More Possible inFAMOUS: Second Son Power Sets Teased by ARG Site

A new feature has been implemented in the inFAMOUS: Second Son ARG website Counduits Rights League in the form of a Counduit Awareness Quiz. The most interesting part is that it mentions powers included in the lore, possibly teasing something that might appear in the game.

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Eonjay1592d ago

I get the feeling that we haven't seen anything yet. I'm trying to wrap my head around paper. Glass sounds like the harshest.

Abriael1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Glass sounds the most awesome to me. I really, really really hope it's the one.

The weirdest? Tar. I wonder if it comes with feathers.

Shadowsteal1592d ago

Tar was the power the first enemy boss in Infamous had, Sasha.

ABizzel11592d ago

Electricity, Fire, Ice = Cole
Smoke, Neon = Delsin
Concrete= Seems to be the power of the soldiers
Tar= Sasha

Chance of being a Delsin Power:

Paper= ? Most of the time it's used as a means of creating various weapons / objects out of paper. I hope this is one of his other powers. Paper can be used to fly (paper wings / flutter like paper / air plane), Make weapons (paper sword (already has neon sword), paper darts (paper cuts hurt, but don't kill good karma), paper bombs, and semi intangibility just like Delsin has with smoke and Neon). Likely.

Glass= ? Seems brutal, and more than likely a villains power than Delsin's. Although it could be a Karma power, where if you're good you get Paper Power, and if you're evil you get Glass. Glass Can act in the same way as paper except instead of flight you get something else. Unlikely standalone; Likely as evil Karma to Paper.

Wire= ? Seems like another enemy power type, good for arresting people. It could be useful in subduing enemies, but where are these wires coming from if Delsin is using them, and since damage is permanent I don't see street wires being used. Unlikely.

Wood= ? We've seen parts of Second Son that takes place in a more rural area, so it could be a power of Dustin's, but it seems more like an NPC power, because I don't see how giving the player free control over wood / trees is going to work in the game. You can't have trees swinging around like fighting giraffes. Unlikely, use seems only outside the city.

Dem Woods

Shadowsteal1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Turn enemies into origami? paper cuts? lmao I don't know.

I don't understand how "wire" would differentiate from electricity. Wire without electricity would just be like a weird bondage power lol. If wire does end up in Second Son it's probably as a substitute for electricity. Such as how smoke is a substitute for fire. And in the IGN live showing recently Sucker Punch mentioned they didn't want basic elements as powers in the game, they wanted modern "elements". So wire as electricity, smoke as fire, glass as ice? Who knows.

PSVita1592d ago

There'll probably be NPCs with some of those powers but I doubt we'll be getting a lot of those. I can't even imagine how amazing a sequel will be.

Majin-vegeta1592d ago

The fact that we have seen so little of I:SS makes me more anticipated for it's release.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1592d ago

I'm looking forward to finding out the powers my self. So that means no YouTube for me on March 21.

Gamer-401592d ago ShowReplies(1)
Rickgrimes951592d ago

I would still love the see an updated electricity power in dlc or something just imagine all those electrical effects on ps4 :O

OutcastMosquito1592d ago

Ya man! And water effects too! I want there to be water powers!

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