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Saints Row V Leaked Information

A Deep Silver employee reveals some details of the development of the next installment in the Saints Row saga (Deep Silver, PC, PS4, Saints Row, Xbox One)

Hard to tell
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Sako  +   581d ago
FRAKISTAN  +   581d ago
I am waiting for siants row 4 to be available on PS plus
JohnHeatz  +   581d ago
When it comes to that, I'd almost positively bet on us getting that game on PS+ around the end of the year...but well, we can never know for sure
ElementX  +   580d ago
Just buy it for PC, it's always on sale somewhere. Check cheapshark .com
-Foxtrot  +   580d ago
They should just reboot it, in perfect time for a new gen
Joey_Leone  +   580d ago
Seriously, the last one was pathetic.
G20WLY   579d ago | Offensive
Agent2009  +   580d ago
How about cancelling this dildo-level comedy for 13-year-olds...
secretcode  +   580d ago
The last game let me jump from rooftop to rooftop throwing cars and catching civilians on fire, running super speed into a bunch of incoming alien police all while The Touch was playing.

Any complaints are invalid.
HumanAfterAll  +   580d ago
Speaking of canceled, how's waiting for Agent coming along?

oh wait….
SilentNegotiator  +   579d ago
He joined last year and his name is "Agent2009"

Pretty sure he's MOCKING Agent, not WAITING for it.
HumanAfterAll  +   579d ago
Good point!
KonsoruMasuta  +   580d ago
They don't need to cancel it, they just need to make it fun again. Let's get a real sequel to Saints Row 2.
SlapHappyJesus  +   580d ago
Saints Row IV was possibly the most fun I had with a game last year. Also, if you can't see the intelligence hidden under the childish lunacy then that is on you.
Not to mention it is just a genuinely funny game.
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HappyWithOneBubble  +   580d ago
I liked the 1st Saints Row. It got silly after that. Could care less what they do with the series.
aliengmr  +   580d ago
They toned that type of humor way down in SR4. It was still silly, but not SR3 silly.

I thought SR4 was surprising well written. I expected more of SR3 which was so-so.

For better or worse it carved out its own identity.


And, diving through an alien ship in power armor with The Touch playing in the background was pretty epic. I was instantly a kid again.
KillerPwned  +   580d ago
I hope it comes to Next Gen and PC only just so we can start seeing the power of what these machines can do with sandbox games.
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Rustynail  +   580d ago
If you haven't seen it yet, then quit being an early adaptor and buy the consoles when they really should be bought.
KillerPwned  +   580d ago
I'm more so talking about games in the line of GTA and on PS4. Yes I have seen videos but that is not enough till I see it in person. Like MGS GZ looks amazing but I will see for myself when I get my copy.
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Lord_Sloth  +   580d ago
Second Son
KillerPwned  +   580d ago
I did not think about that actually. I'll have to see when it releases for myself, looks to be fantastic tho.
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0pie  +   580d ago
i there any place more reliable that this unknown website that talk about it?
JohnHeatz  +   580d ago
I do not believe this information is anywhere around, as the information is coming straight from a Deep Silver employee. It is labeled as a rumor though, because well...that employee requested for us not to disclose a name.

However, as soon as a Deep Silver PR Manager replies back to us, we will definitely be talking more about this.
0pie  +   577d ago
good to know. Thanx.
ApolloTheBoss  +   580d ago
Too soon.
Hazmat13  +   580d ago
Saints Row is still my favorite series cause it keeps the fun in video games. i can not wait for the next one!
Beastforlifenoob  +   580d ago
sigh Saints row 2 was the best after that saints row 3 was good but saints row 4 really pushed it (i think it was a shi**y superhero game) loved 2 and liked 3 though
NarooN  +   580d ago
Didn't Volition say SR4 was the last one for a while or something? If this is true though, it's just gonna somehow be even more ridiculous than SR4 was.

Even though I prefer the style of SR2, all of the SR games are best experienced with a co-op buddy, where they shine very brightly. All the games are fun in their own right.
JohnHeatz  +   580d ago
They actually said that if they did another SR game, it would go on a different way than the first 4.

And well, if this ends up being true, I guess movie parodies would somehow be a "different topic" than the first games...even if they stick to the president idea
Xenial  +   580d ago
Billybobjoey  +   580d ago
I honestly don't know how they're going to do this since they did that...spoilery thing in the middle of SR4. Unless they have some form of time machine(I shouldnt give them ideas) this may be interesting.
JohnHeatz  +   580d ago
That was my thought about the "futuristic" stuff, a time machine...but we know they'll end up adding the Tardis to the game
AbhishekGIS  +   580d ago
can't wait.
BOLO  +   579d ago
I like Saints Row but...Sleeping Dogs 2 or GTFO!
MaxwellBuddha  +   579d ago
Different games from different developers/ publishers, but yeah, I'd much rather see a sequel to Sleeping Dogs.
SaintAlpha101  +   579d ago
I still don't understand why people want Saints Row to return to what Saints Row 1 & 2 was.
I love SR2, but in all honesty, the first Saint's Row game was a downright GTA clone, with SR2 only being marginally distanced.
The Third, however, massively distanced itself from that with over the top silliness and trying to break reality just as much.
Same with 4, though 4 is basically just a glorified DLC for The Third, though it was still really fun to play.

The way I see it now, the wackiness and absurdity of the game is now Saint's Row trademark, it's what gives the series it's 'oomph'.
To just go back to the first two games formula straight up would just make Saint's Row just seem like another GTA clone, and the magnitude of fans who joined the series with The Third and 4 won't be interested anymore, causing a huge surge in sales and for the series to fade into obscurity.

That said, it's going to be interesting how they'd continue the story in 5.
Maybe a Time Machine?
i8urCAKE  +   579d ago
SR sucks after SR2 . SR2 was such a good game
Harmy666  +   579d ago
After 2, this franchise just went downhill.

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