Copies of MGSV Ground Zeroes and Titanfall Leaked, Run for Spoilers Shelter

Twinfinite writes:

"Earlier this morning, NeoGAF user L.O.R.D. posted some photos of copies of MGSV Ground Zeroes and Titanfall already out for sale. Players should be careful while navigating through the internet as spoilers may start surfacing."

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Batzi1474d ago

How exactly can Titanfall be spoiled?

thecastroregime1474d ago

One user commented "get sniper rifle at level 12," which I thought was hilarious. You're right, Titanfall can't exactly be spoiled, but it was worth reporting nonetheless.

Fireseed1474d ago

You do know that their is a campaign right?

AnEwGuY1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

You do know that you are wrong...right? I think you're confusing TF with Destiny. TF has no SP campaign whatsoever...just an integrated background story, that plays out as you battle online.

Fireseed1474d ago


I'd be nice but this has literally been one of the top articles in the past week... try even a fraction of fact checking next time. Btw I did NOT say it was SP...

Irishguy951474d ago

AnEwGuy, he said Campaign, not single player. From what we've been told and what has been leaked by early players, there IS a story, in Campaign mode a story plays out in the multiplayer, apparently it's very good.

s1xt6en1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

They should drop the street date for MGS. Wishful thinking huh?

Darkfist1474d ago

my local shop already selling the game, too bad im not intrested in it.

ThichQuangDuck1474d ago

Spoiler the AI in Titanfall does not know the ABCs

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The story is too old to be commented.