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Microsoft tease “The Future of Titanfall” Announcement This Monday

During the latest Major Nelson podcast, Larry Hryb and his co-hosts mentioned that Austin’s Titanfall event will include an announcement on the future of Titanfall. (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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MorePowerOfGreen  +   326d ago
I watched a PVZ Twitch stream from my XB1 last night when he mentioned this(can watch follower status friends or full friends streams through feed) and posted a thread on reddit. Certain people were saying "doritos" and "pepsi" as if. It was all good fun and games.

So this again? https://twitter.com/tomwarr...

A possible sign devs are liking Azure if this is what I think it is. I wonder what other revolutionary goodies MSFT has coming. XB1 staying an "always online" console would have insured fast adoption of Azure from devs but this works! Betting there are Azure dev tools built into Directx 12
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NewMonday  +   326d ago
MS already have one of the biggest FPS franchises in Halo, getting another FPS is just redundant, do they expect an FPS gamer to buy the XBone twice?

it would be like Sony buying Tomb Raider when they already have Uncharted.

what MS need to do is diversify, for example I have no interest in TitanFall but I want Quantum Break.

with the Original XBox they did it right, they had different types of great games for different kinds of gamers, if they they go back to that policy they can start to win back gamers.
OpieWinston  +   326d ago
Going off the original Xbox comment...Bringing Titanfall into the cluster of exclusives would be like bringing back Mech Assault for all the Xbox fans back in the day.

They've got some great diversity..Between Remedy making Quantum Break and Team Dakota making Project Spark.

Microsoft Game Studios realized that when you give people the tools to make games and mod games....crazy fun ideas come out and they funded Team Dakota.
Godmars290  +   326d ago
With two leading FPS franchises they could give the other, older one some time on the shelf. Reevaluate and determine a new direction. And some time off is likely what Halo needs.

As for diversity and the Xbox brand, no, its never been diverse. That the original Xbox actively ignored or couldn't genres like JRPGs, stumbled onto FPS, is one of the reasons it only sold around 20 million.

Nevermind that Titanfall has yet to actually prove itself. Will still carry as much interest as it does now, for what that's worth, last six months or a year from now. If more can be done with a sequel.
ncc-017  +   326d ago
well said, i agree completely
ZodTheRipper  +   326d ago
From my point of view they are free to make it exclusive. Would be cool if PS4 users would get another EA exclusive in return.
gaffyh  +   326d ago
If they manage to lock down complete exclusivity, then that's great for them, but if that happens, I highly doubt it will be Xbox One exclusivity, it will be "Microsoft" exclusivity. But I honestly think it is going to be a Timed DLC exclusivity like COD.
palaeomerus  +   326d ago
" That the original Xbox actively ignored or couldn't genres like JRPGs, stumbled onto FPS, is one of the reasons it only sold around 20 million. "

Unlikely. It outsold the game cube which had JRPG's and had a few JRPG's itself.
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4Sh0w  +   326d ago
NewMonday, X1 has very diverse lineup, 360 did too, but there's absolutely no reason microsoft should shy away from their STRENGTH= Shooters and Online. 》IF《 they made Titanfall franchise exclusive it would be huge, basicly they could rotate, Halo, Gears of War and Titanfall and release them on a 3 yr dev cycle every holiday season. That would be a megaton dropping a blockbuster exclusive shooter every year along with a game linep complimented by a couple other game sequels, plus of course 1 or 2 new IPs per year.
NewMonday  +   326d ago

as a 3rd party game you will already going Titanfall anyway, how dose this befit you instead of getting a new IP?

