How Important Is Titanfall for Microsoft's Xbox One?

Exclusive games have become increasingly rare among the industry's rising development costs, but are still certain to be a driving factor in console adoption. Given that PlayStation 4's considerable hardware advantage all but assures the system will receive graphically superior versions of multi-platform games, the importance of exclusives offers Microsoft a fighting chance. Can Titanfall help to reverse Xbox One's fortunes?

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iamnsuperman1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Extremely important. I would go as far and say this will be their most important game this year. This isn't me saying Microsoft won't have anything better (they will). What I am saying is the amount Microsoft have spent (time and money) pushing this game means it needs to be successful with shifting Xbox One's otherwise it would be seen as a failure by Microsoft.

edit: just a side note but "If the first installment proves to be a massive hit, Microsoft would be wise to provide the necessary incentives to ensure that the series does not grace Sony platforms. A graphically superior PS4 version of Titanfall 2 could arrive in as little as two years and would eliminate one of the defining reasons to purchase an Xbox One" is a problem Microsoft cannot avoid. If Titanfall is successful its sequel will appear on other system (since it is an EA game). But that success of Titanfall needs to happen for Microsoft (for the above point I made). Bit of a catch 22.

Ultr1657d ago

Jup true that.
But they are in a very unconfortable position. As playstation is selling way more EA are gonna lose too much, so I don't see them giving MS Titanfall forever. Not for now at least

hello121657d ago

Titanfall playing now if anyone is interested.