Titanfall: 150 Fantastic 1080p Screenshots and Videos of New Maps and More Leaked from Xbox One/PC

If you're waiting eagerly for the release of Titanfall, here's something to help bridge you over to the 11th.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Every time I see more of this game the more it hate CoD. Just saying I'm glad Titanfall is here and people have a great fun shooter to enjoy over that pile of garbage CoD: Ghost.

Abriael1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Personally, I feel the art direction sets it aside by quite radically from COD. Respawn's sci-fi design is really great.

GarrusVakarian1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

I have to agree, looking through those screenshots...i am VERY impressed. I love Sci-Fi backdrops...and those are pretty damn good. Great job Respawn.

Thaks for the pics, Abriael. My favs-

GameNameFame1350d ago

I agree with muerte that they should have put PC 1080p footage.

Upscale is just stretching pixels. No tech journal would use upscaled resolution. That's like saying my n64 is 1080p because almost very TV has their own upscaler.

Up scaler is not some magic sauce. People needs to stop that.

And their are other huge graphical gap between PC and x1. So you really can't call this both PC and x1 footage

WalterWJR1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Sorry lukas but those images are blurry to say the least. Looks like some very low rez textures or just crap images. Depth of field is terrible as well, it's like looking at a ps3/360 game.

Gamer19821349d ago

There all 1080p? REAL 1080p? Then there all taken from PC.. So not leaked from Xbox One..

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Muerte24941350d ago

author put PC along with the 1080p?

OT: My personal feelings aside, this game will do fine. Do I feel it worth $60 and it's online only? No. Hopefully this will move systems for Microsoft over in the EU. Regardless of what people are claiming about Killzone:SF, that games convinced people to buy a PS4. Now some troll will say they lied about MP but whatever. Had Crytek taken that approach Ryse wouldn't have recieved such a backlash.

Abriael1350d ago

@Muerte2494: because 2 of the videos are from the Xbox One version, and they're still 1080p. While it's not 1080p native, that's what the game gets upscaled to.

danthegamerfiend1350d ago

Amen to that brother! Cod ghost will only be a faint memory.

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DEEBO1350d ago

Stand by for titanfall

pilot You're titan will be ready in two more days.

colt-of-tipton1350d ago

pilot, youre titan will be ready in 6 days if your from England :(

GarrusVakarian1350d ago

Pilot, your titan will be ready in around 11 days if you're name is Lukas_Japonicus :(

greenyboi1350d ago

It sucks being in the uk sometimes don't it

CernaML1350d ago

How in the world did you get BOTH wrong in the same sentence? O_o

Fireseed1350d ago

*Pulls out Pulling Rank*... Damn that only got me 80 seconds closer :/

Allsystemgamer1350d ago

Pilot your Titan is ready if on PC

pandehz1350d ago

I'm glad it has alow system requirements and yet looks quite nice.

Also the art direction is fab.

Butters3601350d ago

I think TitanFall will definitely move a lot of consoles and it may even be a hit in Japan. I enjoyed the beta so I'm looking forward to picking up my copy.

Gamer19821349d ago

Japanese don't like FPS games so your wrong there. It will sell a few Xbox Ones but the fact its on 360 is very bad for the Xbox One. All my Xbox friends are getting for Xbox 360 and a couple of them have upgraded or are upgrading to ps4. They told me they can get titanfall on there 360s and ps4 is a more powerful/cheaper console with just as good if not better upcoming games.. So I doubt it move a lot of consoles it will have a boost but not what MS are hoping.

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