Microsoft: Halo 5 Is Not Confirmed To Be Shown At E3, But Is In The Plans

Microsoft: Halo 5 Is Not Confirmed To Be Shown At E3, But Is In The Plans.

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Alan_Shore1591d ago

Going by that tweet could mean halo news earlier or after e3 who knows.

christocolus1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Yeah i guess so..but Phil has been talking about having a great show at E3 for sometime now so if they decide to take out halo5 then they better have something even more awesome to show in its place.

There are some games im looking forward to at E3 2k14 QB,SO and Halo5 are definitly in that list.

Alan_Shore1591d ago

Quantum break sure does look interesting!

And yeah I do believe halo 5 (Or whatever they are gonna call it) will be unveiled at e3. No need to break halo tradition I say

AngelicIceDiamond1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Maybe, I just want to see some real time Halo footage taking advantage of the sytems capabilities.

Word is Halo 5 will be a visual and sound heavy game.

nicksetzer11591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Obviously he is replying to the guy, (he is saying) most likely won't see anything before E3, but things could change. Not that halo is pushed back.... some of the stuff that passes for news on here is just stupid.

Kiwi661590d ago

you can thank maria for garbage posts like this its what she does takes a twitter paragraph and its somehow big news

morganfell1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

It is big news because he isn't saying it might be seen earlier. The post is pretty clear. He is saying the plan is to show it at E3 but that could change which means it may not be shown at all. It is news because if a game isn't shown at E3 it will likely not ship this year.

E3 is well inside a beta window for most titles. Take a launch date, back off 3 weeks for reproduction and shipping. There is your Gold Master Certification date. Now back off 6 months for beta. Microsoft typically does not ship beyond November 22. So that leaves October as the end of beta. This means Halo 5 needs to enter Beta on or about 1 May in order to be ready to ship this year.

A game in beta should easily be seen at E3. If it isn't ready by E3 then the game likely isn't coming this year.

nicksetzer11590d ago

@morgan again I'll reiterate. He is NOT saying it may miss E3, he is responding to the post, saying that it most likely will not be earlier than E3. Basically, it will be at E3 unless 343 changes it to an earlier date.

DemonChicken1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

not sure if the guy serious, going by the last twitter fiasco/troll (Lost Odyssey) =/

DeadlyFire1590d ago

Not confirmed? Sounds like BS to me unless Halo 2 Anniversary is planned to be shown instead. Which could make sense, but it would mean Halo 5 would come in 2015 instead of 2014.

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OwnageDC6501591d ago

One of the main reasons I bought an Xbox One is because of the Halo franchise. I eagerly await....

MorbidPorpoise1590d ago

I almost did the same, but knowing the marketing for Halo, a special edition console will appear.. that day, will be the day I get one :)

TheSaint1591d ago

In other news the Sun is bright!

JunkyardWillie1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Smh, they still haven't revealed who Master Chief is? I wonder what he does in his spare time.

jgrigs091591d ago

Well Master Chief is really Bob Saget. So on his spare time he does some acting has 3 children I believe

TotalSynthesisX1590d ago

E3 is still a ways off... Why not make a vidoc with a gameplay reveal like they did with Halo 4 back in March 2012? Or at least a teaser trailer. Something.

*sigh* I hate waiting.

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