Sony confirms GDC event, will it bring the PS4 virtual reality headset?

Sony's rumoured virtual reality gaming headset could make its public debut next month, with the Japanese giant confirming a presentation at the Games Developers Conference.
The firm is inviting GDC attendees to an event on "innovation at PlayStation," and "the future of gaming" on March 18th.

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ZodTheRipper1539d ago

I really, really hope so. Can't wait to see what they're working on, this could be huge.

Sammy7771538d ago

I think SONY are complacent here. With PS4 doing so well, they are just dillydallying on the announcements. Ofcourse this is huge just like PSNOW

Majin-vegeta1539d ago

Imagine this with Driveclub??:O

LOGICWINS1539d ago

Imagine Outlast with this. I can't bring myself to finish the game as it is! Paired with VR, my heart might stop.

b_one1539d ago

there are no such dipers that could hold this + outlast.

MysticStrummer1539d ago

Outlast, Driveclub, Planetside 2, GT7…

Hope it works well and is cheap enough for the masses.

WeAreLegion1539d ago

Driveclub is included with the headset. Mark my words.

sorane1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Hope you like your racers running at 10-15 fps then because last I heard it was running at 30fps without vr. Even if they somehow get it to a steady 60fps it'll more than likely take a 50-70% hit in framerate with vr which will lead to a whole lot of barfing and headaches :P

I know all you fanboys love to disagree, but unlike a lot of you, I live in the REAL world where clear-minded people have to deal with something called REALITY.

emad-E-three1539d ago

I don't think so!
VR headset basically a "wearable screen" and has nothing to do with the games! let me ask you this: Does your TV screen effect the framerate of your games?? if so then no one need a super hardware to get a high framerate lets just get a high-end 4K TVs and enjoy 120fps :P
It may have a negative effect but it will be on the system meaning 1080p might be harder to achieve or at least thats what I think!

Thats if it is true Sony is working on VR ;)

sorane1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )


Of course my tv screen effects my framerate. If my tv screen was only 720p my framerates would skyrocket going down from 1080p on my pc. I'm not really sure what you're saying though because first you say it doesn't then in the next sentence you say it does. VR isn't like a normal tv screen though because it's actually rendering 2 screens while also having to calculate 2x the vertices etc etc so it takes a massive framerate hit. It's pretty common knowledge and developers who are working on VR games have all said the same thing.

gobluesamg1539d ago

You live in a sh!tty miserable troll world full of negativity. Glad I don't live there. I hope the VR headset is amazing.

sorane1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )


So stating simple facts about the reality of VR is now trolling? I'm sorry if you can't accept the truth, but it's better to know the facts now then to be disappointed later. It seems like you just can't deal with it, but if it'll help I'll repeat "Greatness Awaits" and "Cerny" over and over to make you feel better. You're not the only one glad I don't live anywhere near your so called "reality". VR cost performance. It's as simple as that. If you can't accept it, then that's your own problem. The only trolls I see here are the ones shadow disagreeing with here me without providing any type of proof that I'm wrong. Oh and you since all you could come up with was a lame insult post.

Gamingcapacity1539d ago


VR takes up no more resources than current 3D on PS3 (It projects 2 different screens to cretae a 3D image). If PS3 can handle, what makes you think the PS4 cant?

Even if it has slightly downgraded visuals it could retify that with the headtsetset carring a chip to replace the extra power needed.

Either way it is very possible. Games on PS3 could handle 3D, then I'm sure the PS4 could handle VR with similar results.

sorane1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )


Uhh that's not how VR works at all gaming. Ps3 3d uses active shutter glasses which means they render 1 image at a time along with only 1 screens worth of vertices etc etc for 1 eye while the other eye is not rendered at all(the eye not being rendered that frame goes transparent). VR renders 2 images at a time with 2 screens worth of vertices etc etc etc. It is much, much, much more demanding than what the ps3 is doing.

Gamingcapacity1538d ago

I get how it works but the point is it still has to provide 2 sets of images (one for each eye) and does so effectively. The only difference is that the sterioscopic 3d alternates the 2 3d images and altenates the shut off between the left and right eye on the glasses to create the 3d image (like you said). VR still has to provide 2 images like the sterioscopic 3d.

Having said that, grapical quality will take a hit to give you VR (like sterioscopic had to reduce the graphical quailty when switched on) but this is what you would have to trade to get it. This is of course they don't include a chip inbuilt to the VR head set to help with the extra demand of power.

Wh15ky1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

@ soranee

Doesn't the glasses you need depend on the tv you have?

