Batman: Arkham Knight Added To Steam, Further Hints At October 14th Release Date

Even though Rocksteady has not announced any release date for Batman: Arkham Knight, Gamestop initially leaked that the game would be coming on October 14th, something that is further strengthened by the game’s official Steam page.

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mafiahajeri1566d ago

Always releases in October, don't see why they'd would trade the tradition, here's hoping uncharted 4 keeps it's tradition of releasing in November also.

WeAreLegion1566d ago

Haven't they actually confirmed it via promotional pictures? GameStop's newest ad that is in stores even says it.

souljah451565d ago

Man they should have called it Batman:Gotham or Gotham City

Section81564d ago

The release date is October 14. They put it in the trailer. You n4g guys need to get a clue and learn how to read.