New Dark Souls 2 Info on Summoning, NG+, New Items and More l Fextralife

Fextralife sat with Producer Takeshi Miyazoe at the recent Dark Souls 2 launch party in San Francisco, to ask some questions on the minds of fans, and also came away with some brand new info reveals on new items, summoning, NG+ changes, and more.

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bbad1625d ago

What they did with NG➕ is really great

Austacker1625d ago

I only want this on my Xbox one.

Make it happen From Software!!!!

kingduqc1624d ago

just get the pc version ?

nucky641625d ago

they've finallly got NG+ right.

NewAgeisHere1625d ago

Wow, awesome changes, can't wait.

Agrim1625d ago

That NG+ info is really awesome, an step in the right direction indeed.