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Why Is Sucker Punch Being So Secretive About PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son?

Push Square: "The build-up to inFAMOUS: Second Son has been a subject of much discussion here at Push Square towers over the past few months. It’s clear that Sony as a whole has changed its approach to product launches, opting to announce titles much later and show much less of them. However, the firm’s been particularly secretive when it comes to Sucker Punch’s upcoming superhero exclusive, prompting us to ponder why. Fortunately, we were able to put that question directly to brand development director Ken Schramm earlier this week, and he assured us that it’s all intentional." (inFamous: Second Son, PS4)

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Lukas_Japonicus  +   540d ago | Well said
" with inFAMOUS 2 we pretty much said, 'Here's the game' – and there were no real surprises left as a result. "

Exactly. If there's one mistake i made last gen, it was seeing too much of a game before i bought it, i would see so much sometimes that it didn't feel surprising or new when i finally played it for myself.

I'm glad SP isn't showing too much, especially when it comes to powers. It shows they care about their game and care about people experiencing it first hand. I wish more companies would do this...of course there's always the option of simply not looking at gameplay/previews/screenshots, but that can be pretty hard to resist :p
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UnHoly_One  +   540d ago
Agreed. I have been avoiding more and more previews in recent years.

Once I know I'm buying a game, (which in this case was when they said the word "inFAMOUS" lol), I avoid most everything about it.

A side bonus of this approach is that it makes the waiting easier because you aren't constantly teasing yourself with videos of stuff you can't play yet.
thorstein  +   540d ago
True this. Overhyping a game can actually ruin the experience. I was obsessed with Uncharted 2 and then when it came out I was surprised at how awesome it really was. But I realized that I could have ruined the experience because I was hyping it up so much for myself.

I'm not sure why this article claims that they are being secretive though. There are tons of articles about this game and there are two weeks until launch.
i sincerely wish i had your level of discipline
IRetrouk  +   540d ago
Too true, I ruined so many games last gen because of information overload, so far I have been avoiding too many infamous articles simply because im excited for it and really want this game to wow me, im glad that sp have been able to keep a tight lid on things and happy that they have come to this conclusion about not giving to much away.
Bigpappy  +   540d ago
Agreed. If the game is about attaining powers, why would they want to show them all before release?
Visiblemarc  +   540d ago
Yeah, a good policy is to severely restrict how much preview stuff you watch of games you already know you're going to buy. Keeps more surprises in tact.

Generally, the less I'm sure about a game, the more I'll let myself watch, right up until I get convinced to go for it, then stop immediately.
IRetrouk  +   540d ago
Good way of doing things but me and self control have a rocky relationship lol, I find it hard not to look sometimes, just cant help it, so the fact that the developers will only show you so much is a good sign.
AndrewLB  +   539d ago
Avoiding much of the preview stuff also lessens the amount of disappointment when a dumbed down version of a game is released *cough* watch dogs *cough*
ramiuk1  +   540d ago
i agree with them but only as i trust the developer.
with many i wouldnt trust this approach as they always bullshit gamers.

god of war

are all games i watched as little as possible on as i knew i would enjhoy them and wanted suprises and it paid off.

gaming has got like films,all best bits shown off and once u watch/play the only new bits are the filler sections
I remember i watched a lot of YouTube walkthroughs of uncharted 2 and god of war 3, they convinced me to get a ps3.
badz149  +   540d ago
as a huge fan of the series, I know what I'm getting into and so far, I have only let myself watch that 1 gameplay video and nothing more! I avoid all previews and stuff and possibly all articles regarding the game as I don't want to spoil it for myself! so far, I've been doing this for most of the game I'm going to buy regardless of anything, and it's awesome once I experience the game for the 1st time!
karl  +   540d ago
if uve seen the neon trailer.. then they just keep showing those scenes and power and parts of the city .. just more of it..

like the complete cutscene of the fragment that was in the trailer...

its cool the way they are doing this..

