PvZ: Garden Warfare – PopCap Increases Level Cap And Coins Earned Per Game

MP1st - PopCap games has upped PvZ: Garden Warfare's level cap while also increasing coin payouts at the end of matches.

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brich2331591d ago

Maybe I will go play it now, since I lost motivation. It takes forever getting them coins so you can buy a 20,000 card pack.

-MD-1591d ago

You need motivation to play a multiplayer game?

Bigpappy1591d ago

I spent so much already I have no idea how much I made in total. I know it was over 100,000 and I only get time to play on weekends.

guitarded771591d ago

Need to get this out for PS consoles already. I want to play it, and could just get it for the 360, but the PS community tends to give better player support for online games that aren't CoD.

Orange Juice1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Popcap pops the cap on leveling.

Ot, didnt this just come out recently? It must be addictive if people are asking for a rank increase already.

Kribwalker1591d ago

I know it took me forever playing garden ops to get that 40000 pack

Ashby_JC1591d ago

Im about to go home and play. The payout was kind of LOW!!

It is good that they can make the change so fast with the new systems!!

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The story is too old to be commented.