The next-gen Digital Foundry PC: chasing the 1080p60 dream

It's often been said that both next-gen consoles are effectively based on mid-range PC technology, and as our recent tests indicate, matching or even exceeding current Xbox One or PS4 performance with modest PC components doesn't seem to be too difficult. But can we go one better? Can we build a PC that provides a quantifiably better, truly transformative experience? And can we do it at with a competitive budget?

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Galacticos1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

They based most of the article on a PC game(BF4) that was a quick port. The PS4 may not be that powerful, but I do think that the PS4 is more powerful than a 500£ PC.

Peekayboo1625d ago

Might be right now but not in 2 years

dcj05241625d ago

No way Jose! PCs move fast so 2 years is a eternity.

ProjectVulcan1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Long story short, PS4 is very good value for the performance it provides at the moment, PC gaming does have it's advantages though, outside of mere performance. Building a PC capable of outperforming PS4 costs more initially, but that has never been the sole consideration if you are looking at gaming on a PC. Other factors should be considered.

Part of the reason I game on PC isn't really just to overpower the consoles, but the CONTROL I get with my gaming experience.

You can customise the machine and any given game to play how YOU prefer, rather than leave it up to the developer.

Higher settings and resolution for a locked 30FPS, or maybe lower some slightly to have a faster 60FPS response?

Totally your choice. Same goes with desk/sofa, pad/keyboard.

The benefits of PC gaming are more than just articles focusing on raw gaming performance. Which is why VALUE considerations are more important than just outright cost. The cost of games and the cost of paying for online on console adds to the cost debate which can depend entirely on your requirements of a platform.

PS4 remains the console choice outside of PC for now though, simply because if you aren't too worried about customising your experience as much, you get a good piece of hardware for a good price.

Early on in a console's life cycle is where it'll shine against PC performance the most, because of course we all know PC never stands still and the situation will be different in just 12 months.

Lulz_Boat1625d ago

blahblah, 7 years after ps3 release ND bring us TLoU. i can count with ONE hands the number of pc games that look better.

Dasteru1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )


Wow you have that many fingers on a single hand? what a freak lol.

Crysis 1 maxed out on PCs still looks better than anything on the PS3 by far. Crysis 3, Metro 2033, Metro last light, Battlefield 3, Project Cars in its pre-pre alpha 2 years ago looks better, the list is miles long if you pay attention.

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fermcr1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I could make a 500£ PC better then the one he made for the article.

... but the article made a point. The PS4 at this moment (again, at this moment) is quite good value compared to a PC... pity about the paid multiplayer.

ramiuk11625d ago

i dont think u could build a £500 pc thats more powerfull and as simple to use.

yet the ps4 is £349,i expect for around £650-700 for ps4 performance.
also the pc would consume more than the 250w max the ps4 uses.

wish people would stop comparing them and just enjoy there format,even if they made the wrong decision to buy xbone lol.

Dasteru1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

The £500 system in this article was atleast matching the PS4 in every test, and usually doing better. £650 would completely destroy the PS4. The PS4 is definately very good value for £350 though.

SlapHappyJesus1625d ago

With today's tech and pricing, you can build a PS4 competitive PC for $700 - 800.
Then, it's as Peekayboo stated, that's not speaking of what we'll see in tech even in a year, let alone his two.
Console tech hits its wall after a couple years and that's when developers starting taking hits on framerates and resolutions in order to keep up with the latest engines.
Hell, the reason that I built a PC in the first place was because of the state of many releases approaching the end of last generation.

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Kayant1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Great article. The one thing that wonders me is the how good the power supply is?

Also as suggested in the comments it would be wisely to go with the more powerful FX8320 as it's only about £25 more.

Personally I would get better parts.

wtopez1625d ago

Here's a tip to anyone interested in building a gaming PC: Don't build your PCs to match console pricing. Console hardware is heavily subsidized by the main manufacturer (MS or Sony), because their money is made on the software side. A mid to high range PC with an i5k processor and a GTX 770 or R9 280x can be built for around $900 and will have A LOT more processing power than both new consoles, so 1080p and 60 FPS will be the norm rather than the exception.

It's fun to build a decent PC that matches up to current consoles but it's not practical for the long run.