i cant wait
badz149  +   540d ago
I only watched the Neon power from the gif file. posted on here several times. I resisted that one too. the one that I watched was the one where Delsin go through the scanner and start fighting and ended with a huge stomp.
karl  +   539d ago
ok, then u would be spoiled by the neon trailer..

keep hanging on buddy, we are very close to release now
badz149  +   538d ago
I know, right? Having all things online now is ruining the surprise for many games. I remember when E3 was all about announcements but now, gamers are whining because they knew what would be announced due to leaks. Games are the same too. Can't wait for Second Son
Pogmathoin  +   540d ago
Just like movies Lukas.... Best to avoid all the hype, or stick to a source you trust for news, Game Informer maybe....but do not get too much into it.... It will spoil the game.....
3-4-5  +   540d ago
True. Back in the early 90's, you just heard via word of mouth that it was an awesome game, or you played it over your friends house, or happened to catch an awesomely lame Nintendo commercial or something.

There was no internet to dissect every little scrap of info about every game.

There was a lot of "blind buying" and hoping it would be good.

* Also another thing nobody mentions. Game Genie helped revive all those games that were too hard.

Back to topic - I have a feeling that parts of this game aren't that "amazing" and so those parts are only going to be close to "amazing" if you experience them for yourself, the first time, while playing, not while watching a video.
ColonelRex  +   540d ago

And to add to the that fact. Most games back then, sold off of title and box art alone.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   540d ago
There were some game-mags you could read also.
morganfell  +   540d ago
Agreed. How many times have we gone to the movies and seen a trailer and said, "Oh well. I don't have to see that movie now."

As for gaming, look what happened with Haze. The Developers told the public in a video, "There is a really cool twist in the game. Halfway through you change sides! How is that for a surprise!"


No, as long as they can demonstrate the technical prowess of the title and provide just enough detail to entice, and SP certainly have, then I am fine with, and prefer their approach.
creeping judas  +   540d ago
How many times have you watched a trailer, and said "my god that movies looks awesome!". And then you go see the movie, and the best part of the movie were in the trailer? I hate that.
Monolith  +   540d ago
haze had potential. just wasnt realized and completed. the multiplayer and split screen was great.
JunoDivided  +   540d ago
I agree the main reason I am so hyped about this games is the powers that they haven't showed.
calis  +   540d ago
"Exactly. If there's one mistake i made last gen, it was seeing too much of a game before i bought it, i would see so much sometimes that it didn't feel surprising or new when i finally played it for myself. "

YES. I was in awe of God of War 3 with the Posiedon fight but I knew what it was about because I saw it all happen on a segment of GTTV dedicated to God of War 3.
It was still awesome but I would have been mindblown if I didn't know about it.
TheRedButterfly  +   540d ago
I made that mistake with Skyrim. Looked up anything and everything regarding the latest TES installment, and by the time it came out? I wasn't surprised by any of the flashy and revolutionary implementations… :/ Learned that lesson.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   540d ago
Sometimes , here on N4G and others like IGN , there are headlines containing spoilers that are basically blown in to your face as soon as you open the page... For me that's worse thing. Articles need some spoiler tags as well.
ZombieKiller  +   540d ago
Thank god they aren't showing much! I am tired of too much game being shown before the release date. I'd like to experience these games for myself yet sometimes I need a healthy preview before I buy so it's almost a necessary evil of sorts...

