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"However, those looking for a good game to play online with a group of friends that is different from your average first-person shooter may find what they are looking for in Awesomenauts Assemble!. It isn’t going to be for everyone though." - Travis Tucker

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1472d ago

i have this game its hard and fun

3-4-51471d ago

I loved playing this for 360.

As soon as I get a PS4 I'm getting this day one.

Lonestar forever

Nine_Thousaaandd1471d ago

Awesome game! Play it all the time!

amnalehu1471d ago

This is game is such a throwback to the old days of gaming, and it is a TON of fun! If you don't have the PS4 version, its only $7-8 bucks with PS+. Do yourself a favor and pick it up.