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XXLGaming writes, "This is one shooter that I can recommend to any gamer of any age level. Its colorful and unique in so many ways. What's most important is that it's so much fun."

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WizzroSupreme1591d ago

Hmm, been hearing mixed things about this game. Looked crazy enough to work. Won't know since I don't have an X-Box, of course, but kinda looked like a nice time until Titanfall.

rwallace1591d ago

Yeah, I think once Titanfall drops (no pun intended) that this game will lose a lot of players. Its definitely a fun game to pass the time though. Good idea to release before Titanfall or it might have been lost.

GearSkiN1591d ago

the game is fun a lot of players like me will play it and yes ill be playin titanfall more, but damn theres a lot of kids in this game. so it will be active. plus PopCap is already showing a lot of support in the game, 40 bucks worth it.

xFaRt0fwAr1591d ago

Well worth the 40 bucks.

All you hardcore BF and COD players like myself, do yourself a favor and pick this up..

Can't brag enough..

Bigpappy1591d ago

I like the fun (Humor side of it). The man eating plant has such a unique playing style, that he is unresistible to play with. Yet he will not get you the most kills, as he is best at getting those who are unaware of his proximity.

lemoncake1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

One of most fun games i have played in a long time, its CRAAAAZY good. If you have not played it you are missing out on something very special. I think most gamers will be rotating between this and titanfall over the next couple months for their fps needs on xbox.