Wii U Owners Push Back at Ubisoft Over Watch Dogs

Wii U owners are taking to measures to ask Ubisoft the questions about their version of Watch Dogs, and why it's been so secretive.

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Geekman1626d ago

I wasn't aware so many Wii U owners wanted the game.

for we are many1626d ago

It's not exclusively "Wii U" owners, I for one and many like me have multiple consoles as well as PC PLUS WiiU, it's the prospect of using the gamepad in this game to enhance the Gameplay and make this version unique given the overarching gameplay mechanic of this particular game which would benefit from the gamepad.

I still think I'll get the game for Wii U if the developers keep their recent promise of utilizing the hardware to the fullest technically, and more importantly take advantage of the Gamepad. If not, I'll pick it up on a Steam sale for maximum performance and 60fps, I don't mind the wait as I'll be knees deep in Mario Kart 8 at that time.

herbs1625d ago

Nice to see in some of the comments above that some gamers still prefer gameplay over graphics. Marloc X Peteypickle Richochet Benjimenko good on you...

kwandar1626d ago

This is my "must have" title for the Wii U.

I loved Deus Ex on the Wii U, and I want a similar genre "hard core" experience.

GraveLord1626d ago

The thing is that most don't. Just look at the Assassin's Creed games sales or any other 3rd party game. They're all complete flops.

Shnazzyone1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Personally I just want my preorder from last year to be filled and am a bit pissed that I have to wait longer than everyone else. Still gonna get it. I need a nice open world title. Still too cheap for a ps4, really don't want to play it on my 360. Wii U is the console I want this game for.

paleselan1626d ago

They don't. Personally, although I own the Wii U, will be playing the game on PS4. They're just trying to find a reason to complain.

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CharlesSwann1626d ago

Hey, I am all for Nintendo, old Nintendo, but given the graphic problems this game has been having, well, what I am trying to say is, on the WiiU, it will look like the inside of an arsehole.

t3gamenews1626d ago (Edited 847d ago )

who are you to say what the wii u version will look like when it hasnt been shown yet? as confirmed those low res versions screens are from ps3/360 versions of the game. its also confirmed recently that the WiiU may be more powerful than xbone(or atleast better at handling 1080p/60fps). but devs need to get use to the powerpc thing which may be the reason for the WiiU version delay. also it has been confirmed that WiiU, ps4, & xbone will use nextgen version of the engine while ps3/360 will use last gen engine. & also that the WiiU & ps4 version will be 1080p/60fps, while the xbone version will be 960p/60fps.

Shnazzyone1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

It's pretty clear why you have only one bubble. You sound like every unoriginal nintendo hater around. Just pretend like nintendo didn't release an insane amount of incredible core games last year or anything.

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