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Submitted by Septic 702d ago | opinion piece

Resolution doesn’t matter

Gameondaily battles it out and debates whether resolution matters or not. (PS4, Xbox One)

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jay2  +   702d ago
Yes it does all games should now be full hd no exceptions on next gen and pc
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TomShoe  +   702d ago

If we haven't heard this same, tired "resolution doesn't matter" argument over and over again.

I pay for a next-gen console, I expect next-gen performance. If resolution didn't matter, my PS2 would be sitting on my table and not my PS3.
GarrusVakarian  +   702d ago
It definitely does matter. It's not the 'be all and end all' and there are more important factors (framerate, gameplay, story)....but it matters.

Can we just stop with these articles, please?
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zeal0us  +   702d ago
Resolution matters to a certain degree. However some N4G users take it to whole another level. Almost every time its confirm PS4 game is 1080p and X1 version is 720p or higher, some users decide to have pissing match.
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BieberFan  +   702d ago
> If we haven't heard this same, tired "resolution doesn't matter" argument over and over again.

We will keep hearing this damage control garbage until Microsoft dumps the Xbox.

We heard the same inane crap when Microsoft gimped the 360 with a smaller than PS2/Xbox era DVD storage format making it the first console in history to have less storage space than a previous and making the 360 a nightmare to develop on.

And now the same damage control garbage is getting pumped out for the Xbox One. Is it any wonder why the console world is cheering on the news that Microsoft is looking for a way to dump their Xbox division? The PS4 is crushing the Wii U in sales but you don't see Nintendo fans spewing garbage like this.
Infamous298  +   702d ago
I am tired of "Graphics dont matter" "I play games not pixels" "resolution doesnt matter" excuses. Every week , we get an article by a fanboy damage controlling his console of choice saying things does not matter just becuase it is an advantage to the competitor console.
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Why o why  +   702d ago
Same ones screaming 'resolutions dont matter' are the same guys I hear screaming 'the gaps closing' and the ones claiming the x1 twitch version is superior because of........wait for it...
Boody-Bandit  +   702d ago
This is getting embarrassing now with the game play over graphics as if that is the what we are really talking about here. That has NOTHING to do with people discussing the differences between the X1 and PS4.

The mass majority of games are on both consoles. So right there the game play argument is thrown out the window if one console gives you higher resolution and possibly better overall performance. Especially when the more capable console is at a lower price point than the lesser console.

These articles try to gloss over the fact with the whole "some of the best gaming experiences I've had were from games with mediocre graphics." That's NOT the point at all. You know you can have the best of both worlds on a console that is more capable, period.

Where are the plethora of articles saying review scores and sales don't matter? Seriously. Because you know "some of the best games I've played scored and sold mediocre."

These arguments would hold a little more weight if the less capable hardware was the one (pun not intended) that was $100 cheaper.
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Pogmathoin  +   702d ago
It matters to PS4 owners, does not to X1..... Strange world indeed, can this be put to bed now.

@Bierberfan, reading your comment, appropriate name.... Very annoying...
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DOMination-  +   702d ago
Xbox One streaming to Twitch: 720p
PS4 streaming to Twitch: 540p

Resolution matterz.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   702d ago
For some resolution doesn't matter one day,then it does the next..
Oner  +   702d ago
Resolution (and fps) matters on many different levels because it has a direct impact on gameplay.

Personally the biggest thing for me is how it affects the ability to distinctly see where a person is at a distance on say an FPS game on through being able to hit the apex of a corner in a Racing Sim and so on.

Does that mean more is always better? To an extent ~ No. But given the choice, I can't see how ANYONE would say a 720p/60fps is "better" than a 1080p/60fps of the same game image. <---Key point being "same game".

Comparing different types of games to one another when it comes to effects, style or artistic vision (and the like) becomes more of an opinion at that point.
LeCreuset  +   702d ago
"Where are the plethora of articles saying review scores and sales don't matter?"

