Sony Changing PlayStation 3 Game Box Art

A few days ago, an interesting – and completely random – piece of box art crossed our desks here at IGN. It’s for the upcoming PS3 (and Vita) title Deception IV: Blood Ties, and as you can see below, it looks a bit different than you may expect.

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Abash1656d ago

Nice to see Sony keeping the PS3 platform fresh with a cool change like this. Blue is becoming the official PlayStation color

GribbleGrunger1656d ago

I always was and I could never understand why they changed it for the PS3. The only thing I could think of was it was done because of Blu-ray movies. This is an important psychological shift and is clearly designed to begin dominating shelf space with Vita, PS4 and now PS3 games creating a wall of blue.

OrangePowerz1656d ago

Except PS1, PS2 was very blue with the blue console packaging, blue game boxes (also black ones but blue was mote common here in Europe) and the discs being blue.

1656d ago
EeJLP-1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

I noticed this a while back I think at the end of an MLB: The Show trailer.. not a big deal, but I'm not a fan of now 3 different box art layouts for ps3 games (not counting Greatest Hits / Platinum Hits, etc.) and added the confusion with PS4 games. I do like the original change they made though, the second template that was still 'black label', but got rid of the spiderman font and made the PS3 logo on the spine black instead of red.

MLB 14: The Show PS3:

ShinMaster1656d ago

The PS1 was neutral. But ever since then, PlayStation has been blue for the most part.
The PS2 slims also came in the two-toned gloss/matte finish before these next-gen consoles. But that's just bonus info.

andibandit1655d ago


changed box art makes the headlines...cmon, slow day much?

DigitalRaptor1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

@ andibandit

I don't know about you, but as a gamer, box art is a relevant part of the package when you buy a game. It serves as part of our nostalgia when we think of a game of old. As a child, ripping open presents or a game you're looking forward to, and you're met with an awesome looking box art.

People are even passionate about creating or experiencing custom art for games that don't even get retail releases, and I for one am with them.

I know we're moving into the digital age, and some people are desperately trying to remove all sense of culture from the equation, but many of us still hold on dearly to that culture that used to be a strong part of this hobby of ours.

ThanatosDMC1655d ago

^I personally throw away the boxes. I just put the disk in a cd carrier/binder.

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Tempest3171656d ago

Ps2 cases were black in America. I honestly dont know If ive ever seen a blue one irl. Ps3 cases are clear, I dont know if its different in Eu. We had the standard cd rom ps2 discs that were blue, but afaik all the dvd rom discs were all grey with a very very slight blue tint.

torchic1656d ago

don't ever remember seeing a black PS2 case so it must be an American thing, or maybe blue was just for EU/PAL regions.

they were all blue for me.

psman0121656d ago

I usually like companies keeping things fresh and new, but I personally am not too crazy about the new style. I liked the old font and styling more. Plus, it distinguish edit from the PS4 box arts easier.

Prime1571656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Cases vs case art, everyone. We're talking about the top strip of the paper that says, "only on PlayStation" sometimes on most games post year 2.

The top part of the paper is mostly black on most of my games. Sometimes there is no top black strip on older games like my original dead space and sacred fallen Angel or original greatest hits uncharted.

Usually those old CASE ARTS had red ps3 logos on the top of the SPINE.

Now old: http://www.yourgamesource.c...


Just the very top of the paper that has actual print on it, not just the clear case this paper sits in.

AGAIN, EVEN THE TITLE of this article says game box art, not just game box.

Edit, once again, this has nothing to do with the clear case that the disc snaps into, yes xbox cases are green and ps2 was black... ps3 are still clear, ps4 and vita are still blue, leaving 3ds and Wii with white... oh, and WiiU with a sky blue...

I think I explained this TOO many ways...

OCEANGROWNKUSH1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

As someone with OCD this is not a welcome change.... now my PS3 games will have 3 different designs, 2 was bad enough, why not just leave it? Dont even get me started on the greatest hits crap either!

Maybe ill jus stick em with my ps4 games. shrug.

SB_tanker1655d ago

I have OCD as well. This drives me nuts that they changed it AGAIN. It completely ruins the display of my games on the shelf. When they changed it last time I hated how the old box art style and new box art style looked all lined up next to each.
I hated it so much that I replaced all the games I had with the old style with the same games in the new style. But I ain't doing that again.

Back-to-Back1655d ago

So this is the 3rd revision. I still do not like that the early ps3 game boxes look different that the newer. When you have them on display the different text and color just makes it look weird.

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Majin-vegeta1656d ago

Man this is so cool Blue is my favoritr color.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1656d ago

hah it looks dope, Green is my favorite but it belongs to the darkside ;'( (MS)

Snookies121656d ago

Green is my favorite color too, but it does NOT go well with box art in most cases...

CoLD FiRE1656d ago


Dat subtle pun!

Snookies121656d ago

@CoLD FiRE - Haha, glad you caught that. :]

NarooN1656d ago

Same, green is my favorite color but MS has that >_>.

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Oh_Yeah1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Blues my favorite too...matches my eyes and its calming.

colonel1791656d ago

Xbox One is doing what I always wanted the PS3 to do. Have the logo on the box so that the box art is completely clean without any logos. However I prefer the complete box like the Vita and PS4, because the PS3 and Xbox One boxes have "wasted" plastic on top.

Also, the game boxes should be squared like the 3DS boxes. They don't even include a manual anymore, so they should have enough space to fit the disc and that's it. There shouldn't be any more space (and plastic wasted). for nothing.

On topic though, it's good that the PS brand is becoming consistent among all consoles and accessories.

rainslacker1656d ago

The 3DS boxes have a lot of wasted plastic on them. Although they do include instructions. Same with the Vita boxes...those cards are tiny. However there is no manual.

I do suppose that there has to be some sort of size to the box for retail though. Something just large enough to display the box art and catch peoples attention.

I'm sure most retailers wouldn't mind CD size boxes again though. Floor space is money for them, and they either make the choice to carry less games, or go the GameStop route and only show the spines, which most people probably aren't going to bother with.

colonel1791656d ago

Yeah, CD size boxes are more than enough for games. I don't think they need more plastic than that. For 3DS and Vita games though, the boxes are much bigger, because the cards are just so small so it makes a bit more sense.

A lot of games have the box cut where the disc goes, but they prefer to do that, than just make the box smaller. It's ridiculous!

Prime1571656d ago

I still hate x1's boxes because they hold the disc on the left side. Whenever you try to put a disc back in it puts too much pressure on your left thumb...

I don't get if they are trying to decrease our right handed habit (cds, dvds, Blu-ray, ect...) Or try to be a fad? Maybe just trying to cut case costs or be different? Perplexing, and annoying imo!

Aces171656d ago

What is the purpose of this at this point?

M-M1656d ago

"This is an important psychological shift and is clearly designed to begin dominating shelf space with Vita, PS4 and now PS3 games creating a wall of blue."


yewles11656d ago

Most likely to blend in with the overall look they currently have for the PlayStation brand as a whole.

PS3Freak1656d ago

It's likely just for consistency. I'm sure Sony plans to have the PS3 around for a few more years and it makes sense to have all 3 consoles branded in the same way.

Coming from a person with OCD.... I LIKE it!

DOMination-1656d ago

If you're OCD you would hate this. This is the third time Sony changes the ps3 cases. If you're a collector they'll look a mess When side by side on a shelf

PS3Freak1655d ago

There aren't any more physical PS3 games I'm likely to buy at this point so it doesn't bother me.

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