Could Now Be The Time To Buy An Xbox One?

Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb announced early this morning that starting next week if you purchase an Xbox One at select retailers you get a copy of Forza 5 for free. With this news coming out just days before Titanfall’s release people on the internet have shown a range of emotion but the real question is does this make you want to grab an Xbox One?

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admiralvic1626d ago

So I take it Forza 5 being free with the XB1 will be the "editorial of the week" subject then... okay.

I'm going to answer this like all articles on this subject...

Unless playing Titanfall in the best way possible on a console or want to be a trend setter, then there really isn't any reason to. We're almost at the summer, which is always a slow period and very little will be going on until Fall. At that point you might as well wait for Black Friday, since you know there will be a solid bundle (especially if they're already combining games with it) and you might even save a few dollars in the process.

chrismichaels041626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

For the last couple of weeks, people have been wondering if Microsoft was being too desperate to sell xone systems by bundling in their big "system seller" Titanfall for free. At first i didnt think so either, but now Microsoft is also throwing in a free copy of their 2nd biggest exclusive Forza 5? Wow, thats pretty shocking. I still dont know if MS is desperate, by they sure are showing small signs of panic.

MrCrimson1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Good business tactics=panic?

Every store that does a buy one get one must be failing. McDonalds has a dollar menu, clearly they must be freaking out about the amount burgers they are selling.

devwan1625d ago

@MrCrimson Convincing you to switch burger brands by offering deals isn't quite in the same league as giving away the two biggest titles for a system, especially one you paid millions for. If the xbox one was selling well it wouldn't be happening. That's why it's seen as an extreme measure, they realise their box isn't resonating and offers little value to gamers at this point.

nukeitall1625d ago


You can all it what you want, but MS is reacting to the market. They are ensuring people that don't like shooters have another option.

That is a nimble competitive company at work.

People unaware of business, and has an allegiance with brands call it "desperate". Others call it a smart business move and a great way to reward new buyers.

In case you haven't noticed, the Xbox One is selling well despite being realeased in about one quarter of the regions the PS4 does, and outsells the Wii U by a wide margin in all areas they are released in at a higher price.

Standby for Titanfall will definitely move this needle to boot and the great fall/holiday line up looks stellar.

I think MS is just starting, and I think MS is in the best position ever being the hungry underdog now. This couldn't be better for us gamers. Just look at what it has resulted in so far!

chrismichaels041625d ago

@MrCrimson/Nukeitall - When you have 2 big games like Forza and Titanfall that you advertised as "system sellers"....that generally means you dont have to offer them for free and reduce the price of your console all to convince people to buy your product. Im not saying MS is wrong for doing whatever they can to stay competitive. There is nothing wrong with admitting a company is feeling pressure by the success of its competitors. Sony went through it last gen with the PS3 and it worked out pretty well for them in the end. Its amazing how defensive and sensitive some people become.

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B-radical1626d ago

I dont know man Im starting to think xbox one was after all rushed to the market considering directx 12 is announced for it. So could we see a whole new side to xbox one after gdc?

Either MS released x1 fast knowing dx12 wasnt ready for it. But was made with dx12 in mind

Or it is simply an update.

Kingthrash3601626d ago

what i want to know is how big of a difference will directx 12 make..
its not changing hardware the true meat of the machine...but it will be interesting to see what the dx12 on x1 hype is about.

Eonjay1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

DX12 will allegedly bring a performance increase a la Mantel to AMD chipset by allowing for more direct access to the hardware. Its almost like the Xbox will max out its capabilities with DX 11.2 (which was all the rage a few months ago) without being able to get to par with the competition's current graphical performance.

DX 12 and its lower level support may get More games to 1080p by communicating with the hardware more efficiently. Its not a update, its a new smarter API. The competition will increase its performance as well (hinted at this week by the ICE team) but the goal is to get both systems to output consistently at higher resolutions which will make the games artwork more aesthetically pleasing. Halo will probably be the first game that really takes advantage of the new API.

I assume it will also shrink the optimization period needed on Xbox One titles to the point where they begin to resemble those on the completion's machine.

devwan1625d ago

dx12 talk is just yet another "please hang on in there, it'll happen at some point, just you watch, keep believing"... it's up there with anything penello and hryb slipped out over the last 12 months. It's not the magic bullet key to unlocking the true potential of the hardware, it's a carrot on a stick to keep people from jumping ships.

Bigpappy1626d ago

I already have mine. If I didn't the Titan Falls bundle would be a no-brainer. I would check around to see if there is someone selling the TF bundle and giving Forza with it. Now that right there would be really sweet.


Wish I could have gotten it for free instead of buying it...smh. I shit you not,I literally have to force myself to play. IT SHOULD BE FREE!

malokevi1625d ago

Personally, as a gamer, I bought my Xbox One on day 1 knowing that everntually, it would pay for itself 10000 times over. I knew the launch lineup was subpar, but I saw BF4 64players looking spectacular, I saw MS and Sony's E3/Launch presentations, and I was immediately obligated to get them. As if there was ever any question.

Is now the time to buy an Xbox One? That's entirely up to you. Literally 100% of he people I know and interact with on anything resembling a regular basis are waiting for that first price drop, and are undecided on what they will get. Most of the people who I tell that I've got both consoles think I'm nuts.

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dazzrazz1626d ago

I bought the PS4 for this generation so I'm set for another x years

Kiwi661626d ago

thanks for letting us know that you have no interest in the xbox 1 very much appreciated thank you and goodbye

memots1626d ago

I must admit with the news of Free forza and Titanfall. It does make it attractive.

memots1626d ago

To all the disagree. I didnt say it was time to get one. I said they are making it more attractive.

Take 100$ of there or trow in gold for at least 2 years then i think its worth it.

LexHazard791626d ago

Hell yeah its a great deal!

solidt121626d ago

buy playstation plus membership and get a whole game collection.

Raccoon1626d ago

plus discounts and early access to future content

mrpsychoticstalker1626d ago

And very unreliable servers, plus triple AAA games promised at 1080p for multiplayer, but delivered at 720 or less.

MysticStrummer1626d ago

Nice exaggerations there, psycho.

GutZ311626d ago

Killzone is 1080p onscreen.
It's hard to say if its native or not, but gosh darn it, what displays on screen can only be thought of as 1080p.

Tempest3171626d ago

Lol troll much? The game may not have been 1080p but it was still outputting 1920x1080 pixels...whered ypu get 720p from? Also assuming youve never played on the psn servers before and youre 100% trolling...psn servers have been rock solid, no lag, no hacking no crashing.