Best-selling Games From 2013

TechDaring: "Best-selling Games From 2013: 2013 was an interesting year for video game enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes."

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22CobraKing1621d ago

If I were to put them on a rating scale, I would put it like this.
1. GTA 5
2. Fifa 14
3. Assassin's Creed 4
4. Pokemon X and Y
5. Call of Duty Ghosts

Derekvinyard131621d ago

Gta 5 is over 30 million now

Gemmol1619d ago

nope still 29 million

Gemmol1619d ago

1)pokemon x and y
2) Fifa 14
3) Call of Duty Ghost
4) Assassin Creed 4

I would not buy grand theft not my cup of tea

AndrewLB1619d ago

Bioshock Infinite was released in March, 2013 and sold over 4 million copies by July. It should definitely be in that top 5.

WizzroSupreme1621d ago

GTA VI might beat all of them combined at this rate come five years.

Geekman1619d ago

I could have predicted all these titles would be on this list in 2012.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1619d ago

Pokemon X&Y – 7 million

no 3DS tag

coltlokk1619d ago

There's no tag on any of the games though?