PS4 Reveal of Watch_Dogs Lied

GamingSmut: So Watch_Dogs has finally gotten a release date. Yet the community is in an uproar because the game seems to look worse than what was originally promised. Of course we’ve gotten used to games not looking quite as good as they’re made out to be, but there’s good reason why many are upset – PlayStation 4 owners specifically.

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Nitrowolf21596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

hmmm you know at first I thought that may have been true, but looking at almost all the footage I'm not sure TBH. Aside from the helicopter light, the weather conditions for all past footage was mostly, if not all Wet, adding shine to the world. Example, look at the interior at 2:48 of the ps4 reveal trailer. I would almsot say that portion is basically on par with what we see? IDK, i kind of have a cruddy screen right now to when viewing.

Though it doe slook like some of the world textuires aren't as detailed anymore

xc7x1596d ago

doesnt look bad to me either

morganfell1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

It isn't bad. There was one bad piece of a clip and now they are up in arms. Just a few days ago several sites such as arabgamer and joystiq went hands on and said the PS4 version was beautiful, and joystiq has never been a huge fan of Sony.

Those such as this noname site will be eating crow when the title launches.

Sako1596d ago

Compared to the demo they showed at the PS4 reveal event, what we've seen so far looks way more bland and less detailed. That's not to say it looks bad, However, they used that footage as a selling point for the friggin system itself, and that just seems like a turd move

MrSwankSinatra1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

yeah but we don't know if that was PS3 footage or PS4 footage we saw or maybe a mixture of both, because in the trailer there is some parts that look on par with the PS4 event trailers.

Skate-AK1596d ago

Ubisoft PR said its PS4 in a tweet.

xc7x1596d ago

maybe thats a combo of all systems being shown in the video?

theXtReMe11596d ago

This is what I've been thinking also. I think it was a mix from different systems both current and last gen. If not, Ubisoft is going to experience monumental backlash from both gamers and the press, maybe even the Canadian and US governments. As news of this drama has been very far-reaching.

Only time will tell, I just hope that time comes soon. Before the game releases.

hello121596d ago

Are we certain it was even PS4 footage? Why don't ubisoft just release game footage to prove what they say?

One of the Gifs of watch dogs, to me, the game didn't look like it was from the PS4 or x box 1. Look like it was made for 360 or PS3?

I think it confused people personally?

s1xt6en1596d ago

Another article from another site who has not seen the game lol. Go read a preview from a site who has seen it and said the game looks great and is actually pretty fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.