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Submitted by SirNintend0 701d ago | news

Wii U Owners Push Back at Ubisoft Over Watch Dogs

Wii U owners are taking to measures to ask Ubisoft the questions about their version of Watch Dogs, and why it's been so secretive. (Watch Dogs, Wii U)

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt   701d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(13)
curtis92   701d ago | Trolling | show
Geekman  +   701d ago
I wasn't aware so many Wii U owners wanted the game.
for we are many  +   701d ago
It's not exclusively "Wii U" owners, I for one and many like me have multiple consoles as well as PC PLUS WiiU, it's the prospect of using the gamepad in this game to enhance the Gameplay and make this version unique given the overarching gameplay mechanic of this particular game which would benefit from the gamepad.

I still think I'll get the game for Wii U if the developers keep their recent promise of utilizing the hardware to the fullest technically, and more importantly take advantage of the Gamepad. If not, I'll pick it up on a Steam sale for maximum performance and 60fps, I don't mind the wait as I'll be knees deep in Mario Kart 8 at that time.
herbs  +   700d ago
Nice to see in some of the comments above that some gamers still prefer gameplay over graphics. Marloc X Peteypickle Richochet Benjimenko good on you...
kwandar  +   701d ago
This is my "must have" title for the Wii U.

I loved Deus Ex on the Wii U, and I want a similar genre "hard core" experience.
GraveLord  +   701d ago
The thing is that most don't. Just look at the Assassin's Creed games sales or any other 3rd party game. They're all complete flops.
Shnazzyone  +   700d ago
Personally I just want my preorder from last year to be filled and am a bit pissed that I have to wait longer than everyone else. Still gonna get it. I need a nice open world title. Still too cheap for a ps4, really don't want to play it on my 360. Wii U is the console I want this game for.
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paleselan  +   700d ago
They don't. Personally, although I own the Wii U, will be playing the game on PS4. They're just trying to find a reason to complain.
cell989   701d ago | Trolling | show
CharlesSwann  +   701d ago
Hey, I am all for Nintendo, old Nintendo, but given the graphic problems this game has been having, well, what I am trying to say is, on the WiiU, it will look like the inside of an arsehole.
t3gamenews  +   701d ago
who are you to say what the wii u version will look like when it hasnt been shown yet? as confirmed those low res versions screens are from ps3/360 versions of the game. its also confirmed recently that the wii u may be more powerful than xbone(or atleast better at handeling 1080p/60fps). but devs need to get use to the powerpc thing which may be the reason for the wii u version delay. also it has been confirmed that wii u, ps4, & xbone will use nextgen version of the engine while ps3/360 will use last gen engine. & also that the wii u & ps4 version will be 1080p/60fps, while the xbone version will be 960p/60fps.
Shnazzyone  +   700d ago
It's pretty clear why you have only one bubble. You sound like every unoriginal nintendo hater around. Just pretend like nintendo didn't release an insane amount of incredible core games last year or anything.
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KangarooSam  +   701d ago
Whoah, trolls on a Wii U article? Unheard of.

On topic: when I wasn't sure when I'd be getting my PS4 I was looking forward to the Wii U version of Watch Dogs so as to see how Ubisoft would take advantage of the game pad. I am certain there's an audience for it.
SliceOfTruth888   701d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Metallox  +   701d ago
Watch Dogs on the Wii U it's really in the limbo, though it has the same effect of Alien Colonial Marines, Ubisoft it's still claiming it's not cancelled. One of the comments of the blog linked in the article says what I'm wondering right now: why the Wii U version doesn't get cancelled, why does Ubisoft need to make more upset Nintendo fans. I wouldn't have problems, I just want to know if my hype worths it. Is it too hard, Ubisoft? I don't understand this kind of business.

Ubisoft should have a little bit of ethics. Even if the Wii U version it's going to sell 150K copies, you still can fill up the Aztec Stadium 1.5 times, so, at the very least, all those souls should get an answer, YES or NO.
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mcarsehat  +   701d ago
all three of them
Chrono   701d ago | Trolling | show
OrangePowerz  +   701d ago
I think WiiU only owners should be happy if they get the game at all at some point in the end given how other companies support the console.
KwietStorm  +   701d ago
Why aren't they pushing back at Nintendo? It's not like this is an isolated incident. It's become a trend.
Ac7iVe  +   701d ago
Wii u will be the definitive version, perfect game for the gamepad and yes I also have X1 , going for the best game play
Skate-AK  +   701d ago
So many bubbles are going to be lost on this article.

On Topic: Ubisoft needs to get their act together. Regardless of the platform.
Ck1x  +   701d ago
It's stuff like this that I wonder why 3rd party games don't sell well(sarcasm). Ubisoft basically cut off Rayman Legends at the knees and it still sold better on the WiiU, but how much more would it have sold if it came out much earlier. I promise you that Ubisoft will do something stupid like release the WiiU version really close to X, Bayonetta 2 or even SmashBros and say see, we told you it wouldn't sell. I hope WiiU owners really go out and support games like Project Cars Racing instead or just support games like Bayonetta and X to show Nintendo we do care about these kind of games.
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InTheLab   701d ago | Trolling | show
R00bot  +   701d ago
I'll be getting it on Wii U, provided the GamePad use is good. I'd rather have a worse looking game with interesting GamePad mechanics than a better looking game with no interesting GamePad mechanics.
Of course, if they don't use the GamePad well I'll probably be getting the PS4 version.
zugdar  +   701d ago
This was my version of choice. The Gamepad is perfect for this game.
jmc8888  +   701d ago
Having a i7 [email protected] ghz and a GTX 670, PS4, and a Wii U...this game actually had a shot at getting my dollar on the Wii U.

