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Avoiderdragon: One of the ways you can use to know a true gamer is to ask people if they’ve played any sort of city-building or business simulator for a sizable period of time. They may have played SimCity on the SNES or the PC, SimAnts or some other Sim variant, the Caesar or Patrician series, Theme Hospital, the Tycoon games(including OpenTTD), and so on. Banished is a culmination of what those games had established, but without the crap that SimCity 2013 brought to the table. (Banished, PC) 7/10

cyril sneer  +   411d ago
Not sure why they knocked the score down for this game.
I have had zero crashes and it was only made by one guy and released with less bugs than a AAA title with 200 working on it.

I would give it an 8.5/10 as there are some annoying things about it like the farmers going on a death march across the map to do labouring work then starving to death lol.

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