Best Skyrim Graphics Mods 2014: Ultra Realistic Overhaul Sharpshooters ENB and Climates of Tamriel

Very Traumatic gives us a rundown on the best graphic mods for Skyrim.

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PersonMan1624d ago

I really don't think this looks realistic and it still looks very last generation.

Haki11121624d ago

This is how my Skyrim looks with my mods running these are just some Depending on what type of rig you have you can push it even further

Are_The_MaDNess1624d ago

really depends alot on the ENB setting and how much GPU power you have to use ALL the ENB settings.

there is alot of presets out there and new once get added every week, or you can just make your own ENB settings.

like RealVision ENB myself, tho i love me some colors and a vivid picture :D

AndrewLB1624d ago

I agree. RealVision ENB is the best. Here is a screenshot I took using my setup.

Skyrim Project Optimization, Climates of Tamriel, RealVision ENB, 2k Textures, Vivid Landscapes, Dynamic Snow, Splashofrain, staticmeshimprovementmod, realclouds, skyrim flora overhaul, footprints, wetandcold, skyUI, immersive armors/weapons, enhancedlightsandFX, skyfalls, WATER, and a bunch of patches.

Xbone would catch on fire trying to run these graphics. ;)

Are_The_MaDNess1624d ago

its one of the most popular ENB settings, not the most realistic.
there is also many mods this guy didnt use witch he could have to make it better.
meh list of someone that havent been doing this for very long it seems.

Tsar4ever011624d ago

If Bethesda was to port the PC version of "SKYRIM Legendary Edition" to the NOW-Gen consoles I'd would really like if there was a way for the ENB modders could somehow make all of these super cool ENB mods usable on PS4/XB1 without killing the games performance, I'd gladly buy Skyrim again.

When I mention "Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM" Legendary Edition" I'm referring to the other extra cool stuff like the community patch, ala "Unofficial Skyrim Patch, released on August 2013, lists hundreds of gameplay, quests, and other bugs as fixed in the game and its add-ons

http://store.steampowered.c... :PC port this to PS4/XB1

LAWSON721624d ago

Well I wish I could fly and you wish better graphics some how did not effect performance. Looks like we both want something that aint going to happen. lol

Delsin_Rowe1624d ago

It could happen, it just depends on the developers.

Tsar4ever011624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Well maybe the idea of now-gen consoles running SKYRIM with ENB mods support is laughable to you, but I see no reason why Bethesda shouldn't join in on the fray of remasters of HIT titles from last gen. Skyrim is just too BIG and too GREAT a AAA game gem to be left in the chronicles of last generation.

Porting the PC version of SKYRIM: LE should be technically way easier being that the new consoles are virtual PC's, with more memory & GPU power way stronger than last gen's PS3/x360. Optimization shouldn't even be an issue this time.

And lastly, playstation gamers in particular need this game remastered more than the 360 gamers because the ps3's version was weakest port. Messy and plagued with bugs, lag & memory issues.

Dynasty20211624d ago


You have no idea what you're on about, just like all other console owners.

You have no idea how taxing on your system the ENBs are. A single GTX 780, worth MORE THAN THE PS4, a very decent, high-end card, can be brought to its' knees on Skyrim running a full, Ultra version of an ENB.

I have 2 GTX 770s, setup in SLI, more power than the crummy PS4 by a frigging thousand miles, and my FPS went from 100+ to BELOW 30 using an ENB with all the settings on full whack.

If you put an ENB on consoles, it would be a slideshow.

Stop trying to get mods like these on consoles.

The hardware is too pathetically weak.

Are_The_MaDNess1624d ago

cant happen since an ENB changes the DX9 file from the game itself and is not really legal in many ways.

Ares84HU1624d ago

I wish that they would release this game for PS4.

M1ST4K31624d ago

Let me fix that, please: "I wish that they would release a new Elder Scrolls game to the PS4/XB1 instead of spamming another MMORPG to the world"

np :)

AndrewLB1624d ago

I agree completely. I was hoping that by this time we'd be playing... "The Elder Scrolls VI: Summerset"