Xbox One now the same price as a PS4 in the UK in Maplin

UK retailer Maplin has slashed the price of the Xbox One to make it the same price as the PS4. This making it the first retailer to do so. The price cut was anticipated by many but Maplin in the UK are the first to make it price competitive with the PS4.

It seems reasonable to suggest that this price cut will spread, considering Gamestop in the UK currently have the Xbox One bundle with Titanfall for £369.97.

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jessupj1595d ago

Surely the retailer is losing a huge amount of money by reducing the price by that much.

majiebeast1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

If it takes up a lot of warehouse real estate, which would mean they cant stock the higher in demand items, then its better to cut the price and sell it at a small loss. So they can stock the more high in demand and higher profit margin items. Which would make them more money in a longer run.

Consoles have a very small profit margin and are only worth it if you can move them fast enough if they take up unnecesary shelf space and warehouse space, its basicly wasted money.

jessupj1595d ago

Thanks for explaining that. Makes sense.

I fell like we should be eternally grateful for retailers just to stock the consoles we love since it seems like they don't really get anything out of it.

MightyNoX1595d ago

@majie: Pretty much. Occupying shelf space without being sold is a waste of money. Now try to imagine that with the 900k unsold XB1s in the US.

Heck, it got so bad for the Wii U that retailers shipped them back for Nintendo. Unsold consoles sitting on shelves IS a cause for concern.

vigilante_man1595d ago

It's £349.99 (£80 off) for console only and a web only deal & £379.99 (£50 off) for the fifa bundle in store.

This is NOT a Microsoft price cut, rather the stores trying to clear the vast stock it has.

Once these are cleared many retailers will only take small numbers of new XB1s so to minimise their reduced profits.

XB1 in trouble so early!!!

mmj1595d ago

They're freeing up warehouse space for PS4!

Mr Pumblechook1595d ago

Bubbles for explaining it well.

Gamer19821595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Thats it it's just not selling and taking up space its down to post WiiU sale numbers now.. Won't be long before we see ASDA stop selling it like we did with the WiiU. Unless ofc titanfall makes it sell like hotcakes which i cant see most my xbox 360 friends switching to ps4.

devwan1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

I attempted to check stock levels by placing greater quantities into the basket. About 30 minutes ago it let me add 19 but not 20. I just tried while typing this and it lets me add 17 but not 18.

I think they're just shifting a small stock of the solus console in the face of titanfall bundle value elsewhere. It doesn't seem like they're sitting on 1000s of these at all. Plus it is web only offer, not in store.

I predict stock will be gone by later this afternoon, especially with the attention it's receiving here, GAF etc.

devwan1595d ago

Well, cheers for the disagree, at least have the guts to say why you're disagreeing with actual facts.

Here's some more #truthfact - Maplin have 12 left as of 13:44 UK time. All this fuss over a couple of dozen consoles from one retailer... silly.

and btw I only have ps4 and would never, ever consider an xbox one, but facts are facts...

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BieberFan1595d ago

Yes. It has to be this retailer has so much unsold Xbox One stock sitting on their store shelves or in warehouses that they are trying to get rid of it. If retailers are having to markdown the price of the Xbox One this much just before the game that is supposed to 'save the Xbox One' is coming out doesn't forebode well for Microsoft.

vigilante_man1595d ago

If it ships loads of stock then all is well that ends well.

Of course selling stock £80 less than it launched 3 and a half months ago is not a good sign and a good amount of 1st day purchasers will feel slightly robbed.

We all predicted price cuts - but this much?

Great if you were on the fence and waiting for cuts. But maybe you should wait a bit longer. How long until the XB1 sells for £300?

SniperControl1595d ago


Thats what i am waiting for, sub £300.
No way is the X1 worth the same or higher price than the PS4.
Problem is kinect, it is hiking the price up unnecessarily, i would never use it from past experience.

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Manic20141595d ago

They make a profit using vat claim, selling @330 would still get them a profit.

ArchangelMike1595d ago

Yeah, if the retailer is cuttign the price to get rid of the stock it basically means it's potentially 'dead stock'. Which is bad news for the XbOne if it is considered as dead stock this early in it's lifecycle.

It also mean that if Maplin are able to clear the 'dead stock' they won't be replenishing the stock (f obvious reasons - they wont be able to sell it).

Not a good sign for the XbOne at all.

Kiwi661595d ago

Geez so 1 retailer cuts the price and its all doom n gloom maybe they want to get the titanfall bundle to sell who knows

ArchangelMike1595d ago


It is not a Titanfall bundle (read the article), it's just the console. So it has nothing to do with Titanfall, you'd still have to buy it separately (which would bring the cost up higher than the Titanfall bundle).

This suggests that they are trying to clear their dead stock.

GuruMeditation1595d ago

It's a loss leader. They have also been instructed to attempt to add margin - rich products and/or services to any sale of the console, which is pretty standard practice in a case like this. I'm sticking with ps4 myself, but this is a pretty good deal for anyone looking to take the plunge on a One :)

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BadlyPackedKeebab1595d ago

ooooh so tempted to pick one up as a second console. damn you logic for not letting my heart spend £400 for titanfall.

disclaimer: £400 by the time i have a £370 xbox one titanfall package and live.

cyhm31121595d ago

it might sell worst than WiiU in the near future, at least WiiU have Unique games, >90% xbone games can be found on PS4 and PC, and to be honest, their true exclusives aren't that attractive compared to those from PS4.

pakua1595d ago

The point is now is that it's the same price as the PS4. I understand the price is much higher than the US but the fact it can now be found at the same price as the PS4 is of interest. Wonder how many retailers follow this?

Cobberwebb1595d ago

And 35755 Rupees. Your point?

elm1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Poor people that got ripped off for £80 more only a few months ago.
£249.99 by christmas easy, especially as nobody is buying them.

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