inFAMOUS: Second Son: Lack of Dynamic Day/Night Cycle and Presence/Absence of Shadows Explained

Many have been wondering why inFAMOUS: Second Son doesn’t have a dynamic day/night cycle, that is pretty much standard for open world games, and why the demos we have seen seem to lack shadows, and during a livestream event Sucker Punch Productions Chris Zimmerman explained both elements of the game.

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Agent20091655d ago

So, how does the day is going to turn into a night?

Abriael1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Like he says, it just happens as the story progresses. Some parts of the story are supposed to be during the day, some during the night and so forth. When you get to that part of the story, it changes. Same for weather.

GarrusVakarian1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

So i guess it's *kinda* like GTA5, where the time of day changes when you walk into a mission marker. The devs want certain missions to be at certain times.

Little bit disappointed the cycle isn't dynamic, but it's no biggie.

I also want to know if they are going to give us the option to lock the framerate at 30fps. I've heard it runs unlocked, but the majority of the time is at or around 30fps, if that's the case then i would rather locked 30fps.

Sevir1655d ago

If you've played an Infamous game you'd know that the the time of day or night follows the story, it was like this in Infamous, it was like this in Infamous 2.

They didn't have dynamic day and night cycles, and shadows and such were more prevalent during the day. It's nothing new for the franchise.

Hanso1655d ago

but what when you finished the last story mission?
Will the game stay forever in day time or night time?
This worries me :/

inveni01655d ago

It would definitely be nice if there was a cycle after the game is beat; I can agree to that.

thehitman1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

@ Hanso most likely the story will progress in a way that changes the cycle after a mission. For example if you get knocked out at a club you wake up next morning and its day stuff like that. I am sure they made the missions fluid to the cycle of time. Stuff like this I dont mind if it adds to the feel they want during the missions. Sometimes I believe people wanting everything to be dynamic and open detracts from the artistic vision that the story and game play is trying to tell. I think his comments explain his reasons best and I agree with their reason behind it. For last mission etc.. it seems like if you step into different parts of the city it changes from his comments.

If everything was so real and they made day/night follow real time etc that would be lame as usually your always playing the game during when you mostly have free time which usually happens at the same time throughout the day/week. It would be hard to control the scenery in a game to be how u envisioned it if the person playing is playing during the day when its suppose to be night for the game and vice-versa.

Elem1871655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

@Lukas so Infamous's biggest problem it's locked in the 30fps ghetto. Sad Sony doesn't see the benefit of 60fps gaming. I thought for sure they would see the benefit of aiming for better gameplay when upgrading to the PS4

scott1821655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

60 fps is achievable for any game made, but you would have to dumb down the graphics in the games considerably in many cases, or the resolution. I think 30 fps is just fine if it allows the game to have nice eye candy...

thereapersson1654d ago

@ Elem

30 fps makes the most sense in racing and FPS games. I don't have a problem with infamous being 30fps.

tbone5671654d ago

This isn't even my main concern for the game. The fact it is 10 hours only with no mp is.

MysticStrummer1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

@tbone - Is that ten hours for both good and evil playthroughs or just one of them?

The article's title made me think "The explanation for the lack of dynamic day/night cycle is that the series never had one."

Good to see their take on "shadowgate". It makes sense, but that won't mean much to some people.

"Sad Sony doesn't see the benefit of 60fps gaming. I thought for sure they would see the benefit of aiming for better gameplay when upgrading to the PS4"

I thought for sure most gamers knew that all games don't need 60fps, and that 60fps doesn't necessarily make gameplay better any more than 1080p does.

gedapeleda1654d ago

So they went with a more linear approach to create an atmosphere just like in Mafia

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ArchangelMike1655d ago

Well, I'll hold off any disappointment until I actually play the game. I understand what they are going for, that story immersion. But when I'm done with the story and want to bum around, and trying to find all the collectables, am I going to be stuck in a perpetual night?

PersonMan1655d ago

Maybe when you load your save, you'll get a random time of day?

Also, Tomb Raider has day and night, but it doesn't cycle automatically, you have to travel to different locations in order to force the day to change.

Detoxx1655d ago

No dynamic day/night cycle in an open world game is a joke..

Sevir1655d ago

Really! Did you notice this when you played GTA5? Because that Game doesn't have dynamic day and night cycles and its open world... Just more people complaining to complain...

GarrusVakarian1655d ago

A "joke" is a little ott.

But i think it should have been the same as GTA5, the day/night cycle is dynamic, but when you start a mission, the game fast forwards or rewinds the time of say to what the dev wanted the mission to take place at.

Nachoman301655d ago

@ Sevir

Have YOU played GTA5!? It absolutely does have a night/day cycle with dynamic weather. The missions will seldom fastforward to a specific time of day.

With that being said it is no way a deal breaker not to have a day/night cycle in a game like infamous. The original Infamous was slick and sexy and probably one of the most underated and BEST titles to come to PS3.

itisallaboutps1655d ago

this has been the standard for every infamous game, it actually works well. is it me or has n4G been full of whiners lately?

it's good that none of you want to get shafted, but man, not every dev is out to get ya

killzone6191655d ago


what?! GTA5 DOES have dynamic day and night cycles.

cant believe PS fanboys agreed with your comment. Just shows how pathetic the PS community are.