Exactly. Take KZ:SF for example. Why should the opinions of some critics, who represent an insignificant fraction of gamers, matter? Yet, the same crowd screaming that resolution doesn't matter will try to dump on KZ:SF because of mediocre reviews. And where are these reviews coming from? Mostly people no more qualified to review a game than anyone else. I thought Roger Ebert gave some ridiculous reviews of movies, but at least he could tell you about a lot of things going on in a movie that your average movie goer wouldn't pick up on.
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ALLWRONG  +   702d ago
It does matter to some until you mention Killzone, then it doesn't matter anymore.
AgentSmithPS4  +   702d ago
"Resolution doesn’t matter", "repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth"...
dantesparda  +   702d ago
"Resolution doesn’t matter"

Then the X1 and PS4 dont matter.

More powerful graphic cards dont matter.

Better graphics dont matter.

Stop saying it doesnt matter because the X1 cant do it. Also, this is the same website that said Twitch on X1 is better because it runs at higher res (720 vs 540p). So it mattered then, on video but it doesnt matter on games graphics, right MS fanboys? I swear these fanboys are so stupid and pathetic and obvious with their bs. Res doesnt matter when the X1 version has the lower res, but when the X1 version has the same res it matters again. Just like "graphics" dont matter to them, its all about the gameplay, right? Then why even buy a PS4/X1 or a new graphics card? why not just stick with your older system? And remember these are the same exact people who thought the X1 was going to be as powerful or more powerful than the PS4, then when it wasnt, they suddenly changed their tune to "graphics dont matter" and "res dont matter", its fake and its obvious and they need to stop saying it cuz it just makes them look stupid/fake/phony.

And these articles will never stop, as long as the PS4 versions come out at higher res and Sony fanboys point that out to the MS fanboys, They will continue to make these "res dont matter" articles, cuz its all they got, its all they can say to try and downplay the fact the the PS4 has the technically superior ver. of the game and it hurts them. Like i said, its a weak argument and them saying it is fake and they (the MS fanboys) know it.

@zealous - Because 1080p to 720p is significant, and the X1 is a next gen sys. that according to the fanboys was supposed to be as powerful as the PS4. But resolution differeces like that say otherwise. And you should know this!

@Pogmathoin - The MS fanboys only say that because their X1 is the one pumping out the lower res. How come res matter so much to them last gen, hmmm hmmm?

@lecrust - Sony fanboys arent saying a game cant be 900p or heck (gulp/yuck) even lower res like 720p. What they are saying is that when its a much lower res on the X1 then on the PS4 IT DOES MATTER. No one is saying that you cant have a good looking game at a lower res. But come on guy, lets not be stupid here and phony about this. The X1 games should not be running at such low res'es. Especially right after its released. I can see if its further down the road on games that are really pushing the HW, but now!? already!? thats a really bad sign of some serious weaknesses.
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dantesparda  +   702d ago

Hey my b man, i didnt mean you i meant that ALLWRONG clown
cozomel  +   702d ago
Ok, so when the X1 one is losing in res it dont matter, got it.
Boody-Bandit  +   702d ago

" Also, this is the same website that said Twitch on X1 is better because it runs at higher res (720 vs 540p). So it mattered then, on video but it doesnt matter on games graphics, right"

Yeah I noticed that to and they most likely made these videos back to back and posted them on the same day. It's like a complete and total contradiction / WTF!

So it matters with video streaming but not gaming? You know, gaming, the main reason most consumers purchase these consoles.... GAMING.

All credibility lost.

Sony can always update Twitch on the PS4 to "stream" at 720p and implement more features. MS can't use an update the X1 to give it more powerful hardware.
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fermcr  +   702d ago
It only matters when comparing PS4 and X1 games.... it doesn't matter when comparing to PC games. /s
LeCreuset  +   702d ago
Wait. You mean people tend to compare devices that are similar and in direct competition with each other? Get outta here!

