Naughty Dog And Treyarch Developers Speak Very Highly Of The PS4's Capabilities

Naughty Dog And Treyarch Developers Speak Very Highly Of The PS4's Capabilities.

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Majin-vegeta1598d ago

Lol When ND release their game it's gonna cause WW3 in the graphics department of consoles.I'm stoked to see what they been cooking up!!!!

iGAM3R-VIII1598d ago


Now if ONLY the new COD had a REAL new engine and amazing graphics, the next BO3 zombies will be jar dropping.

Thehyph1597d ago

Wow. A lot of people painting treyarch in a positive light on here.

I won't do that. To me, they have a history of making bad games. Literally, their first success was their fourth or fifth shot at an already successful franchise.

I do have a soft spot for Die By The Sword though.

zeuanimals1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

I'm not very fond of jar dropping.

AnEwGuY1597d ago

@ zeuanimals

Agreed. I dropped a brand new jar of Vlasic pickles once...the big jar, from Sam's Wholesale Club. It shattered, and I had to throw them all away...not cool. I had to eat my pulled pork sandwich, sans pickles, which is like eating spaghetti without garlic bread. :(

AceBlazer131597d ago

Really love treyarch's CoD's especially zombies.Uncharted and Nazi zombies 2015.

KyRo1597d ago

Treyarch are the only COD games worth playing these days. IW are awful and I'm remaining skeptical of SH's new COD purely because we don't really have a lot to go on.

NarooN1597d ago

Treyarch's CoD games blow IW's out of the water (last truly good IW CoD game was CoD4, don't care what anyone says.) Treyarch is also the only dev for CoD who actually puts forth any effort on the PC versions. The IW/Sledgehammer games we've had on PC have been pure trash ever since MW2.

stuna11598d ago

Mark Cerny developed the PS4 with developer in mind! It's only logical that the best developers are going to be the one's who are going to be the the one's who truly showcase exactly what can be achieved.

Nero13141597d ago

Treyarch is not good developer .

stuna11597d ago

Exactly where in my comment did I state they were!? My comment speaks to the effect that A good developer will showcase what can be done, as opposed to a not so good developer. Results will vary.

OrangePowerz1597d ago

I enjoyed the Black Ops games. Wasn't a big fan of CoD 3 or World at War, but BO1 and BO2 are genuine good games.

GuruMeditation1597d ago

Actually, they are a particularly competent developer, so try prefixing with IMO to avoid sounding too arrogant.

SolidGear31597d ago

Black Ops is the best COD next to MW1

NarooN1597d ago

Treyarch is a talented studio. I remember playing the piss out of their Spider-Man games on PS2, specifically "Spider-Man" and "Spider-Man 2", lol.

CoD3 was way better than CoD2, and it's a pity it didn't get released on PC considering they only had less than a year to make the game. WaW was good, Black Ops was good, and BO2 was questionable at best, but still better than both MW3 AND Ghosts.

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chrissx1597d ago

So far almost every dev has been speaking highly of Ps4s capabilities. The Ps4 exclusives are gonna be what seperates real nextgen and wannabes

Nero13141597d ago

I wanna see what R* do with the new hardware

ZombieKiller1597d ago

This is what I am waiting for too. I was pretty impressed with GTA V as far as graphics vs. the size of the map vs the amount of things capable in the game world and can't imagine what sort of mind blowing stuff they think of on the PS4.
Good Call Nero

While we are at it, you think maybe you can return to the Devil May Cry series for us? One can only hope. Co-op with Dante would be fun with team attacks (kinda like MK Shaolin Monks)

Shakengandulf1597d ago

Been thinking this myself.. Infact, i still find it hard to believe that last gen consoles only had 512MB of ram each and could pull those games off.
What would the gta5 equivalent look like on ps4 and xbox-one?

Look forward seeing what Naughty Dog are up to.

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