You Can Already Play Titanfall on PC: Here's How

Titanfall is already available for pre-load on Origin, and there's actually a trick to play your copy early if you really can't wait.

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metalsonar7131658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

servers down. probably because release isnt untill tuesday

Abriael1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Respawn said that the servers will go up and down leading to launch, so you gotta catch em when they're up.

Utalkin2me1658d ago

Yeah what fun would that be playing against bots....err

ThichQuangDuck1658d ago

I laughed. You have succeeded good sir

MegaMohsi1658d ago

Will try this and let people know if it works

RobAlmighty1658d ago

Preloading now and will try it out.

Alexander1Nevermind1658d ago

Also pre-loading and will try it out. Looking forward to using the Wireless DS4 on Titan Fall...

RobAlmighty1658d ago

The reddit link works, and does not appear to have any nasty stuff included. Although the servers are not working!

Alexander1Nevermind1658d ago

Yeah servers are down ATM. Since its getting late here on the East Coast USA, I think its a try in the am type of deal.

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