Do you notice how console owners don't feel a need to remind handheld players that consoles have better graphics, nor do they butt in during debates about which handheld has better graphics, or which phone has better gaming graphics? Yeah.
fermcr  +   702d ago

Can we compare home consoles to Steam Machines ?
dantesparda  +   702d ago
Such a fallacious argument. Of course it matters when comparing the PS4 and X1 and not the PC, everybody knows that the PC is superior. So should we be comparing the PS3/360 versions res to the PS4/X1 too? Stupid a$$ argument. Keep spewing out these stupid arguments and points MS fanboys, and keep making yourselves look dumb. While the rest of the community will just continue to laugh at you for it
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LeCreuset  +   702d ago

Steam Machines aren't home consoles. They aren't even one product. They're an attempt to appeal to console gamers with pre-built gaming rigs. That's it.


Hey, I get it though, man. You're desperate to get PC into a conversation on this site. What, with the usual cycle of N4G PC gaming news going something like, "Rumor: PC may be getting GTA V," "GTA V to be released for PC this year?" "GTA V PC to be finally announced?" broken up by the occasional "Look how great some modder got the PC version of GTA IV to look."
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Zombro  +   702d ago
My opinion is it doesn't matter I have a ps4 and xbox one and I'm playing southpark on xbox 360 so I think it's about the game mostly btw South Park is a solid rpg
ThanatosDMC  +   702d ago
Yup, South Park game is awesome.
Matt666  +   702d ago
no it doesn't a game isn't about graphics it about the game play and how fun it is, for example minecraft
dcj0524  +   702d ago
But resolution and frame rate makes it a better experience.
cozomel  +   702d ago
No, a game is not just about gameplay, its about the whole package. I am getting so sick and tired of this bullsh** argument that graphics dont matter. They do matter, period! And i wont even look at Minecraft becuase of the way it looks. It looks like s**t! Yes, ultimately gameplay is more important, but graphics DO matter, now make sure you stick to your original xbox or PS2 and not have anything more modern than that since graphics dont matter
GribbleGrunger  +   702d ago
Again, it's not the resolution that's the 'real' issue, it's the fact the PS4 shows (BECAUSE OF RESOLUTION DIFFERENCES) that it's more powerful than the X1 and a better purchase for multiplatform games.

Customer: "I'm interested in buying a console"

Shopkeeper: "Well we have the X1 and the PS4."

Customer: "Which is the better option for playing COD, ACBF, Thief, Battlefield or MGS?"

Shopkeeper: "The X1 is more expensive and has lower resolutions, lower framerates and less graphical effects on all of those games, but it's the better option."

Customer: "Great! I'll take two."
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Bigpappy  +   702d ago
Game play, solid frame rate, controller comfort and implementation are all way more important than resolution. If developers start focusing on resolution above all else, you will end up with some horrible 1080p games.

Resolution is nice to have, but should be the last thing developer focus on, not the first.
GribbleGrunger  +   702d ago
You appear to have totally missed my point.

Again, it's not the resolution that's the 'real' issue, it's the fact the PS4 shows (BECAUSE OF RESOLUTION DIFFERENCES) that it's more powerful than the X1 and a better purchase for multiplatform games.

I'll put it another way:

If resolution doesn't matter then just buy the cheaper system.

See what I did there?
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cozomel  +   702d ago

So "Game play, solid frame rate, controller comfort and implementation are all way more important than resolution", you forgot to add the talking point, "and graphics dont matter".

Got it, according to xbox fanboys everything else matters but graphics and res, that is until they think the x1 version has the better graphics and the same res then it matters again. And they also seem to care a whole lot when a PS4 game doesnt doesnt run at 1080p, then they all care abouit res again. Every X1 fanboy should tell MS to keep all their games at 720p or lower and instead put in all bells and whistles that they can cuz res dont matter. Such nonsense you fanboys, its sad!
MysticStrummer  +   702d ago
Yeah your point went right over Pappy's head, but I've been saying the same thing since "Resolutiongate" began. It's not that higher res makes a game better, it's just proof of a power gap that MS and many of their fans on here denied for months.
fluffydelusions  +   702d ago | Well said
Let's all go back to playing 480p than.
DigitalRaptor  +   702d ago
If Xbone output at 480p consistently, you'd STILL get people defending it.

