Editorial: inFamous? Titanfall? Nah, Another Tops My List...

Two huge games are coming this month, but neither sits atop a JRPG fanatic's priority list. There's only one title...well, actually two, that matter...

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Snookies121355d ago

Yep, FFX HD was the #1 priority on my list of things to buy. Even over South Park, which I'd been looking forward to for years.

Abash1355d ago

I always wanted to play Final Fantasy X but I never got around to it. And I have a feeling that SE might make Final Fantasy X-3 as one of their big FF games this gen, so it'd be nice to be caught up with the other two games

Snookies121355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

I absolutely adored X. It is probably in my top 5 favorite games ever. The story was great, the gameplay, the world, the music, the side stuff you could do... I put over 230+ hours into my game on PS2, and plan to put more than that in the HD copy.

I liked X-2, but it was nowhere near the quality X was. Still a good game though, the gameplay and the music were fantastic at the very least. :]

SolidGear31355d ago

What's the story like in the X series?

CrossingEden1355d ago

Very...very..overly melodramatic..

BelkingOfSony1354d ago

@crossing eden

i bet you haven't played final fantasy x

360ICE1355d ago

I feel like they've tinkered too much with the original. Still satisfied with the old version, but people who haven't tried FFX yet, should. Might be the best videogame soundtrack of all time.

FlameHawk1355d ago

inFamous and FFX for me :D.

muttsurini1355d ago

I have this on my ps2 but have a 55 inch tv and it looks a bunch of pixels, picking this up for my ps vita cause playing on the go was so much better.

SolidGear31355d ago

Try PSone games on that monster, LOL