@Lucas: Option? I don't have an option when it comes to certain games....or was it self control? Either way, I can't help but look with certain games so this is appreciated!
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PudgeySan  +   540d ago
They are being secretive to give people with other consoles something to bitch about.. or hard at work working on the game and not on n4g worrying about every little nit pick detail it can pick at.
showtimefolks  +   539d ago
i for one am very glad they are not showing too much, now a days publishers show way too much. Watch dogs from UBI got gameplay show videos almost every week when it was suppose to launch with new consoles

so this is good, we get to discover for our self
vikMage  +   539d ago
Exactly right!
Last Gen started showing so much before the games released, which would eventually lead to a lesser experience once you get to play it...Ended up going into "blackout" mode on a particular game I was interested in until its release.
andrewsqual  +   539d ago
Because releasing a 1080p direct feed ingame engine trailer over a year ago suggests secrecy and trying to hide something??? I think articles that make absolutely no sense are more of an issue these days.
adorie  +   539d ago
Well said. I think games made a bigger impact on me when I was younger, because I went into most games blind... say.. how is that for a revelation?
Irishguy95  +   540d ago
Yeah i'm really hoping alot is being kept under wraps for the sake of surprises. So many devs reveal too much in trailers
Tripe_Down  +   540d ago
because dualshockers.com do the marketing for this and posted every detail of the game ahead of the launch.
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   540d ago
Which is completely optional, they don't force you to click the article and/or read the details, lol.

Great off topic comment there, really adds to the discussion..../s
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Dravidian  +   540d ago
Partially true. People reflexively read things. When browsing N4G I'm reading titles to see what interest me. Many titles give a bunch of info(in many cases enough to be spoiled/overloaded), while the actual article expounds upon that info. Not reading details in these cases pretty much requires one to be illiterate.

Even if someone uses article filters, forums (even ones that dont involve the game you're trying to keep unspoiled) are ripe with spoilers from people who cant stay on topic or are just trolls. Avoiding information is difficult because you just dont know when or where it will pop up.

Lets not even get into game store commercials and ads...
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halocursed  +   540d ago
I hope we get to drive cars.
IRetrouk  +   540d ago
As much as it would be a nice little extra, the cars would become less useful the more your powers grow, same thing happened with saints row, the powers became so much that the cars were no good anymore, I dont really think driving cars fit in with these types of games, this could apply to crackdown and prototype too.
SilentNegotiator  +   540d ago
Vehicles had a lot of fun and practical applications in Crackdown, even after you got fully upgraded speed.
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GribbleGrunger  +   540d ago
Yeah, just think of how much faster Superman could get around if he could drive ...
SilentNegotiator  +   540d ago
A lot of people felt this way before the first game released, but we now know that it's completely unnecessary; they made it easy to get around fast.
gobluesamg  +   540d ago
I think we have enough games that we can drive cars in already.
Rainstorm81  +   539d ago
I always drove cars in Lego Marvel /s

What hero with powers wants to drive? It was odd onthe new Thor movie when he rode in a car
SteamPowered  +   540d ago
There are 2 reasons for this; Either the game is so incredible that they have to prepare us mere mortals for its excellence, OR its so terrible due to controls or load times that it will be the turd of 2014.
Ubisoft and EA have run this play many times.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   540d ago
Load times are great from what i saw on the preview and ive seen multiple people say the controls are very tight and responsive, like the old games :D. So it must be the former :)
IRetrouk  +   540d ago
Well in my eyes they cant really go wrong, the first two games were amazing to me and I doubt that they could make it worse than the first two, to me sp have proven themselfs twice last gen the I have no need to worry. :-)
OrangePowerz  +   540d ago
You can't see controls or load times in trailers. It's all about them not releasing much information on story and so on.