Resolution matters. It simply does. I've never heard any bunch of gamers looking at next generation hardware and defending its inadequacies.
LeCreuset  +   702d ago
It's funny. If resolution, graphics, etc. don't matter, why is it that this article about Direct X12 coming to Xbox got over 1000 degrees and over 250 comments, with very few, if any, arguing that resolution doesn't matter?
Geekman  +   702d ago
Ok. Super Mario Galaxy looked amazing.
cozomel  +   702d ago
lecreuset, we know why, its because they are all so phony. And they know it, everybody knows it, but they actually think they are fooling people. But the only ones they are fooling is themsleves.
MrSwankSinatra  +   702d ago
Resolution definitely matters, but not to the extent the fanboys are making it out to be. i mean they talk more about resolution of games rather than playing games.
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Hellsvacancy  +   702d ago
It does matter, i've got proof, kinda

Populous The Beginning is one of my all time favourite games, played it loads of times, anyway, about a year ago I thought I would play through it again, so I found my old game disc, installed it, when I loaded it up the game didn't fit the screen, I had these black bars on either side, I could barely read anything on screen is was that small, so I didn't bother playing it, I was very disappointed

A year passed (last week) and I thought i'll try again, this time though I found a resolution patch online that was able to run the game in widescreen

It looks terrific (for a 15 year old game anyway) i've been having loads of fun

The better the resolution the more detail you're gonna see on screen so yes, in this instant resolution mattered alot, it affected my experience anyway
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Geekman  +   702d ago
You misunderstand. It matters to the point where it's legible and you can tell what's going on. But if we're arguing over 1080p and 720p, both of which look good, then it doesn't matter at all.
MysticStrummer  +   702d ago
Sorry but you can't deny that 1080p looks better than 720p, though it seems like you did with your comment.
Philoctetes  +   702d ago
Time to throw out my 1080p television then. From now on I'm rocking 480i.
xJumpManx  +   702d ago
The differences are so minuscule its like the ps3 and 360 debate the differences were minuscule. It comes down to what you want for Online XBox has a better online gaming service less headaches less down time better reliability. However PS+ lets you have game rentals for free. I own both consoles and subscribe to both. If you do not own both consoles and subscribe to both you have nothing to offer this post.
BieberFan  +   702d ago | Well said
"minuscule its like the ps3 and 360"


The PS3 was running games like GT5 at 1080p 60fps native with massively more detailed cars and lighting models compared to the 360's Forza that could only run at 720p with a significantly lower quality graphics engine.

Games like the PS3's Killzone 2 aren't even possible on the 360 due to its gimped 10 megs of EDRAM above and beyond the massively lower overall graphics performance.

And beyond the massive graphically superiority of the PS3, the 360 was further gimped by its tiny last gen 6.7GB DVD drive make it a nightmare for game developers and completely unable to handle PS3 level games like Uncharted, Killzone 2, GT5, etc.

The PS3 crushed the 360 in almost exactly the same way the PS4 is crushing the Xbox One in graphics this gen. The only difference this gen is Sony is no longer letting Microsoft force third party developers sign contract agreeing to gimp PS3 version of mulitplats to ensure 'parity'.
xJumpManx  +   702d ago
You are so wrong from your post to your god awful username. Only a silly immature fanboy has to make up lies to explain why the 360 had slightly better mutiplatform games.
SardoNumspa  +   702d ago
It is absolutely bizarre to still see this delusional.

The PS3 utterly dominated the 360 in graphics. That is why Xbox fans so desperately switched to the "teh multiplats!!!' damage control. Xbox fans were so desperate over the graphic beating the PS3 was dishing out to the 360 that sites like GameTrailers, Lens of Truth, Digital Foundry were:

% Intentionally setting the PS3's video settings wrong so video captures would look washed out

% Using overly compressed jpg images of PS3 screenshots to make them look jagged and low quality

% Getting caught fabricating PS3 vs 360 comparisons videos

When you have the president of Rockstar stating right out in public that the PS3 version of their game was the graphically superior version, you still had masses of Xbox fanboys screaming that the 'teh 360 version looks teh best!'

So, yeah, Xbox fans claim the Xbox version of games 'looks teh best'. What else is new.
GarrusVakarian  +   702d ago
"The differences are so minuscule its like the ps3 and 360 debate "

Lmao, it's nothing like last gen. Last gen we had slightly better grass or slightly better shadows on the 360 versions of games.

