The Top Five Additions We'd Like to See in WWE 2k15

Now that WrestleMania is coming up, here are some things Rant Lifestyle would like to see in the next WWE game.

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Relientk77868d ago

The Wyatt Family is a must

likeaboss302868d ago (Edited 868d ago )

I'd like to see the top players in NXT as well. More importantly a new graphics, physics, and animation engine for XB1, PS4 and PC.

curtis92868d ago

PC would be amazing, mainly for the mods. Look at nba 2k series on pc and how insane those mods can get. It would be limitless.

L-DOT-_REAPER_868d ago

i want a mode in it like 2k14 my career now that would be awsome

snarls200868d ago

iagree with all of the points.

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