Edit below: But thats not what the article is about, it's about them not releasing much story and gameplay information like it keeping it a secret what the other powers are. There are plenty of non story videos that just show normal gameplay.
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markyboy2181  +   540d ago
eeerrr yes u can on the live gameplay it..ll show the loading screen for a few seconds
TheOrder1886  +   540d ago
I find it good. I want to discover by myself the other 2 powers.
ZodTheRipper  +   540d ago
How do you know that there will be 4? I mean this number seems very reasonable but I'm still unsure.
heisenberguk  +   540d ago
Secretive? Very little footage available? I just watched a MASSIVE playthrough!!
ginsunuva  +   540d ago
Why watch a MASSIVE playthrough??
heisenberguk  +   540d ago
Because it's the closest thing we're gonna get to a demo and I'd rather see a game in motion than read previews/reviews!
get2sammyb  +   540d ago
Sure, but despite that, we still haven't seen a whole lot of the game. Are there any bosses? Set-pieces? What are the extra powers? I think they've been quite reserved so far.
Funantic1  +   540d ago
I haven't seen enough myself to justify a $60 purchase. Plus it has no multiplayer, which isn't worth $60 either. After you beat the game 1-2 times then what? I'll either rent it or wait until it drops under $20.
TheOrder1886  +   540d ago
It is an openworld game... And it has replay value, because of the karma system you can play the game twice.
Zombro  +   539d ago
I can't I'm lame one play through I'm done :(
IRetrouk  +   540d ago
I dont think you will play it, have you played the previous games? ... oh wait, never mind, no bubs left lol.
king_george  +   540d ago
NO game should be $60. Its just highway robbery. But if the previous two infamous games are anything to go by, the full price tag is ok by me. Plus, multiplayer isnt needed for every game. It can sometimes be bad to force it in.

Although... i would love an Infamous universe mmo
Jdoki  +   540d ago
The price of next-gen games is something I don't really understand.

Next gen games on PS4 and XB1 still don't look as good as top end PC versions, and yet the price for PC games has remained roughly the same in most cases (EA being an exception), whereas console games have jumped a lot.

For example. I can pre-order Batman Arkham Knight for £49.85 on Shopto for PS4, or £36.85 for PC... And I know which version will look better.

I would much rather buy games for my PS4 than PC, but at the moment the only games I am buying are exclusives, like inFamous.
OrangePowerz  +   540d ago
I play rather 60 bucks for a very gpod singleplayer game instead of 60 bucks for a singleplayer game that has tacked on MP and in turn led the developers to spend less time on the singleplayer.
No1up  +   540d ago
I'm sorry but the Last of us was incredibly fun... And the MP was just as fun, so you can, in fact.... Have the best of both worlds.
Majin-vegeta  +   540d ago
Hey funatic you do know you can't play on this on X1 right??You gotta have a PS4 ;)
Inception  +   540d ago
Sigh, this mentality "every games must have multiplayer or it isn't worth a buy" is really amusing.
Dirkster_Dude  +   540d ago
I think it is more pathetic than amusing. Kind of like playing a Call of Duty game for it's multiplayer. :-)
Shadonic  +   540d ago
what about the mentality that anygame that has a great single player but has any sort of multiplayer element is instantly bad that's equally as dumb as what a lot of pro single player only peeps say. Me I'm in the if its great and delivers a unique and fun experience that lasts then add it multiplayer or not. Everyone else seems to either be single player only on every single game for the rest of time or always have multiplayer on everything no matter what it is. I hate it the most when this whole war starts over hypothetical ideas for how you would imagine a certain game would be with multiplayer. I'm not throwing hate towards what you like or anything I just think outright detesting any sort of multiplayer component just because its their is downright illogical.
MysticStrummer  +   540d ago
"Plus it has no multiplayer, which isn't worth $60 either."

No Elder Scrolls game to date is worth $60 then I guess, no matter how many hours of content it brings to the table?

Personally I think a decent single player mode has more value than a completely multiplayer game, since with the latter the devs are providing the very minimum of a world and the players provide their own entertainment in it. I feel like more work has gone into most story modes, though I recognize that things like balance and general net code aren't exactly easy to achieve either.