Now we are getting literally 50% increase in pixels and sometimes up to 50% increase in framerate between PS4 and X1 games.

It's anything but "minuscule".

"Online XBox has a better online gaming service less headaches"

I agree about the downtime, but that quote above simply isn't true. I used XBL for years and had pretty much no problems with a wired connection. Now im playing PS4 the same way and the experience has been identical. 130 hours played on BF4 and not a single problem that hasn't been EA's fault. PSN has been perfect. It's not 2008 anymore, both online infrastructures are fine.
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iceman06  +   702d ago
I think that the argument about Xbox having "better" online gaming is quickly fading as well. Sure, MS have a ton of servers and a back end that is pretty fantastic. However, PSN can more than hold it's own. During the 6 years that I owned a PS3, I literally was not able to get online when I wanted to 2 times. Maintenance doesn't just boot everybody. In fact, most often, you can still get on and play. Trophy syncing and such might not always be readily available. But, you can still play.
I also disagree that nobody can post because they don't own both consoles. You don't have to own them, just experience them. I have had extensive time, through friends, with Xbox One...don't own it. (didn't click disagree because that is pretty silly IMO, but offering a slant on your opinion)
In the end, as long as it reaches a bare minimum of quality and fidelity (don't really want to go back to playing Atari unless I CHOOSE to), resolution shouldn't be the be all and end all. It should be more about artistic design, gameplay, and story. But, I guess the community needs something to talk about until next week!?!
kenshiro100  +   702d ago
You can have both consoles and still be a fanboy.
What does XB1 services have to do with resolution?

Oh...wait, absolutely nothing.
_LarZen_  +   702d ago
I'll spare you the time reading the article.

Resolution do matter.
Nekroo91   702d ago | Trolling | show
greenyboi  +   702d ago
Here we go again
Imalwaysright  +   702d ago
Resolution is the least of my concerns when I decide If I will be buying a game or not.
bleedsoe9mm  +   702d ago
played starbound until 3am last night , never once thought i'm i having a full hd experience , the chase for better graphics have put allot of great devs out of business the last 10 years, and given rise to indie games who don't give a damn about graphics . i think that says it all .
MasterCornholio  +   702d ago
Doesn't stop indie developers from making their games in 1080P. And I know this from my experience with Indie games on the PS4. You dont have to have a game with top of the line visuals at 1080P.
bleedsoe9mm  +   702d ago
can't even resize the FTL window , wouldn't be more fun if you could . i'm sure there are allot of indie devs that nervous about debuting a game in anything other than 1080 after the madness of the last few months , doesn't make it right just a business and perception concern .
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bosoxs505  +   702d ago
It is also about how fun it is.
Yomiro  +   702d ago
we are in the next generation HD era, is the year does matter.
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KentBlake  +   702d ago
It matters to me.
JBSleek  +   702d ago
Saying that it doesn't matter is kinda weird for 2014 but also only acting like resolution is the biggest thing is also weird as well.

I would expect that in 2014 all games would be 1080p but if it isn't that doesn't stop me from getting the games I want to play.
Hicken  +   702d ago
Thing is: the only people "acting like resolution is the biggest thing" are the same ones "saying that it doesn't matter." When and if anyone else brings it up exclusively, it's because the subject is resolution; outside of that, we all recognize it's only part of the whole.

Seriously, it only becomes a "graphics are/aren't everything" debate because people who don't want to consider graphics as important at all(mostly, folks on the "losing side," this time around) are making the false argument that that's all anyone who's NOT on the "losing side" cares about. Precious few people on this site- one or two PC fanboys that I can recall- have ever jumped into conversations with "Graphics first" as their MO.

The rest is pretty much just straw man after straw man.
vivid83  +   702d ago
i think a lot of people confuse resolution and graphics games can look stunning and have amazing character models running at 720p
ruefrak  +   702d ago
It matters to some people, it doesn't matter to others So what?

The real argument is that the same game looks different on the two consoles. So bringing up Space Invaders or GoldenEye is not really relevant.
InTheLab  +   702d ago
Forget about resolution. Lets talk about how these guys are terrible.