this will just prove MS have no commitment in investing in new games
PONTIAC08G8GT  +   325d ago
If MS could secure Titanfall for life, like Halo, I think it could be huge. Halo is already a massive game, but its a totally different type of game than Titanfall. You could release Titanfall, then after a year Halo, then another year later Titanfall, etc etc. So every year your getting a major title, alternating gears. Would be great for MS
Kingthrash360  +   325d ago
man it will be funny when the fps genre slows to a crawl like platformers and rpg's did before it.
not saying fps games will die...no genere has died...heck even point and click games still get goty (for example: the walking dead) but who wants to play a fps get tired of playing the game only to find ALL you have are fps games...smh. i made that mistake this gen...i picked up kz,bf,cod and i play blacklight..then i had ac..1 adventure game to 4 fps games...not to mention metro last light, bioshock infinite, payday2 and farcry bd from ps+ on the ps3...coupled with outlast not really a fps but that fp perspective is there..i got tired of playing fps..
awi5951  +   325d ago

The original xbox had KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC IT CRAPPED ON ALL THOSE JAPAN RPG'S. They were stupid and the combat sucked and the final boss was just all the bosses you fought thrown back at you with more power such cheap ass gameplay. Also xbox one had elder scrolls Morrowind it didnt need japanese rpg's
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Death  +   325d ago
"this will just prove MS have no commitment in investing in new games"

Microsoft securing Titanfall, the hottest new IP at the moment, as an exclusive is proof Microsoft has no commitment investing in new games?

In what way does that actually make sense to you? If Sony had made the deal to make Titanfall a PS4 exclusive, you'd be saying the same thing about Microsoft not being committed.
KNWS  +   326d ago
Titanfall future. They've bought the franchise, free dlc can't think what else they mean?

Directx 12 coming for x box 1 is weird to say the least. Its requires a modern GPU to run directx12.

Its seems to me Microsoft paid AMD to build a customised GPU to run it and Microsoft is only going to reveal this is the case soon. Microsoft has not released everything about the console yet, and this is the only logical conclusion one can have, if directx12 is coming to the x box 1
jgrigs09  +   326d ago
Also I want to hear about this "raytracing". They can supposedly do. Even though their hardware seems like it couldn't handle it
DeadlyFire  +   326d ago
As for Titanfall it wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft tried to buy it. Respawn owns it though. The reason they left Activision was due to the publisher. I wonder if the same happens again for Respawn and they go to Deep Silver? :P

Raytracing. hahaha no.

Raytracing on the cloud? yes, but it would have to be streamed to/from you for you to experience it like OnLive.

DirectX11 hardware can patch in DirectX12. No biggie there. It coming to XB1 confirms it to be the case for Windows as well. Alot of people forget the the days when DirectX was updateable with software before DirectX 10 happened.

The GPUs in XB1/PS4 are only a year old. They have full feature sets and custom software to keep them running tightly optimized. DirectX 12 can either help or hurt the XB1. Depends on if there is a bigger performance hit or not.
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lifeisgamesok  +   326d ago
I believe your thoughts are very precise on this matter

The X1 had issues with the driver but they have been fixed and a new Sdk has been sent to developers recently
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darren_poolies  +   325d ago
The only thing I don't understand is that EA want Titanfall to be competing with COD right? So how do they ever expect that to happen if they're going to keep it exclusive? Makes zero sense to me.
cabbitwithscissors  +   325d ago
You seriously sound like a person who is brainwashed by reading too much of MisterX's blog.

Nothing weird about it. MS is coming out with DX12 to contend against AMD's Mantle, and MS wants to get more power out of the platform so they need to go closer to the metal so to speak. This will be a minor upgrade to DX11.2.

With the latest functions for DX11.2, you most definitely need a modern GPU, nothing new here. Semantics and redundant emphasis on information and knowledge ;P.

MS did pay AMD to come up with a customized chip for their xbone. Seriously is that really news ? I need to tell you, Sony also paid off AMD to come up with a CPU for their PS4.

Also, what else did MS not release about their platform ? DGPU ? Triple layers processing capability ? Hidden processing capabilities in the power adapter ?

Really, please get off the kool-aid. MisterX's website is for laughs, don't take it seriously.
Blaze929  +   326d ago
sounds like they just made it an exclusive series. Future of Titanfall? Besides DLC, gotta mean sequels.
TheTwelve  +   326d ago
This just in from Vince Zampella(via Twitter): "For those asking about the 'future of titanfall' announcement, I'm confused as to what that is. We did not sell tf to MS."