Kavorklestein1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

The whole point of this isn't to say what you can do to spend MORE's to silence the PC elitists Foaming at the mouth that both consoles are a waste of money, and that a "WAY better pc can be made at the same price" Better? Minimally. But not really for the same price tho. It's all about dropping money to get a good set-up all at once. No having to shop around, pay for shipping, put it all together, and hope none of your parts are faulty, or have suffered to static discharge, especially when we talk about RAM. I personally think both consoles have more appeal than a PC. I HAVE an awesome gaming rig, and I have tons of games on steam, a backlog you could say, and I don't hardly touch the thing. I even play my 360 more than my beefy PC.
Consoles make you feel like you are there for game time, and the online experience on a PC is lame. You either get lagged out, people have mods/cheats twice as often, and the lobbies are smaller, not to mention the achievements/trophies, not needing Origin for ea games, uplay for Ubisoft etc.. I'm sorry Consoles are better for gaming. PC's are better/fun for showing off "better graphics" for about 5 minutes, then turning the PC off to go play with a friend with splitscreen co-op on console, or if you just prefer a STABLE/less hacks/less B.S. more reliable and enjoyable time with a FULL matchmaking lobby on PSN or XBOX live.

Exclusives on consoles are a huge defining factor too. I couldn't care less about steam sales.
I bought FarCry 3 on my PC, discounted heavily on Steam, and I run it maxed out settings, and I have barely gotten 50% thru the game, meanwhile, I find myself playing my 360 every spare chance I can get, and I'm BEATING games, getting 100% on some of them... PC is just not as fun for me, and the tech getting outdated every six months is so annoying, at least with consoles, I can expect to be able to enjoy all the new games that come out ( within reason ) for a good long while. I couldn't care less that the graphics aren't maximum, because I get to jump in and play! I don't have to tinker for hours trying to squeeze out extra frames, or updating drivers, or waiting in borderline EMPTY multiplayer lobbies.
I think if you have a busy lifestyle, and a realistic budget, with an average gamer's income, a truly good PC is out of the question. Let alone keeping up with system requirements for longer than 4-6 months. It's not fun, in fact I think it's a nightmare. If I was rich then yeah, I could see PC gaming as the best way to do it.. but I'm not. And most of you folks are not. I have a car payment, rent, utilities, food, gas, car insurance, and all this stuff to focus on. When I have a spare 60 bucks, I can buy a game for a console, and it will look decent and run decent. On PC, I may want a game, but I won't be able run it very well, and that just gets more and more true as time passes on. I can't afford to keep gaming on a system that is outdated every game release, and costs more to even upgrade than it's even worth. For that EXTRA 10% graphical boost, I would have to pay 300 bucks every six months to a year.. Screw that. I would rather have 300 bucks worth of games!

I am honestly gonna sell my PC. It's not a master race really, it's not as great as folks hype it up to be.

Kavorklestein1625d ago

@ disagrees... This is MY opinion, and MY budget, you don't get to disagree with my lack of enthusiasm for my wasted money. My gloom about my wasted time/money is my story. Not something your agreement is needed for.

SlapHappyJesus1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

It's because you claim you put all this effort into PC gaming and that you know what to expect from it, but the entirety of it reads as the talking points of someone who doesn't know what they are talking about.
I have a two year old 680 and I am still running almost everything maxed at 60 or above. I can count on one hand the titles that I can't do so at a steady 60. Two year old card.
You mention trophies, but Steam has them. You mention subpar online experiences, but I am pretty sure that is on a person to person basis and I, personally, have been enjoying online more now having moved over to PC than I was when on console.
I have been PC gaming for over a year now. My experience has been nothing but stellar and it has actually got me playing a lot more than I had been the last couple of years. I am not saying you are BS'ing, but excuse people of looking at it as the 'console player playing PC gamer in order to downplay it' that it reads as.

ElementX1625d ago

I really like my 1680x1050 monitor, even though it's fairly old now. I think I'll try to buy another 16:10 monitor when I replace it. The ratio is more pleasing to me

Corpser1625d ago

Remember no backward compatibility on the new consoles means that PC has far more selection of games.

SlapHappyJesus1625d ago

And support from the modding community who keeps improving said games over the years.

thehitman1625d ago

I still have my ps3, ps2 and n64 and segasaturn I could play them all and have their games still. I dont though because they are old. In fact I had an original 60gb ps3 that had backwards compatibility and I felt like it was a crime to put my ps2 games inside of it after playing a ps3 game. Bckward compatibility is the most overrated feature that you can claim is a negative on consoles. Sony did surveys for people who were early adopters and all had backwards compatibility and guess what the results were, we dont use it so they took it out and cut a lot of costs.

I have a gaming PC as well and I feel modding is also overrated. If you into that kind of stuff so be it but its not like a great thing that I look forward to when I buy a game. I dont say hey I think this game is going to be great when modded. If i have to think about mods for me to play a game thats a sign to not buy it.

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