They are terrible.
Septic  +   702d ago
They are amazing
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   702d ago
Tell that to SONY,LG,SAMSUNG,PANASONIC.TOSH IBA etc. who always try to out do each other by introducing TV'S with the highest resolution's possible every year it seems!! And i guarantee if the XBOX1 games had better resolutions then the PS4 then it would matter right?? SMH
xx4xx  +   702d ago
Yeah....resolution matters so much. Sony fan boys were bragging about 1080p and 60fps, yet nobody noticed that Killzone wasn't 1080p and 60fps until an article came out saying it wasn't. These resolution arguments are do tiresome as these differences often aren't noticed.
TristanPR77  +   702d ago
The same people claiming resolution doesn't matter are the same xbone fanboys saying their twitch app is better because it have more resolution.

Bunch of hypocrites.

When I go to see new laptops to buy, resolution is a complete important factor.

When I buy a new TV resolution is very important.

How come when you buy a new next gen console resolution doesn't matter? Of course it matters the problem is that those wanting to defend the xbone, knowing it is inferior compared to the PS4, make that pathetic excuse to justify their console.
#21 (Edited 702d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
HaydenJameSmith  +   702d ago
Your just trying to justify you bashing the console... your insecurity is showing or do you just prefer talking about the rival console on a website instead of playing your ps4 ?
Grave  +   702d ago
I play games on PC at 5760 x 1080 not 1024 x 768. To me resolution is extremely important.
Qwagy UK  +   702d ago
Resolution isn't important if time stood still! ill get me Atari 2600 out shall as resolution isn't important!
karl  +   702d ago
it does matter
cyclindk  +   702d ago
Resolution DOES matter..

See how that works... I made the "DOES" in all caps for emphasis, so now it's true.
Hicken  +   702d ago
Well, it was true, anyway. All caps just made it EXTRA true. Like my EXTRA is EXTRA EXTRA.

.... EXTRA.
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   702d ago
Where are all those 360 gamers that were making a big deal last gen when games were looking slightly better on xbox because of the confusion and laziness from devs?? Now its no big deal???
HaydenJameSmith  +   702d ago
Yes, wasn't a big deal then either... and isn't now...
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   701d ago
Do you really believe that?
Gore-Content  +   702d ago
This sh**y website seems to be spitting out lots of pro xbox and xbox apologetic articles lately.
DigitalRaptor  +   702d ago
It's because Septic is sick of people telling the truth about the console because he enjoys a few games on it, and glancing over the fact that MS has brought this all on themselves.
Septic  +   702d ago
There are mixture of views. Read the article fully. We cover both sides.
#27.1.1 (Edited 702d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
DigitalRaptor  +   702d ago
I watched a couple of minutes of the video, that seemed like apologetic/jokey banter to me. But I shall read the article if it brings more to the table.

Still... resolution does matter in the grand scheme of things. On a per game basis it might not, cause you've got to consider what that particular game is doing. Based on what something like the engine in Titanfall is doing, that game SHOULD be running in 1080p, or close to it.
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Septic  +   702d ago
Lol did you even read the article?
sensor21  +   702d ago
PS4 is beast but I cant mess with that network man maintenance downtime gtfoh. Xbox 360 had red rings and u had to go out and enjoy life a little but error 12345 and spountaneous downtimes on that network are Normal for for psn (I read the official forums). Extra 100$ well spent network issues alone but its 2014 and I loved the Jetsons "XBOX ON"
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jmc8888  +   702d ago
Super Mario Bros used to engage me. Hell so did Lode Runner on my old Apple II. If you notice even indies with old school platformers are doing lots of little things to make their games far better looking and advanced then those 1980's platform games.

Here's a clue. EVERYTHING MATTERS. Resolution. Art direction. Framerate. Graphical effects you use or don't use. The game engine you use. Sound effects. Dialogue. Music. EVERYTHING.

How many people can't tell the difference between 720p and 480p? Oh you all can huh.

How many did at the beginning of the PS3/360 generation? I always could easily, but we had morons then stating the same crap. 480p looks the same.