So let's just end the whole Microsoft buying the IP jazz....

Looks like this is just DLC.
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Blaze929  +   326d ago
Vince, the same guy who didn't even know Titanfall was going to stay a Microsoft exclusive? Oh, okay.
DigitalRaptor  +   326d ago
I dunno Blaze.

By that admission, MS and EA are not even being honest with the people who are making the game. Why would they be happy signing up knowing that is what the relationship would be, after all they've been thorough with Activision?
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NobleTeam360  +   326d ago
That doesn't mean they didn't pay them to keep the game away from PlayStation.
TheTwelve  +   326d ago
Keep the dream alive, fellas...
its_JEFF  +   326d ago

Vince would know if he sold the franchise to MS. EA doesn't own the IP, they published the game... they don't own it. Vince owns the IP, if MS did buy anything it could be full exclusivity... forever. But in order for MS to buy the IP they would have to buy it from Vince.
ifistbrowni  +   326d ago
wonder how much they paid to make the franchise exclusive?

Sure, im just speculating that this is what they're teasing. Would be a smart move if they did. Halo multiplayer is a dying franchise (unless they re-boot it with classic play, like Halo 2) and Gears multiplayer is dead too (never matched Gears 1 competitiveness).

A franchise like TitanFall would be a good lock-up for Microsoft. Though, they'll probably just milk/kill it, too.

I have X1 and PS4 and im hoping future TitanFall games go multi-platform... for TitanFall's sake. Not ours.
DoubleM70  +   326d ago
Look at all those disagree Hilarious. Not true gamers true gamers play everything...
blackmanone  +   326d ago
So by your own admission, no one is a true gamer unless they've played every game ever? The lack of logic some people on here can have is astounding.
showtimefolks  +   325d ago
reapwn left activision because of bullshit within publishing, I doubt they would let MS buy their IP/freedom when they fought long and hard to get both

som dlc announcement is the most we should expect
xtremeimport  +   325d ago
If this goes exclusive...how much money do you think they're gonna pay EA?

If it was any other publisher I wouldn't be so sure this game will eventually make its way to PS4. EA loves money and there's a lot of extra pennies sitting across the hall.
andibandit  +   325d ago
Yep ms is sitting across the hall with pennies in to pocket for EA
Irishguy95  +   326d ago

Guess it's an exclusive series now

Edit -

I kinda agree Foxtrot, but Titanfall may end up the new Cod. Heck, it's getting even more hype and praise than Cod 4 did when it suddenly came along and took over back in 2007. MS are betting on it sure. There is good reason to bet on it but it is also risky to bet on one game I agree.

About the new Ips, again, COD is worth more money than multiple Ip's, regardless of quality. Personally I don't really give a ****, i'll have both the X1 and Ps4 by the time Titanfall 2 is out anyway. I would prefer more ips, but MS have alot of new ips on the way anyhow.

Edit - the point is MS is paying for exclusivity Foxtrot, EA aren't losing money by not putting it on PS that way. What this does is sell more Xbox 1's. Which is how it benefits MS>
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-Foxtrot  +   326d ago
Which would be pointless in my opinion, spending lots and lots of money on the IP when

1) You don't even know how the first game will do and...

2) You could be spending that money on opening up new studios for new IP's.

Focusing on one third party game isn't going to help them that much. It seems they are gambling everything on Titanfall.
ArbitorChief  +   326d ago
Considering that the vast majority of people loved the BETA and the game has fantastic pre-order numbers. 80+ Awards, Best of Show at almost every event and is sure to sell incredibly well, it's a pretty safe and smart move by Microsoft, just like Gears of War last generation.
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-Foxtrot  +   326d ago

You have to remember though that hype is something which blind most people at launch and especially with reviews, so even though it could look good to MS now who knows what will happen. Remember how much hype was behind GTA4 and in the end I think most of us can agree it was a letdown....we were blinded by hype.

