Amazing Star Citizen Video Will Show You a Different Kind of “Next-Generation”

What is the “next-generation” all about? Different developers have different answers. Some are all about incredible graphics, others promise seamless open worlds. Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen has its own share of mind-boggling graphics and scale, but there seems to be something else on top of that: moving parts.

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thorstein1597d ago

Saving up my pennies for a brand new PC. I'm going to need it!

1596d ago
ArchangelMike1596d ago

Sony, Microsoft, someone send somebody over there so we can get this on 'Next-Gen' consoles... maybe... please... anybody...

*sobs in the corner holding 5yr old laptop in hands*

SolidGear31596d ago

PS4 port is being considered in the future. Read it in an interview.

Grave1597d ago

This is going to rock. PC pushing the envelope baby!

Sarobi1597d ago

Holy crap.
I cannot wait to see what the finish product looks like.

SteamPowered1597d ago

This, this right here is what happens when developers design games FOR the PC, and not just a crappy console port.

Cernunnos1597d ago

This is also what happens when developers have a vision, and really want to create something great. Most of the larger gaming companies today don't have vision, they just think money.
*Looks at EA, Activision and Ubisoft*

TheSaint1596d ago

And this probably wouldn't have happened if not for consoles pushing gaming into the mainstream.

Disagree all you want but you know it's true.

TheSaint1596d ago

All the disagrees without reasoning just means you know it's true.

Unless you can disprove what I said I'm just going to see all the disagrees as agrees but that you're butthurt.

Dasteru1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

It is impossible to prove or disprove a "probably". it is hardly more than an opinion.

claiming that anyone who disagrees just knows it is true, is nothing more than fanboy damage control, you clearly cannot handle anyone disagreeing with your opinion, so you say illogical things like that to make yourself feel better.

Novakingwai1596d ago

Consoles pushing games into the mainstream? Please. Games have always been better on PC and will always be better on PC.

How many indie developed games are for the consoles? Only crap on the Xbox Live arcade.

Salooh1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

It's always like this.

New consoles come , new level of gaming. PC get games without limitations. After 2 or 3 years , consoles have limitations , developers start making games with consideration of consoles so that they can sell more until they reach a point where they hold their full vision and that's when pc get effected.

That's for most multiplatforms. Some create their full vision on pc then downgrade it a lot to consoles. Like the witcher 2 / Crysis 3 . Mods shows pc power though.

As you see in last gen It's rare when developers try to push pc. Consoles hold pc not the opposite. However , this time it may be different since ps4(especially) and x1 are sooo easy to develop for so developers may create their full vision on pc then port it easily. Or make ps4 lead platform then upgrade it to pc.

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SITH1597d ago


I am $900+ invested in this game. I pledged day one years ago. Can't wait to play!

Clover9041596d ago

Whoa. They should have your name is the credits. Can't wait to try this with the Rift.

SITH1596d ago

Please, my group Murphy's law has people who own the $15,000 package. I am just a vice admiral. They own the completetieonists package which comes with every ship.

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The story is too old to be commented.