Sorry, 720p does not look like 1080p. If you think so one of two things is happening.
1. Your eyes suck massively, go fix that, if possible.
2. You are somehow ignorant of the difference. Maybe because you haven't seen the differences enough.

Now where the author arguing against resolution gets really stupid is he says...resolution matters a little, but it depends on the game.

Well the point of the matter is you guys are saying it doesn't matter even if it's the SAME game. Sorry. If one platform has 720p, dips below 60 FPS, and no AA and another platform has 1080p, solid 60 even with some juddering, and AA then yeah, we have a massive difference.

The point of most contention is that when comparing games between platforms, people are comparing THE SAME GAME. If it's the same game, the resolution, framerate and graphics are the ONLY DIFFERENCE. So when you make a comparison and say....make it about the game...well that doesn't always apply, and certainly doesn't when you are reviewing the same game on two platforms.

There was a REAL difference between 360>PS3 multiplatform games last generation. I bought mostly 360 multiplatform games, when it came to console games. Now why did I? Because the 360 version was better. But those differences were a helluva lot smaller. But still there and present.

Let me put it to you this way. If the 360 had a similar lead over the PS3 as the PS4 has over the XB1 you would have seen the following last gen....

360 game at 720p, 60 FPS, and AA
PS3 game at 480p, 30-45 FPS, and no AA

Did we EVER see a gap this large? NOPE.
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jmc8888  +   702d ago
The gap last generation was much smaller, yet was real, and it effected gameplay. The same thing is happening now, but is much more pronounced, leaving us with situations like the above, ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Again it's not just what resolution it's running at, it's what resolution is it running it and what SHOULD it be running it at, based on what competitors are doing. If other people are having 1080p easily you simply can't say resolution doesn't matter. It does, because others are achieving it. Not only that, but achieving it for less money in a cheaper box.

We have Titanfall which on an old PC can be played better then a new Xbox One. Doesn't take much for a PC to play a Source engine game above 792p, with normal textures, and 34-60 FPS. If that's the standard, a lot of old PC's qualify.

You can't say resolution doesn't matter, or matter #1...because that's untrue. It matters what it matters to the individual person. We all decide which ELEMENT is most important. For some it is soundtrack maybe. For others it may be dialogue. For lots of people it's framerate. Resolution matters, and if you look around, one reason it's brought up often, is that resolution is up there as #1 or close to that by a whole lot of people that game. It's kind of obvious, we hear it all the time from people, and it's up to each individual to decide, thus don't we already have our answer? Yes, it's very important to many...duh!

As gamers we KNOW there is tech out there, within reach to have 1080p and 60 FPS. It's not hard, this is 2014, not 2004. 1080p has been a long time standard for PC's. Promised to us with the PS3/360, and some people are saying it's ok to wait until the Xbox Two in 2020 when we all are buying 4ktv's?

Now if Microsoft has exclusives that can't run better on any console, and you can only play the game on their console, and they provide enough high quality ones at least as good as Halo, then yeah, they would start to make a compelling argument to purchase it, provided they also lower the price.

But that's a completely different situation. I can enjoy low res games. But I'm not going to enjoy a low res game as much if I know I could have had a much better and higher res version.

There are some exceptions. Like Battlefield 4. I ran BF3 in 1080p/ultra/60FPS with dips to 55. But I chose the PS4 version because I like using a controller, and you simply can't do that on PC and not get your butt handed to you most of the time. Wouldn't you know it, I'm almost always at or near the top of BF4 matches on PS4.

They are pretty similar. Snap, fantasy football, cable-in. That's the One's differentiators. Kinect and PS4 camera do most of the same thing. Voice commands can be done with any microphone, including the freebie one we got with our controllers on both platforms. All of these differentiators, don't mean much. My remote takes care of most of these things, and in many ways is superior to voice or snap. Because when I use my controller to switch inputs I now am on my PC or Wii U or PS3 or TV. Only on PC can you get to easily fiddle with fantasy football leagues, and no I don't want to use their ONE provider NFL.COM.

This stuff is all obvious, I don't even know why people are debating it.
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