" it's a pretty safe and smart move by Microsoft, just like Gears of War last generation."

The thing is though EA and Epic on a little different though. You know what EA are like, they'll up the price they'll want for it, maybe not to buy the entire rights but for each instalment....money can only get you so far. Then comes the question again if they keep wasting a ton of money of these installments then why not put it towards something like a new studio.

EA know how much they'll be loosing not releasing it on the PS4 and it doesn't make sense business wise, it means MS will have to pay MS more money each time to make up for the lost sales of other platforms. If the PS4 continues to grow a larger install base then that means EA are missing out on potential sales. You know how EA are with money, thats why in the end the Epic/Gears deal wasn't as bad, especially when at the start of last gen MS was in the lead making the deal to Epic look like the right move.
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ArbitorChief  +   326d ago
To have a Titanfall, surely a system seller franchise for the Xbox One would be a huge selling point for the XB1, called competition and MS have the pockets to pay for exclusivity. Considering we've played Titanfall and know how fantastic it is, it's a different situation to GTA 4 where none of us played beforehand.
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mad at me  +   326d ago
So u are saying don't support ips so new studios can arise with more new is that you say they should not support?

Reasoning? #fail
HomerDog  +   326d ago
sort of like the hype tlou and uncharted got. at the end they are just linear and below average Gameplay with a good story. played every one of them accept uncharted 3. and I never understood the hype.
malokevi  +   326d ago
Respawn is a new studio, Titanfall is a new IP, and Microsoft knows it will do well.

There, glad wo cleared that up!

If Titanfall is an exclusive, pretending that it's a bad move or a useless move is... well... ignorant.
KNWS  +   326d ago
Microsoft claim they have no clue to what Respawn will be talking about in the article. If that's true.

Its more likely plans for DLC been talked about. DLC coming is the future.
ger2396  +   326d ago
That would be odd if it remains Microsoft exclusive. I mean, numbers wise it can't compete with bf and cod. Ea would lose out on millions of dollars. Having said that, Microsoft does have deep pockets.
4Sh0w  +   326d ago
EA is only the publisher for the first Titanfall, Respawn owns the franchise. They can make a deal for the sequel with any publisher. By definition exclusive means sales are limited to specific platforms, so EA/Respawn knew that going in, check from micro, ads from micro, also on 3 platforms so I'm sure they'll do just fine without ps consoles no different than Gears and ANY 3rd party exclusive on 360 did fine without a ps version.
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Majin-vegeta  +   326d ago
This can mean 1 of two things.

MS is keeping it exclusive or future(if there will be any)TF titles.They get first dibs on DLC.

@Dlacy Yea I'm going with DLC option
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Dlacy13g  +   326d ago
Yeah agreed. If they were able to lock this down "exclusive" I actually think this game becomes their new Halo and it is indeed a game changer.

My gut says they have a deal in place for all "future DLC" coming the One first.
Lawboy2  +   326d ago
What does DLC have to do with anything...it's only on Microsoft platforms
DeadlyFire  +   326d ago
This is definitely DLC.

Titanfall IP is owned by Respawn, but EA owns publishing rights for a time period in contract with Respawn. I just wonder if they read the fine print when they signed.
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MightyNoX  +   326d ago
Titanfall series exclusive to Microsoft, probably.
Iltapalanyymi  +   326d ago
>make scifi game
>give it the same boring weapons as in our time
What happend to all the 90´s shooters with the crazy laser, plasma, sawblade, spike, multiple rocked, acid, brain homing celebral bore, etc shooting guns?
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Geekman  +   326d ago
Uh, girl, dude, whatever you are.... did you expect laser blasters, beam swords, or whatever? And I'm sure invisibility and Titans are futuristic.

