508d ago

I agree, I mean there are small things that are missing...but the big things, they nailed it, especially the ui, the install times, and the new controller design. The only big thing they need really is backwards compatability with ps1-ps3 which is coming. I guess I don't really put much emphasis on the media side because I have a pc hooked to my tv and a smartphone I use for that.

koolaid2511507d ago

I hate the UI all of these dang errors and out of system memory messages.

Kiwi661508d ago

In regard to the controllers the xbox one controller can be updated as was done recently via a simple patch so i'm sure that more improvements can be done that way just not sure if the playstation DS4 can be updated that way or a newer model is needed .

TheRealHeisenberg1508d ago

XB1's design error is its price. It has a great game lineup. Drop it in price by $100 and I'm in.

Clown_Syndr0me1508d ago

That argument is becoming more invalid everday, currently the X1 is the dame price as PS4 in the uk. However X1 has kinect bundled, a camera for PS4 is £80 so X1 works out cheaper in a way.
Oh and Im not an Ms fanboy or anything before people attack me, I have both consoles.

GentlemenRUs1508d ago

1/ The PS4 does not seed a spying camera to function.
2/ The XBONE's preformence and specs are a lot worse then the PS4.
3/ The PS4 is future proof, The XBONE is not.
4/ The XBONE can't output 1080p at all(Unless your willing to sacrifice graphics and framerate).

With the PS4, You get one hell of a deal/bargain compared to the XBONE.

FYI, The camera only costed me £45 at launch.

TheRealHeisenberg1508d ago

Price is never invalid for me because my money does not grow on trees. I'm not a MS or Xbox hater and I'm certainly not a Sony fanboy. What I am is somebody that is not willing to pay more than $400 for a gaming console ever again regardless of what is under the hood; you however can pay whatever you choose.

Glad that you have both consoles and I hope you are enjoying them both. I don't have either just yet but I'm saving. Happy gaming.

Clown_Syndr0me1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

@GentlemenRUs There may be truth in what you say, but the fact I play by 370 way more than either of the other two says something. None of that shit matters when it comes to having fun!
Oh and £45? Nice!

windblowsagain1508d ago

Not sure about design errors.

But they need to add DLNA to PS4 asap.