Developers Continue to Pull Wool Over Our Eyes

GaminRealm: "What has currently happened with Watch_Dogs is nothing new to the gaming industry, but it’s getting to a point where enough is enough and a line needs to be drawn. I, (and many gamers alike) am not a graphics whore, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate great visuals and that I’m O.K. with continually being deceived with the product that I plan on purchasing.

Let’s cut to the chase: It’s time for developers to stop misrepresenting their products."

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mrpsychoticstalker1658d ago

Still watchdogs is going to be a great game.

MaxwellBuddha1658d ago

I'm not going to support these tactics any longer. I don't care how good the gameplay is. Enough is enough!

medman1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Devs need to deliver what they show, period. It doesn't need to be spot on, but c'mon, it needs to be in the same ballpark. The latest Watch_Dogs trailer looks like a different engine, a different game entirely. I'm hoping it won't really look like that, but we will see. When Ready at Dawn released the first trailer for The Order:1886 in 2013, they said it was all in engine. Then they showed gameplay and, lo and behold, they weren't bullshotting. Is that too much to ask? My problem with Watch_Dogs was always that upon it's introduction, it wasn't a true "next gen" game because the developer stated that the game would essentially be the same experience across pc, ps4, xbone, 360, ps3. That right there sent up red flags. I can say this, Ubisoft better not be playing around with The Division. It is developed specifically for pc, ps4, and xbone. So if they don't deliver what they showed for that game, they're pretty much finished as a dev in my eyes, and probably the eyes of many more.

s1xt6en1657d ago

I now see why mainstream media believes gamers are idiots. How many articles on this game about how bad the graphics are, when the people and publications who have actually played it said otherwise.

Shok1657d ago

This article isn't about Watch_Dogs, if you read it, you would see that it's about numerous game. The general topic is how developers show inaccurate representations of what will be the final product.

And yes, publications said it looked good.....a while back. The trailer just came out yesterday, people most likely haven't played the current build yet.

s1xt6en1657d ago

2 things: the first paragraph and more than likely the reason for this "article" was because of what someone perceived as downgraded graphics with watch dogs. The next thing is all major publications just did a preview yesterday about the build they just recently played. It more than likely had an embargo date but is very recent. All are saying the game looks beautiful. Gamespot. Arabgamer. Game informer. Playstationlifestyle. Joystiq. Ign.

KevinCubes1657d ago

I just want Aiden in smash

MaxwellBuddha1657d ago

The "mainstream" gaming publications are bought and paid for by publishers. Just ask Jeff Gerstmann:

s1xt6en1657d ago

I feel bad for him, because every reviewer possible gave that game a bad score lol.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Yes, but the Gameplay...

If the gameplay is great and revolutionary-
-I can take a kick to the "pixels".

I hope that if they have to make a choice between pulling-off the incredible Open-world gameplay concepts (streaming data, Mass NPC AI, Realistic NPC routines, NPC Realtime events that you may or may not witness) vs 1080p & 60f plus Max FX -
I hope that they go with New Gameplay concepts every time.

Blacklash931657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

It's strange, because many of those games actually still looked impressive when they were released.

But Watch_Dogs now just looks so glaringly inferior compared to what was shown previously and simply as a next-gen game, period. It's no wonder why it's getting so noticed in this case.

MatrixxGT1657d ago

Guess most people should just stop playing games. This nitpicking of graphics this, resolution that, power here and clouds over there is really ruining the social gaming community.

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