And since when are guns boring? Just look at Tomska.
from the beach  +   326d ago
This is getting silly, the game isn't even out yet. Same with Bungie talking about a 10-year plan for Destiny - yeah, we'll play the first one and decide if we care, thanks.
OpieWinston  +   326d ago
It's called giving games a long lasting plan...Lionhead is doing the same with Fable legends giving it a 5-10 year plan.

It's how you build on games and make strong living worlds for players. Have you ever played an MMO? If you aren't a bit ambitious the game will blow.
from the beach  +   326d ago
I'm all for developers being ambitious, but taking success for granted by semi-announcing sequels before the first game is even out just reeks of arrogance.

I don't care how much money they pump into it, it's only after the game is out and we've decided that it's good that it has any 'future'.
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Ashby_JC  +   326d ago
I agree that until ANY game is out in the wild it doesnt matter what plans you have for sequels DLC or whatever....if the game doesnt sell then those plans are DEAD!!
DivineHand125  +   326d ago
It better not be an exclusive deal.
lonewolfjedi  +   326d ago
Larry Hryb added that the Xbox team have “no clue” what Respawn will be showing. It seems that all Respawn told Microsoft, “we are showcasing the future of Titanfall”.

yeah this is most likely the dlc
Lawboy2  +   326d ago
Huh...why does ppl think it's the DLC...what else could they tell us....we already know it's coming...it could be something like bigger matches
kiz2694  +   326d ago
Yeah I dont see an exclusive deal just yet (if ever) the way they word "showcasing the future of Titanfall", means they will need footage to show the future (DLC). You cant showcase with words.
bleedsoe9mm  +   326d ago
probably unveiling what is in respawns dlc plan , but if it was an exclusive deal ms would probably want respawn to do it , so its seen as their idea not EA's or MS
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KakashiHotake  +   326d ago
Microsoft can have TitanFall. The bottom line is not everyone wants to play this game. I can see if it was a massive step up from whats already been done, ( Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. ) but it's just more of the same. Don't get me wrong, TitanFall is indeed a good game but I just think the hype is overblown. If you were to take away TitanFall they currently have nothing that gives them a edge over PS4. I believe in the next few months leading up to E3, PS4 will be dropping bombs. They have many exclusive titles in the works that have yet to be announced, rumored VR, PS Now, Streaming TV service, exclusive content on almost all the upcoming big games ( Destiny, Watch Dogs, etc. )Better online service with better deals, Not to mention almost all multiplats look better and run at a higher resolution. Having said that the PS4 is still $100 cheaper than Xbone and has close to a 3 million lead over Xbone in just 4 months.

I believe Titan Fall will sell very well but i don't think it will be a system seller for Xbox One because it's not exclusive. The one thing it has going for it is the bundle but I think that will only make a difference in the US. The bottom line is the US is the only territory Xbone can even compete with PS4 and that just isn't enough. PS4 is selling more in Japan alone than Xbone is selling globally. So hopefully Titanfall does well for them.
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n4rc  +   326d ago
Ummm... What?! Lol

So much wrong with that comment I dont know where to begin.

Better online service and Japan sales being my favorites..
KakashiHotake  +   326d ago
But PS+ is better than Live. Better price, better deals, more games. And Japan is selling better in Japan alone than Xbone is selling worldwide. Microsoft has no market in Japan, and PS3 is outselling Xbox One in Japan and Europe. Only in the US is Xbox One moving at all and they still fall short of PS4. Having said that I hope Xbox One does better and Titan Fall works olut for them.
n4rc  +   326d ago
What makes it better? A couple indie games? X1 gets KI and project spark

Xbl is still faster and more stable.

And you said ps4 is selling more in Japan then x1 globally..which is blatantly wrong
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DigitalRaptor  +   326d ago
@ n4rc

It's time to put away the XBL being superior talk, and definitely time to stop defending Xbone sales.

Microsoft have put in the money to make XBL a great, ground-breaking service of old, but that is no longer something they can exclusively boast.