The reason, the gamepad. This game could be a natural fit for it.

But if they are going to delay it like that, and after this 6 month delay, I'll decide between PC and PS4 version. Perhaps I'd pick up the Wii U version a year after it released on it for cheap.

But yeah, a delay on Wii U means I'm buying another version first, and there is always a shot the Wii U version doesn't get bought.
Up_N_U  +   701d ago
after deaus ex for wiiU there is no doubt the wiiU is a true next gen console. anytime you can use the second screen as a scope a way point hacking tactical strategy that beyond next gen to me. i also have it on PC and the wiiU kills even the more powerful PC i hope they do utilize the gamepad cause it can seriously do great things and nintendo made the right choice by breaking up the gameplay.
N2NOther  +   701d ago
Ubisoft is pushing back against WiiU owners.


I'll show myself out.
DanManDantheMan  +   701d ago
Considering all the modding that was done in when people started trolling the PS4 and Sony for lying about Killzone's resolution, I hope something actually gets done about all the trolling going on here.

Good to see Wii U owners or any real gamer fighting the good fight.
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DoggyBiscuit  +   701d ago
The gamepad probably will make the game better but I feel like I waited long enough im getting Watch Dogs for PS4 and beside the PS4 version will have extra content
GenericNameHere  +   701d ago
Dat Rayman Legends comment

"In a satisfying twist of fate, Rayman Legends actually sold best on the Wii U platform."

LTD the PS3 version sold the most WW. Plus, GTAV came out the same month. Poor Wii U only owners.

Anyways, isn't there a separate dev team working on the Wii U version? But yeah, Wii U owners should definitely keep bothering Ubisoft and the dev team. Either come out straight, or just keep getting angry tweets from angry Nintendo fans.
Chrischi1988  +   699d ago
Rayman legends sold like 10-15k more on PS3. PS3 has an install base of over 70million, Wii U has an install base of slightly below 6million. Yes, PS3 has more total sales, but considering the installbase during the time of release, which was before christmas, were the Wii U was barely over 4 million units, I wouldnt say, that PS3 did a great job, compared to Wii U. Yes, total sales count, but we can clearly see, that a game like Rayman Legends does best on a Nintendo Plattform.
Dunban67  +   701d ago
FYI The Wii U version of Rayman did not sell as much as the Ps3 version and the XB360 version sold nearly as many as the wii u version
Dunban67  +   701d ago
How does someone disagree with a verifiable fact

The PS3 sold more Rayman Legends than the Wii U- the XB360 is close behind the Wii U in sales of Legends as well
Dunban67  +   701d ago
As of this post it is 12:44pm eastern time- it is also daytime
micky_21_uk  +   701d ago
Gotta say the same I am also waiting for the Wii U version Granted I do have XB1 but if Ubisoft have said they are going to utilize the Gamepad to enhance gameplay then I am all in for waiting :)
DC777  +   701d ago
Been waiting...and already tired of waiting. Another late port and another lame excuse. I planned on getting this for Wii U for the best hacking experience or whatever you want to call it. However, I feel something shady is going on here and with the whole graphics issue as well I may not buy it on any console at all.

With all the bad press this game has gotten and all the millions spent on it perhaps they should embrace the people that still want it. I certainly won't be buying it months late after 20 other games come out.
Realplaya  +   701d ago | Well said
To Everyone dissing Wii U owners you should walk in thir shoes.

If Wii U owners were all casual gamers then there would be more systems bought and more casual games made and bought.

If these owners only bought Nintendo games then why aren't
their 6 million Mario games bought? 6 Million all Nintendo games?

Wii U gamers have been asking for a hardcore game like this and GT Auto for taste and value their money when buying games. Why would people buy games that are graphically inferior to last gen, Run horribly, Come out years later, Getting no DLC and missing features.
Then their told by these lazy developers your not getting any of the add ons and if you don't support the game then you will never get another one.

Fact remains EA gave them a year old football game missing features, Rayman Legends was delayed, Splinter cell was buggy as hell, Cod the new one has frame rate issues. So don't knock a Wii U owner for not giving $60.00 to a company who doesn't put effort into their games congratulate them and be more like them instead of buying garbage.
The_Truth_24_7  +   701d ago
All 3 of them?
Realplaya  +   700d ago
Same amount t as ps4 and more than xbox one so troll as you may.
The_Truth_24_7  +   700d ago
Lol. You butt hurt as hell.
Reeze  +   701d ago
I'm looking forward to this nonetheless. I don't mind a delay personally; I'm willing to be patient for the improved Wii U version with Gamepad features. I'll be busy playing the games I already own until then :P
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