Snookies121654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

@killzone619 - I regret agreeing to your comment... I pressed agree for the GTA V having dynamic day/night cycles, but didn't see the second part of your comment which was completely out of left field and unnecessary. :\

lifeisgamesok1654d ago

I don't think this game will live up to the hype

No day/night cycle, no shadows, gameplay seems limited, the characters seem unlikable, the enemies have too much accuracy

But it does look crisp

Ashunderfire861654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Big deal man stop your fanboy nippicking man, day/night cycles in games are unrealistic anyway. You got games like Dying Light that goes dark within 5 minutes. I guess that's why they call it Dying Light cause the light is dying hehe! Day and night cycle is just unrealistic and not really needed that much in games. Let the developers decide guys!Facepalm.

maniacmayhem1654d ago

Is it really that big of a deal?

This is more of a story driven game than a real world simulation or explore type of sandbox games that bogs you down with mindless side missions like GTA.

I think the experience and control of the main character will far exceed you noticing anything else going on with the game.

This so far is just one of the games that makes me want to go out and get a PS4.

DC7771654d ago

Infamous isn't an open world GTA like sandbox. It's a story game where you can run around in between. If you thought so you're expecting something else. Not sure who even called it open world but they probably should use another phrase.

DOMination-1654d ago

Well it was a big deal when forza5 didn't have it. An open world game should have it (more so than a non open racing game) so yes this is a big deal.

memots1654d ago

So now we go off trolling day/night cycle ? Did ryse and forza have ? When did this become a must have??

Never mind the fact that infamous never had full night day cycle ... Troll harder people wow ... Just wow

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imt5581654d ago

If you played InFamous 1 and 2, there was dynamic day/night cicle too, but shifting as story progresses. So, same shit in Second Son.

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Philoctetes1655d ago

I like dynamic day/night cycles in games like Skyrim, but I hate them in games like GTA and Assassins Creed. Not sure I can explain why but it makes perfect sense to me. I'd prefer to have them be story driven in inFamous.

Rickgrimes951655d ago

I honestly don't even care for night in assassins creed completely agree

ShowGun9011655d ago

...or racing games for that matter. in NFS Rivals, try escaping at night with a copter on you. that spotlight blinds you pretty effectively (as it should lol), making daytime destinctevly easier. Headlights are blinding too. i wouldn't mind easier races in daytime and harder races at night, but dynamic DOES have downfalls. i don't wanna have to wait around to start the race until dawn, isn't that missing the point of it being a game just a little? also, dynamic has no place in a scary game, because they're setting a tone. the same argument can be used about story driven games in general, because they're trying to set a tone also. i've never understood the love for dynamic day/night. much rather have it story driven, and have dynamic weather, becuase that would have less impact on gameplay and difficulty. wind changes, rain, cloudy/clear, that would be awesome!

FanboyKilla1654d ago

lmfao at all the excuses you sony fans can make up to make the lack of dynamic lighting and real time day and night cycles awesome. theres nothing like busting azz on gta5 while the sun is rising, and then it starts to rain ugh. but then it stops. lol

mogwaii1655d ago

I thought rockstar did a great job of day/night cycles in gtav, that game floored me graphically, imagine the next gta, sweeet.

PersonMan1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

He's absolutely right. Shadows become much softer and less pronounced when you're in dimly lit situations. The stronger the light source, the harder the shadow is going to be.

Also, Infamous 1 and 2 didn't have night/day cycles and those games were great.

CernaML1655d ago

But what about after you beat the game? Will it become dynamic then?

Blaze9291655d ago

good question actually.

serratos271655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Doubt it, doesn't sound like they programmed anything in the game for an actual day/night cycle ie can't happen if it's not even programmed to do so. Zimmerman says it's really hard to have that cycle while maintaining the graphics they want for the game.

FamilyGuy1655d ago

Are you even able to keep running about after the games story is over?

CernaML1654d ago

You were able to that in previous games. However, Infamous 2 did a sort of go back in time trick to before the final mission happens.

Beastforlifenoob1655d ago

Im guessing its like saints row the third everytime you load it, it will cycle to a random time of day.

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CyrusLemont1655d ago

Why couldn't they just have a normal day/night/weather cycle, and when you initiate a mission, it changes to fit the tone of that mission? Or at least when you finish the game make it dynamic when free roaming. It seems kind of lame and more immersion breaking that the weather and day/night is static.

Nekroo911655d ago

So changing from day time to night time in 3 secs when you start a mission isnt immersion breaking?....right.
Its actually a good idea some missions are ment to play during night time others during the day, its a way to showcase the neon powers during the night etc

Golden_Mud1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

actually , I would love seeing them try what Rockstar did with GTAV , the day/night shuffle happening before the mission begins and it looked like a cinematic movie having a day/night transition

CyrusLemont1655d ago

No, it's still immersion breaking, but less immersion breaking than running around, finding collectibles, and doing side quests -which will most likely take up more time than the main story- all in a single time of day. You don't want to run around for 30 minutes in the game and have no weather/time of day change. Yes I know the transition would be slightly weird for entering a mission, but it'll take about 5 seconds more than those 3, to get used to it. Instead, the entire time you're running around outside of those missions, nothing is changing! I mean, it wouldn't hurt to at least make it dynamic post main story. I'm honestly not that fussed, I just talk a lot haha. The game is going to be awesome either way :)

PS I think what IHassounah mentioned seems like a brilliant way to approach it and create a happy medium.

DigitalAnalog1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )


Or you can have certain missions activate at certain time periods. GTA and RDR does this sometimes as well as Shenmue. This is just another excuse of the developer who can't bring in dynamic features in a "next-gen" game.