PS+ has superior value, comparatively. Far, FAR superior value. Features that shouldn't be locked behind the paywall, are not insultingly locked behind the paywall. You get more than "a couple of indie games", had you been paying attention for the past couple of years, you'd know that.

Cross-buy, Cross-play, Cross-save, Remote Play, UStream, MMOs, Twitch TV functionality are all markedly unique features of this console and fantastic, fantastic ones that offer so much to the gamer.

Then we break down PlayStation Now, and we have an even better, far more diverse service, doing things that the competition isn't. Then when Gaikai and RackSpace bring their sh*t, things move even more. You could say XBL was a better service ALL of last gen if you liked, but now it should mark people as delusional to believe the case is still the same.

Just like people think the Xbox controller will always be the best, due to fanboyism, the same goes for XBL. Just because MS are throwing money at their network, doesn't mean they are doing the right thing.
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jmc8888  +   326d ago
Lots of opinions, we'll see.
#10.2 (Edited 326d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
WeAreLegion  +   326d ago
Who would disagree with this comment? You posted your thoughts on the future of the systems and then wished Titanfall a good launch. What is wrong with people?!?
KakashiHotake  +   326d ago
They don't like to hear anything that sounds even remotely negative to Xbox One. All I did was state a few facts and wish them luck, but can't please everyone.
hamburgerhill  +   325d ago
Facts huh! Sounds like sarcastic strongly blinded opinions with no depth typed only to anger fans. Personally as much as I could care less about other consoles I can't find it in me to talk down on people that are just excited. Good luck to gamers but screw all you silly haters roaming these sites.
borgome  +   325d ago
PS online better than Xbove live........ Hah that's a laugh.

Maybe it will be on par this generation since Sony is finally going to charge cheap sony gamers a yearly fee. Although most of them still live in their patents basements, so I'm not sure if they can afford it.

Plus how many years did xbox owners enjoy a great online service while playstation owners suffered.

Titian Fall is a system seller, because I'm buying the Titan Fall bundle in three days!
hulk_bash1987  +   326d ago
Either the Titanfall Franchise has become a Microsoft Exclusive/ Titanfall 2 is a timed exclusive.
#11 (Edited 326d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
iSpeakTruth__  +   326d ago
Wish MS would stop buying exclusives and start making more of their own (IF titanfall is bought out by MS)
JBSleek  +   326d ago
That's a silly comment. Either way aren't they paying for the exclusive games whether they are buying IP or writing checks to the developers. It has the same end result...

Exclusive games.
Ashby_JC  +   326d ago
What really is the difference??

MS prefers this method and most likely its profitable for them otherwise they wouldnt do it.

Trust me...if building new studios making new IPS was more profitable ...dont you think they would be doing it??

And there are some interesting NEW IPS coming this year on the XBOX ONE...Quantum Break and D4 come to mind.
TomahawkX  +   326d ago
probably dlc related news.
Seafort  +   326d ago
As far as I know Respawn still own the Titanfall IP.

Microsoft would have to buy Respawn if they wanted Titanfall IP for themselves.

I would have thought Respawn would have more sense to be tied to one console or publisher after their dealings with Activision. Maybe not...
DoctorJones  +   326d ago
MS now owns the Gears of War ip and they didn't have to buy Epic.
Seafort  +   326d ago
Well MS didn't fund Titanfall, EA did via EA Partners.

And still EA don't have the rights to Titanfall IP.

MS bought the Gears IP from Epic as Epic didn't want to do another Gears game.

I think Respawn want to do another Titanfall and make it multiplatform so all gamers can play their games not a select few.
aiBreeze  +   326d ago
Well the article quotes Major Nelson as saying they don't have a clue what Respawn are showcasing so surely that would rule out them signing an exclusive deal? With how the console war is shaping up, Respawn would be shooting themselves in the foot if they signed a new exclusive deal to make the IP Microsoft exclusive at this moment in time.