Anyway, from your past comments I'd be surprised if you ever play any PS4 exclusive.
markyboy2181  +   540d ago
the people who were at the launch party last night said it played n looked amazing!!!!!!!
Monolith  +   540d ago
launch party?
mike32UK  +   540d ago
I'm guessing he meant the event in London, the video is on the UK PlayStation access YouTube channel
WeAreLegion  +   540d ago
There were catapults and jetpacks and rockets. It was crazy!
OrangePowerz  +   540d ago
I think it's a good choice, just look back At Uncharted 2 or 3 a lot was spoiled in the trailers and gameplay videos.
kalbo14  +   540d ago
i just hope second son has great music like infamous1&2 have..
mike32UK  +   540d ago
Agreed! The music they have used in the trailers so far has left me completely full of confidence
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WeAreLegion  +   540d ago
Oh man... That music. I have both soundtracks. Ending them with "Silent Melody" and "Fade Away" were brilliant. Hoping for another great ending song.
No1up  +   540d ago
I like the first two, but let's not pretend they were amazing. After a bit they were pretty bland...
Rainstorm81  +   539d ago
So u like bland games
multiplatgamer  +   540d ago
They're showing it off in Canadian stores this weekend and had a live stream so I don't think they're being all that secretive. Now that it's gone gold and the game's being shown, I think it was just a matter of crunch time for the developers.
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DarkLord1003  +   540d ago
It's kind of refreshing to play a game without knowing a lot about it.
TomahawkX  +   540d ago
I hope the reviews are spoiler free.
edonus   540d ago | Spam
DoesUs  +   540d ago
Then clearly you missed the footage available from the last few days then.
mo241  +   540d ago
they showed enough, I'm glad they only showed so much, want to know much less about games nowadays. Just like when I was a kid. Everything was a surprise it was awesome. It sucks when you already know whats coming in the game. I am glad they only showed 2 powers. So the rest can be a surprise come 21st of march.
filipakos  +   540d ago
Imagine if they were telling everyone about all the new powers that exist in the game.That would ruin the game
ILikeGamesNotCorps  +   540d ago
Perhaps due to rumored graphical "optimizations" Such as those that happened to Watch Dogs.
ocelot07  +   540d ago
I have tried not to look at any trailers or information about Infamous at all. In fact I do this for all games am looking forward to.

Like when ND showed of Last Of Us at E3 2012 (I think it was) I was instantly exited by it. I knew I would get it and so I chose to pretty much ignore all info about the game that was released over the months. In fact I ignored Last of Us so much I for got to pre order and only ordered my copy a few days before release. It turned out to be my GOTY last year.

Same with GTA I ignored all the hype and new information about it. Am doing the same with Infamous as well as Deep Down, Dying Light, Drive Club, Destiny ect.
Magnus  +   540d ago
I like the secret for this game it builds up the hype and gets me excited I still like the commercial they had with Nirvanas Heart Shaped Box.
Saithraphim  +   540d ago
I was surprised by this article, because i thought they showed just enough to prove that we are getting the game as they promised and the mechanics are as fun as they initially promoted...how much more do people want to see?
WeAreLegion  +   540d ago
1. It's Sucker Punch.
2. Showing so little content is out of respect for the gamer. Just like JJ Abrams didn't want to show much about Super 8 in the trailers.
3. The previews say it's incredible.

I understand why newcomers might be concerned, but word of mouth will sell this well enough.
Dlacy13g  +   540d ago
I think Sony may realize at this point that they are going to struggle to generate the hype for Infamous in the face of Titanfall leading up to its launch. Post Titanfall launch I am guessing we get a decent wave of hype for a 2 week run up.
theXtReMe1  +   540d ago
I wish more developers would do this. Im tired of having the game ruined by overzelous journalists and overbearing developers. Im glad that I will be able to explore and see things that werent ruined by news sites. Cant wait to play it!
#26 (Edited 540d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Darkfist  +   540d ago
#27 (Edited 540d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
kingPoS  +   540d ago
Wait! so people are complaining about the game not being ruined by spoilers. I forgot how many times I've come across multiple trailers of a single movie that have all but given away the surprise & mystery.

Sucker Punch is doing a good thing!

Gateway MT6706 2008
nerdman67  +   540d ago
Its good they arent releasing all of the information.
People should know what to expect from an inFamous game, the rest should be surprises
SynestheticRoar  +   540d ago
Why people so nosy?
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