Troy Baker Talks The Last of Us 2, Arkham Knight

The man who brought Joel and Two-Face to life has talked about whether he'll be returning to future entries in the two series.

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ArchangelMike1662d ago

Troy, we'd have you back in a heartbeat. even if it's a cameo role in ND new IP or TLOU2.

TheFallen13271662d ago

i never got to play the first "last of us" cause i have a xbox , how is it?

SolidGear31662d ago

Best damn game ever made. I can never get tired of it.

Gabnet1662d ago

It's a very emotionally charged and immersive experience. Definitely worth playing.

OpieWinston1662d ago

It's my #3 favorite game of all time. I'd say it delivered strong and story and combat. Just had completely awful Companion AI. They don't react to stealth situations in a way that makes any sense. They run around enemy AI and the enemy AI doesn't recognize them. Still hasn't been patched so yeah. Not the best game in the world...But still a really fun and awesome experience.

Alan Wake still is my favorite game...Followed by Ocarina of time.

duli141661d ago

The enemy AI don't react to them because it's done on purpose. Can you imagine how annoying it would be if your're being stealthy and Ellie gets detected.

OpieWinston1661d ago

Dude...that's not on purpose...That's poor coding. I'd understand if the Enemy AI had a REDUCED line of sight for detecting Companian AI for that to make sense. But I've seen on several occasions Bill/Ellie run in a full circle around an Infected/Bandit and NO REACTION.

Sorry if you're a fan of Naughty Dog but that's just bad, especially when the whole Ellie AI was what most of the hype for this game was built on.

They sacrificed AI for a better looking game. (I think)

If Ubisoft montreal sacrificed graphical textures for Watch Dogs to get more AI interaction and a larger populace/city...THAT'S THE RIGHT WAY OF DOING THINGS.

Leave graphical obsession for the PC exclusive games like Star Citizen.

psman0121662d ago

Ah man, you're missing out. I wouldn't call it my favorite game ever, but definitely the best PS3 game I've played (and I've owned a ps3 since 2007!!) I've played it five times and it's just starting to get a little old. I've easily put over 60 hours into it though. If you ever get a ps3, you have to pick it up.

Porcelain_Chicken1662d ago

Oh mah gurd!!! Dude you have to play it. Borrow a Ps3 from someone or something & play this gem. It's definitely worth a playthrough or 6.

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king_george1662d ago

Such a great voice actor right up there with Nolan North in my opinion. Im still praying for a sequel to The Last of Us