Going by all the info we've seen and the lack of game modes, I reckon Respawn will probably be showcasing some new game modes and general ideas for the direction they want to take Titanfall.
WeaseL  +   326d ago
If Titanfall is successful and MS make the franchise exclusive expect clone versions being developed by other studios and cashing in on the PS4.
Even Sony could develop a similar game at one of its studios
Me I got it on PC.
#16 (Edited 326d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
TheTwelve  +   326d ago
That was my first thought, too. If Titanfall does go exclusive on X1 then you can guarantee Sony will be making an exclusive mech-shooter using the full power of the superior-hardware PS4.

(Which would be pretty hot, actually)
WeAreLegion  +   326d ago
Sony already developed Starhawk.
AutoCad  +   326d ago
Man MS is on a roll this month..
The suspense is killing me
NeloAnjelo  +   326d ago
MS...Gears, Ryse, DR, TitanFall... We buy IPs and don't make our own. We pay to keep games off other systems rather than using that money to develop in house games, and grow the Industry. We can do this because of our deep pockets... And we'll partner with EA, a company just like us.

Let's see something new MS. People are familiar now with your strategies.
#18 (Edited 326d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
n4rc  +   326d ago
Do you even realize how stupid your comment is?

Contracting a studio to make a game is bad for the industry.. But buying the entire studio and keeping all games locked from most gamers forever is growing the industry?

NeloAnjelo  +   326d ago
What? I think u don't understand... Developing a third party or otherwise grows the Industy... Jobs, investment etc. Paying for that game to be off a system ensures that money remains in the publishers and console manufactures hands. Less sales, less for the developers... Everyone.

Developing in house grows the industry as new IPs and growing your own studio. Simple. Instead if paying for keeping the game exclusive, use that money to MAKE new games!

A simple concept. Buying a studio is great, providing it GROWS that studio and reduces risk
#18.1.1 (Edited 326d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report
aiBreeze  +   326d ago
Money doesn't grow on trees.. for studios like Respawn, they need the financial backing off of someone like MS for them to turn their ideas into a working game.

However I do agree in principle though, I'd rather they focused their resources into creating new stuff than throwing money at making exclusives however I'd imagine the reality is that those exclusive deals helped make the game possible in the first place.
WeAreLegion  +   326d ago
They have financial backing. Their freaking publisher...
aiBreeze  +   326d ago
And who published DR3, Ryse and the Gears series? Microsoft.
NeloAnjelo  +   325d ago
I think they got the backing from EA, who then decided on the MS partnership. MS didn't help respawn in anyway.

Respawn thought the IP would go multi platform eventually, with a limited exclusivity to MS. EA wanted otherwise, based on deals behind closed doors. But this isn't a surprise. MS has always done this.

I just want them to invest in new IPs and using their studios like a Rare to make really good games. They have the money and talent. Let the Multiplats be released on both, and use that money better... For the industry via games, rather than paying to keep themoff another console
#18.2.3 (Edited 325d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
christocolus  +   326d ago
Gears, Ryse, DR, TitanFall?

What are you talking about? You should go read up the story behind gears, ryse and dr3 before accusing anyone..those games were made because MS funded their development,gears started out as a tech demo until ms and epic turned it into a game which ms funded, there wouldnt be a third dr3 if ms didnt fund it and about ryse, ms and crytek always wanted to make a game together and finally when the chance came up they came up with ryse(crytek stated this)...why not attack sony for getting deep down and quantic dreams next ip as exclusives?

Dude focus on the topic and stop with the rants...i doubt ms will make titanfall exclusive but even if they did how does it affect you? Sony got mgs4 exclusive on ps3 didnt make xbx fans go on a rant. Its a business and ms and sony are competing and will do whatever it takes. im sure when shenmue 3 and crash are announced exclusively for the ps4 you wouldnt feel this way..would you? check out wikipedia or just do a search on google and you will see ms has more exclusive titles than you even know. so far the xbox one line up has enough diversity ..from halo5 to QB, sunset overdrive,fable and even project spark..so what you talking about? you dont have to like the xbox one or the way ms does its business afterall ms isnt forcing the console on you so stop the tantrums.
#18.3 (Edited 326d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
maniacmayhem  +   326d ago
Another illogical comment. What difference does it make how the IP is acquired as long as MS is providing games for their users right? First people complain MS has no exclusives, now people are complaining MS buys their exclusives from 3rd parties. Who cares as long as their games for people to play.

