The 7 Days of 'Titanfall': Day 4

AA writes, "We’ve reached the half way point! Today we’re talking about how the shooting mechanics feel, loadouts and the cool melee animations. All of that while playing Hardpoint Attrition on Fracture with the submachine gun."

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ncc-0171540d ago

Is it weird I'm already tired of a game that hasn't been released? This is the most hyped game of the year so far I think that overexposure can be detrimental, it will definitely turn some people off.

NathanM1540d ago

That's a good point. The lead up to the release has been dragged out quite a bit by Xbox and Respawn (and us I suppose), but I'm still excited. :D

hiredhelp1540d ago

The people "Hype The game" are excited about it nothing wrong with that .
Same when GTA V

ncc-0171539d ago

well GTA5 delivered on all that hype, it titanfall delivers as well all the hype will have been earned