Xbone: Is The Xbox One Nickname Just An Insulting XB1 Meme By PS4 Fanboys?

The usage of Xbone has Xbox One fans hopping mad, especially when the PS4 fanboys claim Microsoft has “xboned” them. But is Xbone an acceptable term or just an insulting XB1 meme?


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This is a really strange story. Maybe it is just me but almost everyone I see using the Xbone label are Xbox owners who are pissed off with Microsoft about Kinect, the ridiculous price, the inability of the system to run next gen graphics(or at least at a next gen resolution), etc.

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"Xbone" is just the shortest clear way to type it. Sure, you can go with X1, but "X1" doesn't read like "Xbox One", unlike "Xbone". It's clear and it's simple.

HmongAmerican1596d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

X1? the problem is some people might not know it is you are trying to say and it doesn't sound good. So with the XBone more people know about it.

FamilyGuy1595d ago

@ HmongAmerican

We're on a gaming website, everyone here knows exactly what you're talking about when you refer to it as an X1 on this site. I've always called it X1 and have never had my comments misunderstood as anything else.

BitbyDeath1595d ago

Xbone differentiates it away from X1. ie Xbox 1, MS's first console.

Elimin81595d ago

Isn't X1 Comcast cable boxes? lol.. You know Xfinity? Close comparisons btw..

Silly Mammo1595d ago

It really is MS fault, they should have thought about how the Xbox One could be abbreviated. Very short sighted on their part.

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Sticks and stones people! Anyway M$ opened the console name up to abuse by giving it such an absurd name! Sure at Primary School my classmate was surnamed Bates and teachers would call him Master Bates!

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Eh. Shortly after they named it I was texting a friend and was just trying to abbreviate Xbox One and when we read it back as xbone we had a good laugh. Called it that ever since and apparently we were not alone.

FamilyGuy1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

It can be both a neutral abbreviation or an insult, it all depends on the context.

I am a big Sony fan but I try not to troll or go out of my way to be negative about MSs system.
I personally have always called it X1 just to avoid my comment being assumed as "trolling" by those die hard fans that instantly take it offensively.

X1 is shorter anyways and Xbone seems like a childish insult when used in a derogatory way regardless so I've never liked it. If I were down-talking the X1 I prefer terms like "Xbox 180", "Xbox720", "Ad Box", "Gaming VCR", or just not bother with naming it offensively at all and instead use the context of my statements to explain my disappointments.

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The Meerkat1596d ago

At this stage I think MS would prefer we call it the XBone rather than calling it the XBox720.

jessupj1596d ago

I just call it xbone because it's easy to type, but I'm more than happy to call it something else if it offends.

Agree if you're fine with 'xbone'. Disagree if you want me to stop calling it that.

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