You know the people not complaining? Xbox users who are enjoying the games MS has made exclusive for their console.

Your rant screams of bitterness.
#18.4 (Edited 326d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
wotta  +   326d ago
Has anyone actually read the article and not just the headline? If you read the article it doesn't sound like MS have bought the franchise. EA ain't idiots. This has the potential to be a huge franchise, EA ain't giving that away, MS would literally need to buy out Respawn.
Flames76  +   326d ago
EA dont own the rights to Titfall so if respawn was smart they would go microsoft after the release of Titanfall and then the sky would be the limits for them.We all know if EA ever owns the rights they would destroy the game just like every other game they make
Gamer666  +   326d ago
They are probably just going to announce DLC.

A major announcement right now would have no impact as there is already a ton of hype around this game.
christocolus  +   326d ago
I see a lot of people jumping to conclusions.as good as it may sound i dont think titanfall will become an xbx exclusive title,i think ms would love the idea but i dont see respawn agreeing to it. I think this announcement has to do with what gamers can expect to see down the line (dlcs etc).
kiz2694  +   326d ago
Its not exclusivity deal for sure. IT just Respawn talking about there future plans for Titanfall, Major Nelson says in the article he has "no clue" what they are bringing. And they mention "showcasing the future" which can only be done using footage. My guess is future DLC.
SliceOfTruth888  +   326d ago
Good lord this entire comment section shows just how dumb and silly fanboys sound. Respawn is going to show a trailer for the new DLC that is all. Every sonyfanboy you can wipe away your secret tears because you were worried it wouldnt come to ps4 and every xbot prepare for major disappointment of you are expecting exclusivity. I award you all no points and may god have mercy on your souls
CJDUNCAN  +   326d ago
Future games exclusive to Xbox One. That would be pretty great.
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   326d ago
Why would they announce the "future of titanfall" when the game hasn't even came out yet. Megaton if they aquired the ip.

EDIT: "I’m told [Respawn] will be unveiling an amazing new collaboration in the Titanfall universe.” Sounds like possible partnership with microsoft for timed exclusive dlc in the future.

EDIT 2: Vince Zampella's twitter "For those asking about the 'future of titanfall' announcement, I'm confused as to what that is. We did not sell tf to MS."
#25 (Edited 326d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
paulogy  +   326d ago
Microsoft will be announcing that they're adding Titans to all future games from here on out, regardless of genre.
Flames76  +   326d ago
Im guessing making Titanfall franchise exclusive to the Xbox One.Which would be a smart move with respawn if they want to take Titanfall as far as it can go.Wow if respawn would go to microsoft that would be amazing.Damn the Xbox One has all the best shooters in one place Halo,Gears of War,and Titanfall.Damn no doubt going with the Xbox One was a smart move if you love games.
#27 (Edited 326d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
No1up  +   325d ago
Ps4 will have H-hour...
zerog  +   326d ago
If titan fall is bought out by ms to be ms exclusive for future installments then whatever the game could have been will be destroyed. Think about it, ea is in it for the money so for them to make all future games exclusive they will want $ up front to cover the loses they will take from not going multiplat. Now even though its getting a lot of hype presently its still a new ip based on generic fps content and online only. Then too consider the gap ms has in hardware sales ww on x1. The thing is is if ms has already made an exclusive deal on future titan fall games and if the game doesn't sell extremely well and make a big difference in hardware sales then future installments will likely suffer for it.
Father__Merrin  +   326d ago
my bet it will be DLC related
multiplatgamer  +   326d ago
If they announce that the franchise will remain exclusive, I will be angry...
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