Epic Games Officially Ending Involvement With Gears Of War Through Social Media

Epic Games will be closing their Gears of War forum and handing all social media to Black Tusk Studios Monday, March 10. This will end their involvement with anything Gears of War.

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Axonometri1620d ago

Great! Now tell me when what Epic is doing and when I can get my meaty mitts on UDK4!?

christocolus1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Yeah but Epic is still going to be working with BT for a while on the project and i assume BT will be using the unreal engine4 too.

what ever happens i wish both Epic and BT the best of luck.ill be looking forward to the next Gears and i hope we get to see a trailer or demo before the year ends.

Excalibur1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Still don't know what to think or feel about this.

I've been part of Gears since it was first showcased.
I was strictly a PC gamer at the time and never touched a console but as more and more videos and info was released the more excited I became and the more I began researching the Xbox 360, the day Gears of War was release I bought it and a 360, in the first two weeks of owning the console I had beaten Gears three times.

When the Epic forums were established I became part of that and made lots of friends, many of which I still have today on my friends list.
Now that Microsoft owns the franchise I have to admit I'm very apprehensive, it's true Epic studios is not the same as the one that released Gears 1-3, GOW:Judgment is living proof of that but will new blood re-vitalize the franchise or bury it completely?

I guess time will tell.

Farewell Epic Studios/Gears of War, you were a friend for many years.

Yodagamer1620d ago

Gears of war Judgement was developed by people can fly games while they were, presumably, working on unreal 4. So Gow: Judgement might not be the best game to judge them on.

AnEwGuY1620d ago

"So Gow: Judgement might not be the best game to judge them on. "

See, Alanis...THAT is ironic. ;)

DevilishSix1620d ago

Its the end of an era, from the time Gears was first introduced until now, 9 years. It was fun. Epic has lost so much talent and with the 50% buyout from an investment firm, I think their focus is now on game engines and supporting UE4.

Play2Win1620d ago

There goes a part of me ... still a fenix action figure in my room. Creating a franchise with soul is the key in gaming.

nope1111620d ago

RIP Gears, you were a great franchise.

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The story is too old to be commented.