Breaking Dark Souls

Chris Writes: "I summoned a phantom named SonFlower9. We strode into the Kiln of the First Flame, destroying Dark Souls’ toughest enemies with little effort. Before the gate of the final boss we both praised the sun and dove into Gywn’s domain. My wife shouted beside me with both encouragement and fretful cries.

After a time it seemed we were winning, ever so little we were winning this fight. Suddenly my ghostly friend found himself stuck in a corner. The now heavily wounded Gwyn dove in, his flaming sword slashing wildly at my companion. He raised his edge for a final blow before his back caught my blade and he stopped, frozen in death. As he fell to the ground my companion danced a hurrah and I jumped from my couch with a triumphant “F**k yea!” 50 hours ago I started training for this moment and now Dark Souls was defeated. Clenching the controller I let out another victory cry and sat back down feeling, and knowing, I had accomplished something amazing."

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Grave1536d ago

Wow, what a great article. It captures the essence of Dark Souls perfectly.

BeardedPriest1535d ago

LOL. I still havent killed the lord of Cinder. Came really close. But I never did do it.

ziggurcat1535d ago

co-op is the best way to go, unless you're really against that.

ziggurcat1535d ago

tuesday is going to be awesome.