The Elder Scrolls: Online | Preview - AWESOMEoutof10

AWESOMEoutof10's Andy Astruc and Fraser Brown had a go exploring ZeniMax's MMORPG set in the Elder Scrolls universe. Skyrim, this ain't. "The strange quest triggers and artificial barriers were lamentably by design, though. A design that really makes it feel nothing like Elder Scrolls. Your earlier comparison is entirely valid, I think. People shouldn’t be miffed about comparisons between this and the core series, because that’s exactly what ZeniMax wants. It’s banking on people seeing the name and going “Cor, Elder Scrolls, but the game never ends. Holy shit it’s got Blackmarsh in it!” But at best it’s an awkward facsimile of what Elder Scrolls would be like if you removed everything that made the games compelling."

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