I have an active shutter 3d tv but is ps3 not compatible with passive too?

Does ps3 not frame pack its 3d images,therefore rendering 2 images at a time? Then its up to your tv to decode the 3d signal depending on how your tv displays 3d?

Isn't it a case of 3d games on ps3 are capped at 720p and theres a downgrade in audio because ps3 can't do hdmi 1.4?

3d ps3 games are optimised for 3d on ps3. Is the suggestion that all ps4 games will be playable on the vr headset? Or will only some be compatible? If its the latter then framerate will not be compromised to any detrimental effect, graphics and resolution will take a hit long before framerate just like 3d games on ps3.

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ABizzel11539d ago

There are 3 things they really need to worry about.

1. The quality: The build HAS TO BE QUALITY. The front visor can't be like having a giant brick on your head, but at the same time it has to be a good distance apart from the eyes to produce a clear image. The resolution of the screen also has to be nice, with the image right in front of your eyes two small 720p OLED screens should be fine.

2. Price: It has to come in at a reasonable price, and IMO it can't cost more than $200 - $250. If it goes over that it's going to miss it's chance at mass market appeal over the years, and developers aren't going to use it as much. They have to nail price, and IMO $199 is the best option. I'm sure you have to use the PS4 camera (although DS4 has motion control without it) so that means the visor and camera will probably be bundled. The production of the visor alone needs to be less $150, so the camera can safely be bundled in for a total of $199.

3. Marketing: Again Price will have a huge effect on this, but Sony also needs to travel around the regions and start marketing, demoing, and promoting this. It takes playing a VR game to sell it, because it's something you have to see to believe and feel. If you tell someone when you look around you can actually look around the game, they get it, but they really don't. But when you put that VR headset on them, and they play a space simulator flying a jet through space, then they're sold. They have to get out there traveling around and letting people get their hands on this. VR could be the WiiMote of this generation, and if Sony nails it, then they're going to do even better hardware wise.

specialguest1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Not recommended for Drive Club unless it takes a hit on graphics to maintain 60 fps which is required for VR to prevent motion sickness. At this time, we don't even know if Drive Club will even be 60 fps as a game.

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thegood331539d ago

If true, I'm curious what the differences would be between this and the Oculus Rift.

Jovanian 1539d ago

Well the PS4 isn't powerful enough for a good VR experience, so if they design this thing to work with the PS4 its going to literally be crap compared to an HD occulus rift

Jovanian 1539d ago


Well you need powerful hardware to run VR, and seeing as how any games that come out on the PS4 that look remotely good are struggling to even maintain 1080p and 60fps, with numerous examples of games like infamous which can only do 30 fps and watch dogs making extreme cuts from the E3 demo or the order 1886 being 30 fps with those ugly letter box things, I doubt the PS4 could handle a 1080p vr at 60 fps. Not a chance.

MysticStrummer1539d ago

"if they design this thing to work with the PS4 its going to literally be crap compared to an HD occults rift"

Ah sweet an insider.

I look forward to your detailed comparison regarding the specs of both.

lonelyplayer1539d ago

yeah but an android cellphone is powerful enough for oculus right?

sAVAge_bEaST1539d ago

All games that use the tech,. will have to run in True HD 1080p / 60fps. Sony makes tv's. Pretty sure they can handle a VR set up.

dcj05241539d ago

Untrue. All VR needs is a steady frame rate. It doesn't have to double render or anything like that.

starchild1539d ago

True stereoscopy does incur a hit to performance. Do you guys remember games like Uncharted 3 and Killzone 3 that looked and ran worse in 3D? Same thing applies here.

It's true that you can use z-buffer depth information to fake stereoscopy, but it isn't as good as true geometry based stereoscopy.

The bigger issue is that good VR requires low latency and a fast framerate. 60fps is pretty much the minimum of what you need in order to get the overall latency down below 20ms.

Games that are barely running at 1080p and 30fps on the PS4 are not going to work for VR. Games will have to have simpler graphics in order to reach a steady 60fps.

Still, as someone who has used the Rift I can honestly say that you can have a very compelling VR experience even when the graphics aren't ultra realistic.

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DCfan1539d ago

I always connect VR to Solid Snake for some reason

DCfan1539d ago

Nah, i think solid snake says "VR" in MGS2. Thats why i always associate the word with his voice.

nunley331539d ago

One of them as i've enjoyed the mgs vr missions,playing them in real vr would be cool. Glasses 3d that projects out from your tv would be just as cool but it's a ways off.

Crossbones1539d ago

This will probably be about their Virtual Reality Headset and 2014 Line-Up for the year.

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