PS Vita LEGO Mega Pack bundle announced

Sony unveils its PlayStation Vita LEGO Mega Pack, which contains six games from the popular series.

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MegaRay1590d ago

The vita is saved, YAY!

SG1_dapunisherX1590d ago

^_^ if vita is saved, then 3ds is blowing the chart up :-)

KenzaZo1590d ago

I imagine it's going to be all digital downloads and not a physical copy of the games. Good thing they are throwing in that 16 GB memory card, be ready to buy another card though.

parentoftheyear1590d ago

Of course they are digital. You are buying the memory card and you get the 6 digital games with it. ThLego games are around a GB. So that still leaves more space that I currently have on my 8b. I'm pretty excited about this. Been wanting a 16gb card just havnt wanted to shell out the cash. This will give me more of a reason.

Porcelain_Chicken1590d ago

I'm still waiting for the 64GB mem cards Japan got T-T

parentoftheyear1590d ago

@porcelin are those legit? I see them on amazon but I didn't know if it was an actual sing product. I read reviews all the time. They will work in any vita. Just the thought of it beinf so damn expensive. Only thing about the PlayStation brand I absolutely HATE.

barb_wire1590d ago

Have some 64GB mem cards for $100 on ebay with free shipping.

Myst1590d ago

Interesting may look into this.

Goro1590d ago

This was announced 2 or 3 days ago.

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