New Alien: Isolation Concept Art

Alien: Isolation is looking amazing and here is a new concept art that shows off what gamers can expect this fall when the game is released to hopefully make up for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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asmith23061658d ago

Fingers crossed for this one. If it is sucessful, hopefully they can do something like this for Aliens. Introduce weapons, more Aliens and very little ammo, just like the film.

Garethvk1658d ago

CA claims this has been in development almost 10 years. I have heard that after the mess that was that was ACM, many thought Sega may have canned the game but it was well into production and with all they had spent they let it go ahead, especially with how good it was looking. If nothing else, it should have the correct atmosphere for the game.

James Vanderbeek1658d ago

i hope this is a good one. i forget the last good alien game. i think it was on ps1. i loved that game.

Garethvk1658d ago

Aliens VS Predator 2 was the last good one for me. ACM had issues but for me it was not as bad as many made it out to be. I think we gave it 3 of 5. It was not close to what was promised or what it should have been, but there were a few good moments and the multiplay at times was fun. Not a great game by any sense of the work, but it was for me, good for a play through, a few multiplay matches and than that was enough.

asmith23061657d ago

Ah, AvP2. It was basically Half Life in the AvP world. Top notch.

Garethvk1657d ago

Exactly. which I do not understand why they have not followed that formula onward just with better graphics and gameplay options.