Could GT6 Update 1.05 Be Imminent?

Gran Turismo and PSN servers are due a maintenance Monday the 10th of March, could Update 1.05 and many anticipated and promised features finally arrive to please GT6 fans?

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Makkanchor1536d ago

Hopefully they give us somthing tomorow its been far too long now: (

Narutone661536d ago

I can only hope that they will implement the GPS tagging. I want to map out my own race course using common city streets.

Good-Smurf1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

It better be...
It's been awhile since my last play session with GT6 definitely jump back to PS3 for whatever they add or improve.
But seriously where's that huge ass course editor you promised PD that's what I'm waiting for and don't forget a VisionGT car it's been way too long since the first car released and that was...last year...

level 3601536d ago

Yes, please let it be the new track.

Makkanchor1536d ago

Pd have gone totally silent about the dlc the the things they have promised i think they are saving it for gt7

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